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Friday Poll: Are You Buying the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Samsung Galaxy S4

After a full night’s rest, is the Samsung Galaxy S4 still on your mind? Have you had a chance to decide whether or not this is going to be your new phone? Was the Broadway musical-of-a-show enough to get you ready to ditch your current digs in fav0r the “Next Big Thing?”

I’m still personally trying to wrap my brain around what seemed like 50 new software features, but overall, came away mostly impressed by everything I saw last night. The phone feels amazing in hand, somehow manages to look better than its predecessor even with so many similarities, and has enough new tech inside to get nerds like me excited.

So, as is customary around these parts whenever a new phone is released, we have to ask – are you buying the Samsung Galaxy S4?

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our software and hardware tours, a comparison to the Galaxy S3 and Note 2, and a quick look at Samsung’s new Bluetooth controller.

Are you buying the Samsung Galaxy S4?

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  • friv emma

    I think the Galaxy S4 will sing on the market. And I like it because a lot of applications in that it can help me in the work

  • mikeszekely

    Let me preface this by saying that the Galaxy S4 looks like a great phone. The problem is, it’s a great phone that seems a lot like another great phone slightly updated, going to market at a time when there are a lot of great phones to pick from. To be honest, I wasn’t really a fan of the SIII’s plastic oval design with the totally unnecessary-on-a-modern-Android-device physical home key. The HTC One looks more aesthetically pleasing to me. If the Galaxy S4 offered better performance than the One, I might overlook aesthetics. Unfortunately, while I’ll concede that the final hardware might be different and better, early tests indicate that the One is noticeably faster. So, unless something changes, when I switch carriers in May I’ll probably be looking at getting a One.

    Oh, and the reason I’m switching carriers is because Verizon’s handling of the only Nexus phone it’s had has been… suboptimal. But after owning a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 7, I’ve grown to like quick updates and stock Android. I’d probably have gone with a Nexus 4, but I’ve grown used to LTE speeds. I’m planning to get the One as a subsidized device for a new customer, but I expect it to be my last subsidized phone and my last non-Nexus device.

  • I have an S3, why would I buy an S4 when everything is almost exactly the same? Especially since my S3 will be getting all of the software features of the S4? Sorry, but since I have to pay full price for phones, I will not be spending a ridiculous amount of $ just for a higher MP front/rear camera, SLIGHTLY bigger screen, and basically the same design.

  • Mike C.

    I will never buy another Samsung device ever again. My GS3 was the most flimsy phone ever. The cheap looking glossy plastic that creaks and crackles every time you even squeeze it slightly. Garbage.

  • If I’m being honest, the question I should ask myself is which phone is better with a stock rom on it. The HTC One wins out with this arguement

  • Mike C.

    While the GS4 is a nice phone, I just don’t like the glossy cheap looking plastic, I know its durable but I’d take a slightly less powerful phone that pleases me in the aesthetic dept.

  • Granpa

    Nope. HTC One is my next phone. Quality > Quantity.

  • Trevor

    Meh, I’ll wait for the mythical X phone, assuming I don’t throw my GNex out the window before that. Buttonless phones (+ vanilla Android, of course) are where it’s at.

    • Dave

      I also enjoy Android the way its meant to be, no silly home buttons and ridiculous skins

  • steven sullivan

    Still love my Gnex with no buttons ,great developer support and jb 4.2.2.

  • N8shon

    I love my Note 2, and I actually use the S-Pen functionality quite a bit. The GS4 looks like an excellent phone, but I’ll be waiting for the Note 3 before I even think of selling my Note 2. That said, I know the GS4 is exactly what many people are looking for and I look forward to using some of the new software additions on my current phone.

  • ostensibly

    I think I’m over Samsung’s design language. I loved the aesthetics of the Galaxy Nexus, but I’m not at all into the current Galaxy and Note line. Dunno, maybe its the glossy sides/backs.

  • Scott in MA

    I am happy at what the S4 represents. I enjoy my SIII, but I am looking forward to the S5 in a year or so.

  • Have a GS3, so no need for an upgrade yet. If I was looking for an upgrade now, I’d probably go with the Nexus 4. If I was looking to upgrade around the time the GS4 comes out, I’d likely get it. So my “no” is qualified with a “if I needed one, yes”.

  • Strider

    I for one will pass. Never been a fan of Samsung and there over saturated colors. Not to mention the cheap plastic feeling. Loving my N4, would be perfect with LTE. I for one will stick with Nexus devices, you can go wrong with pure Google.

    • Strider

      Can’t go wrong. Doh!!

