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Samsung Galaxy S4 SmartPause and Floating Touch Shown Off on Video


You have to give it up to Samsung, they did a hell of a job keeping the new Galaxy S4 under wraps. Here we are, hours away from its unveiling, and we are just now seeing what we believe to be real leaks of the phone. Then again, I can’t help but admit that my mind remains somewhat skeptical, as Samsung does a better job at deceiving through controlled leaks than almost anyone.

With that said, after thumbing through last night’s pretty gallery of photos and now these two feature videos, I don’t know how this can’t be the phone we’ll see tonight in NYC. 

So what do we have today? Two features, new to TouchWiz. I say “new to TouchWiz” because Samsung will likely find a way to deliver these to the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 before long. One is SmartPause, a feature identical to the one that LG attempted to beat Samsung to the punch with last night. If you are watching a video and turn away, the phone will know to pause. As you return, it should then automatically start back up.

The other is being referred to as Floating Touch. It’s similar to what you get when you hover the S Pen on the Note 2 slightly over the display, only you can do it on the GS4 with your finger.

We’re only a couple of hours away!


Via:  Engadget

  • Trey Mitchell

    nice to see Samsung still hasn’t gotten rid of those damn water drop noises…….
    oh wait……

  • S2556

    Did anyone else see the galaxy board in the video????

    Samsung keyboard accessory looks to be official!!!

  • ChrisI

    Jesus christ, that thing better come with a 4000mah battery. I’ll bet that machine is a serious power hog, it’s bigger than his whole hand. If it doesn’t at least match the Maxx HD, fail.

  • Mario

    At this point, you have to pretty much assume that this is the real deal… I am a little disappointed but doesn’t look too bad.. 😉

  • reyalP

    When are these damn things going to become clairvoyant and do what I want it to, so I don’t have to use gestures, speech or touch?

  • Rodeojones000

    Gimmicky at best. And what’s with the statusbar icons? Looks like that thing is running Gingerbread.

    • Austin Warren

      You don’t know the definition of gimmick either.

      • Rodeojones000

        Gimmick (noun) – a device or feature used to attract attention

        What exactly would you call this?

        Please stop. We all know you love this phone. You need to get over this desire (sickness?) you have to attack every post that says something slightly negative regarding the S4. Your comments are IDENTICAL to those from iPhone faithful who get all butt-hurt when you post something that isn’t a glowing review of their favorite device. Surely you see this, right?

  • Looks like smart pause, but dumb resume? The guy needs to hit play to resume.

  • enigmaco

    Did anybody else notice the old android market icon was on the screen?

  • igotgame

    Both seem a little gimmicky and don’t seem very responsive..I guess I thought the floating touch would respond a little quicker than that

  • This feature seems more useful on the note 2,where you have the s pen. I think this feature will have more people that hate it, than ones who find it useful

  • DigitalDK

    So it’s basically a slightly smaller Note 2… the 1 1/2 eh? Boring, looks like they’re taking the Apple approach. Adding gimmicky features and not changing the look or anything.


    Let’s show some love to the keyboard from 1995

  • bogy25

    Use to FORCE Luke….

  • I don’t seem the point in these. really…I don’t.

    • TheAwesomessMan

      They are gimmicks like touch pads on a controller you don’t have to use them but it’s something nice to offer. Another option for functionality.

  • Im very happy with this device…people with the S3 like me dont need to switch yet but for everyone else this is a huge leap over their current phone. It’s slightly larger, double the processor, much better screen, bigger battery, more features, and thinner. Samsung pretty much is doing what apple should have…go from 3 to 4 to 5 every year and make real changes .

  • zmberven

    Does anyone else see a slight curve in the display, á la Nexus S?

  • pcloadletter

    Hopefully the float will work on the dated home button.

  • If i decide to get this instead of the htc one, i will try the floating penis touch

    • Please do, and report back the results.

    • Daniel Clifford

      This comment made my day so much better.