  • I probably won’t be getting one, but not because I don’t like it. It’s a great phone, but given VZW’s full price hardware policy for unlimited data users, I’ll be hanging on to my GNex until Google stops supporting it.

  • feztheforeigner

    Sorry but nothing was overly groundbreaking here so I’ll wait and see what happens with X phone, next Nexus or Note 3

  • J Dub

    How many aren’t getting because they already have the S3 or Note 2?

    • +1

    • cruzfl0w

      This. Great device but not worth the 600+ price tag coming from the S3.

  • elite

    I am shocked so many ppl are more interested in the HTC. IMO you get the same form factor with a larger screen. The Galaxy is also lighter, and thinner in the age of HUGE SCREENS. Galaxy also has a bigger battery. I do agree the construction could be better but generally most of us have our phones in a case, at least I do and always have. Samsung has sold MILLIONS of their S3s and if they were total junk because of the plastic it would be that successful. I currently have a RAZR MAXX (non HD) and like it but want something a tad faster. The screen sizes are getting out of hand though. I wish they made a 4.3/4.5 edge to edge in a compact form factor like the RAZR M.

  • Detonation

    Waiting on what Google I/O has to offer, be it the X-Phone or something else. It will be between that and the S4 probably. No interest in the One.

  • brkshr

    I’m wondering how big the S4s ROM will be. I’ll bet it’s more than 1GB. The S3s was 700+MB. I’m going to guess somewhere around 1.2GB for the S4.

  • andrew galvin

    great specs but disgusting UI, physical buttons, inability to rom with out losing key binaries like the camrea, plastic body. NO SALE

  • Jordan Graves

    I know you guys just blasted HTC for blasting Samsung but as far as percentages go there were more people who said no for the s4 than the HTC One

  • NorCalGuy

    Would rather hold out for that secret moto phone that popped up earlier this week especcialy if it comes with an unlockable bootloader

  • Ghee Buttersnaps

    Still can’t wait for the high-end Samsung Tizen phone in the fall, though.
    Probably have to move on to the “Tizen-Life” page after that.

    • Diablo81588

      You mean the iClone OS?

      • Ghee Buttersnaps

        Dude… it was a joke.

  • nightscout13

    Not innovating enough. Does not justify the upgrade cost from an S3

    • Austin Warren

      cause no new hardware? right

      • nightscout13

        New hardware does not = Innovation

  • Alexander Garcia

    It’ll either be the One, the “X-Phone”, or the next Nexus for me. I’m so turned off by Sammy’s design convention and choice materials. It seriously looks like a cheap plastic toy compared to the One, the DNA, the RAZR HD, and the iPhone 5.

  • Bionic_Pags

    Honestly, i was really thinking of getting this phone until i watched the press conference last night… don’t get me wrong, some of the new features are cool and somewhat groundbreaking however when i hear of S Translate, and S Drive, and all that other S Crap, all that says to me is bloatware… Google has had Translate for ever, Google Maps and NAV can never be substituted for another (if that’s what they did – hard to tell from the quick screen shot). Which brings me to another point, that they never mentioned Google or Android… They want to distance themselves from Google entirely and pretend they are the ones that got themselves here. Without Google and Android, they wouldn’t even exist as a smartphone… For these reasons, i cannot see myself buying a Samsung… they have become too big for their britches, as the saying goes…and i don’t want to be a part of it. I’ll wait for the next Nexus, or possibly the X-Phone..That’s right, Austin Warren… SUCK ON IT! – Rant Over

    • Tyler

      While i may not fully agree with everything you said. That last line was great!

      • Bionic_Pags

        Haha, thanks… to be fair i will wait to hold the phone in person before making a final decision, but that press conference (if that’s what they want to call it) left a sour taste…

  • JB

    I’ll get it….if I had just bought an S3 I wouldn’t buy it, and I wouldn’t be upset either….I’ve actually had my Bionic since the day it was released, which I never keep a phone that long…but this is a major step up…

  • Buckoman

    Why am I saying no? I really want to see what happens at I/O. Then my options would be more open. Not to mention the HTC One will be available, which even throws in more options.

    That, and I bought my GS3 on contract, so it really needs to blow my Bugdroid-printed socks off before I shell out up to $600.

  • John L

    Q: Why aren’t the phone manufacturers willing to: 1-Load stock Android onto ALL of their new devices and; 2-Offer their “skin” as a download from Google Play?

    • wm snyder

      if all phones were alike what would you buy this is why they do this

  • Matthew Galea

    Unfortunately wanting to maintain my unlimited plan on Verizon, I won’t be upgrading from my Galaxy Nexus anytime soon.

  • I just got a S3 so I can’t.