    • LionStone

      Heh, is that your built-in pen? 🙂

    • 1 minute later and I’m still LOL.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Software seems legit.. but I have htis nagging feeling that this isn’t final hardware…. I don’t know why

  • An2

    Kellex, I think you were in the same boat I was in- denial. When I saw this device in that first video from a few days ago, I said to myself that this can’t be the S4- it’s essentially a bigger S3 and smaller Note 2… upgraded internals aside, the physical device itself doesn’t really command any attention. Hopefully the screen WOWs us, or you can look forward to subsequent refreshes of the same lackluster appeal from Samsung…

    • A.J.

      Samsung will become the Apple of Android phone makers.

  • EC8CH

    Both kind of seem like gimmicky features… sorry to be a hater.

    • Charlie

      Agree. Also, a couple of hours? It’s more than 9 at the time of this posting. Oh well. 😉

    • wm snyder

      agree, hateraide anyone?

    • Elliot Kotis

      Yep, imagine looking up because someone called you and the damn video pauses, or you blink -.-

      • LionStone

        Or reaching for your coffee/drink and it stops every time, that would be annoying. It also looked like he had to hit play again when he came back to the screen?

        • Nick

          I’m pretty sure you can disable the video pausing feature, so not really a problem

          • LionStone

            Yes, I know you can too, I’m just talking about the feature with it enabled.

          • Elliot Kotis

            Yeah, it is a real gimmick until they actually fix stuff like that, it isn’t that intelligent, just like Siri, it would have been if it were on Android (Apple disabled the AI). And these “features” that Samsung make are to rope in people that aren’t phone users. They have eight cores for people like us.

          • jnt

            Indeed, but they’re going to paint it as a keynote feature I’m sure…

        • wm snyder

          it’s for old timers ….let me see …what the hell was i doing a moment ago…oh! yeah now i remember

    • Butters619

      The video one would drive me nuts. I have A.D.D. (not really) and I look away from videos all the time and just want them to keep on chugging.

      • wm snyder

        focus just focus

      • New_Guy

        Im sure there will be a way to turn it off :)…

    • DJyoSNOW

      No hattin I did not get an s3 or note 2 and got the DNA I want a phone not one that is basically a gimik in and of it self….I’m still leary to return to Samsung in every way.

      • Elliot Kotis

        Yep, for me Nexus (or googles flagship) all the way!

    • Austin Warren

      You obviously don’t know what gimmick means.

    • Joash

      As gimmicky as voice command. It’s fun at first but then it’s just not practical talking to your phone in most places.

  • Dan

    Am I the only one that doesn’t care at all about “Floating Touch”?

    • EC8CH

      nope, seems very uncomfortable to try and hold your finger a couple of mm away from the screen without touching it.

      • jbreezy

        exactly what I was thinking. if you have to put you finger there, just touch the damn screen… GIMMICK…

        • wm snyder

          touchy touchy feely feely kind of guy huh?

      • zurginator

        I see a few potential uses (drop down menus with hover over and such), but it would definitely take some getting used to.

      • Warwick

        I see this as being annoying. You know when you surf and hover your finger over a few things thinking about touching it.

      • Aaron

        Like family vacation with your sister.

        “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” *with your finger an inch from her shoulder and your mom threatening to turn the car around*

        • John Ippolito

          Who would vote this down?

      • Timothy Edwards

        Do you have Parkinson’s?

        It great that a highlighting feature can be added, always wanted one

    • Kenny

      Why would you ever need that feature, you might as well touch it.

      • wm snyder

        forbidden, wrong application….lol

      • jnt

        It would be much more helpful if the previews were larger, but they’re simply slightly bigger thumbnails.

    • Evan Krettek

      What if your hands were messy? Seems like a feature that might actually be useful is some cases. There have been a few times where I didn’t want to touch the screen, but still use my device.

      • wm snyder

        use your nose, knuckle my god man do i have to do everything for you? use your head….hmmm…lol

        • Butters619

          I went back home (MI) for the holidays and got seriously good at using my phone with my nose.

          • wm snyder


    • UNDE4DLY

      if its anything like the note 2, air scrolling is a very handy feature instead of swiping-swiping-swiping………swiping-swiping. and some icons in apps you have no clue what they do, you hover and it tells you what its for. not monumental things, but streamlines usage i think