  • Cappa

    I can’t get down with Galaxy S4 aka Galaxy S3-S. Urgh. Highly disappointed.

  • Ryan Milton

    I’m homeless, I haven’t eaten in 6 months, I have tons of debt, but I have ALL of the latest phones, and the ones from next year too– teracore!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Don’t give an f what anyone says about the SGS4, this phone will be my next! I’m upgrading from my Galaxy Nexus so that IS a pretty substantial upgrade. Sucks for those that have the SGS3 though..oh well.

  • middlehead

    5″ screen can suck my balls. Put it under a 4.5 or 4.7″ screen in 6 months and I’ll hit it in the butt.

  • paul_cus

    Design still isn’t for me, but the screen and features will be nice. I want the Huawei Ascend P2 if it ever shows up.

    • Tirionfive

      Lol Huawei

      • paul_cus

        Yeah, figured somebody would try to heat up. Whatever, it’s the phone I want.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I love everything about the phone except TouchWiz. I think I’m going to hold out for the X phone, I’ve got the Razer HD MAXX right now and don’t have a single problem with it, but If I can get a Nexus like device on Verizon I’ll be in heaven.

  • Bmandrews7

    I’m okay with it being similar to S3 but better. I’m not coming from the S3 I’m coming from galaxy nexus and I’m ready for a little change. I will wait to see a good comparison video with HTC one. I but as for now I’m really liking the S4

  • mlbeep

    Waiting on the Note 3

  • Kevin Rees

    I could be swayed. I really do like my note2 but I could see going to a much smaller form factor for a slightly smaller screen. Im in no hurry so Ill see what else comes out. There is a part of me that really likes the sony xperia z though.

  • Ricky Whistlebritches

    I’m trying to figure what I’m going to do this year with my upgrade. Currently, I have a Droid Razr Maxx and I was all set to get the S4 when it comes out until I started reading some of your comments… I’m by no means an expert at this but I have a stock Maxx fully customized with Nova Launcher. I’ve been a Motorola guy for the last few years but if it wasn’t for the battery on the Maxx I would have gotten rid of it a while ago. I guess my question are should I get this S4 or wait for something else to come out this year and how much of a different experience would I have jumping from Moto to Samsung?

    • Austin Warren

      None, you could put Nova as well on the S4.

  • Mike

    Voted no, touchwiz is terrible! And all these “features” are useless.

    • wm snyder

      is that your final answer or would you like to call a friend?

  • Austin Warren

    Waiting for the X phone

    • wm snyder

      google said no wow factor for x phone maybe next year

      • Austin Warren

        You don’t understand.

      • A CFO for Google said that none of their current devices are wow. But what constitutes “current”? Has he been shown their next-gen devices? Is the 18 month period that several have quoted from before the merger, or after it? Does it include flagship devices, or only mid-range or regional ones like those released for Brazil last week?

        Context is everything. Also, there’s always the possibility that Motorola and Google sending out false info on purpose, which is a legitimate strategy for reducing expectations so that they are easier to exceed.

    • Diablo81588

      You lie.

      • Austin Warren

        you don’t understand either

    • bombhills


  • AdamJay

    I agree with others that this shouldn’t be a yes/no poll. I would like to see what else might be revealed over the next several months (my contract is up in August), but right now the S4 is definitely at the top of the list to replace my Galaxy Nexus. I love my Nexus, but I don’t see another Nexus coming to Verizon anytime soon.

    I don’t understand all of the negativity towards Samsung and the S4. Samsung pulled an Apple? Really? It has a larger screen and battery in a thinner, lighter package in addition to faster internals, a better camera, and a nice (if a bit gimmicky) list of software enhancements.

    Yes, it would have been nice if they changed the design a bit and made it feel less “cheap,” but it’s still a nice looking phone.

    It may not be revolutionary, but what do we expect at this point with smartphones? You could argue that the last revolutionary phone was the original iPhone. Every smartphone since then has been simply been an evolution with hardware and software improvements. And that’s exactly what the the S4 is – a very solid evolution and improvement over last year’s S3.

    • Tyler

      Beautifully said.

  • I am definitely considering it. My Droid Charge is just off contract so I am eligible to upgrade. I don’t know if I can hold out much longer. It seems like a waste to buy the S3 or Note2, which might be too big for me, since I know I will stick with the phone for 2 years until my next upgrade and they have been out a while.

    • wm snyder

      wait wait for it……..Key lime pie…the rest of the year will be trying to catch up

      • I just don’t know if I can hold out. I am hating my Droid Charge at this point. It has steadily gotten worse and I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

        • gokusimpson

          I’m still on my Droid X waiting for something good. Mine is older than yours, but the Charge was a disaster. Good luck