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Final Thoughts on the Galaxy S4 Before Unveiling?

galaxy s4 big

Samsung will take the stage in NYC less than four hours to announce the Galaxy S4. So as we count the minutes to its official unveiling, we’re giving you one last chance to weigh in on everything that has been rumored and pictured over the last few weeks. 

The most recent news comes by way of Chinese forum it168, the same site that brought us those beautiful pictures late last night. In today’s leak, they take the Galaxy S4 (assuming this is it) on an intense journey. It’s one of the most in-depth reviews of a device that I have ever seen, to be honest. They compare the phone to all previous Galaxy devices, pick apart pixels in this new display, fondle the new textured exterior, test wireless charging (which it doesn’t have), run benchmarks, look at the new TouchWiz (which may have a new lock screen), new camera software (with photo samples), and so much more.

If you want to take a look at it, you can read the entire review here.

They once you are done, we want your final thoughts. Does the device that has leaked over the last two days excite you? While it may not look all that different from the Galaxy S3, it does appear to have all sorts of new goodies packed inside.

Let us know!

  • Alan Paone

    It looks like it’ll be heartbreakingly bad, a plastic, pentile, million-core relic from the days of specs mattering. It’ll sell in the gazillions, and I’ll shed a tear for taste and struggle not to strangle people who leave the lockscreen sounds on in public.

  • TimXer

    I think they are definitely trolling us and the phone will NOT be all that similar to the III. (though they did just make the note 1/2 very similar…didn’t they)…but aren’t they smarter than that? I see the changes in form factor as one of their big advantages over their main competition! I sort of hope to see the home button gone, BUT I do think it gets you out of jams on that rare occasion the phone’s not responding…hit that homey and you’re back on track. Looking forward to a less slipper shell and, to me, the III is almost too thin

  • JohnnySD

    I think the negativity towards the physical home button to the point of dismissing the device is hysterically over the top.

    • It’s horriffically clumsy to use on the S3 compared to an on screen key. Not to mention it impedes google now operation. They need to let that go, along with touchwiz. Add the tweaks to AOSP like any custom rom maker would and it will sell even MORE than it already has.

  • Guest

    Going to have to agree. I mean I’m still going to watch the unveiling but I’m going to keep waiting for something a bit more durable. Do you think Samsung will ever make a metal phone?

    • Hope they do in the Galaxy Note III *hoping*

    • Not even motorola, the king of quality, makes metal phones. Sammy just needs to up the quality of the plastics. The Gnex was a step in the right direction from the S2 and Nexus S….but holy crap did they muff it with the S3’s back plate.

  • Whatever happens, S4s gonna kick some great asses out there !!

  • Rodeojones000

    Yawn. Not impressed. Physical button, TouchWiz, crappy AMOLED screen prone to burn-in, and icons that appear to have been ripped right from the Gingerbread version of Android – it’s just a lackluster device in my opinion . I want something that screams “Wow” when I see it. A slight bump in specs and nearly identical design to the S3 does not do that. Many will love this phone. Good for them. As I’ll be paying full-price for my next phone so I don’t lose unlimited data with Verizon this phone definitely is not worth that much money.

  • xformulax

    glad the home button is still there… have an S3 personal, and a G-Nex for work… S3 is still better in every way possible.

  • PopeFrancis


  • ruchir chhabra

    i think the note 3 makes more sense to me. 6 inch is good enough to pocket and make phone calls. No need for a 7 inch tablet….

  • PopeFrancis

    Wtf is with Sammys obsession with the front button?

  • One word: Disappointing

  • Bionic

    X phone

  • vjm05

    Looking forward to Xphone Vs Note3

  • bananatroll

    more cheaply made south korean junk in the masses pocketsies!!!!

  • Rob

    If the S4 was made in metal and had a huge battery I would be down to swap out my S3 for it. It’s kinda funny, I almost would rather it look totally different than it does now, instead of looking similar/the same, like another brand that makes phones look the same year after year…

  • JakeS41

    Samsung can do nothing with this phone (assuming leaks are even relatively close to accurate) that would make me want it. IMO: 5″ screen is too big, physical buttons are lame, TouchWhiz is ugly, AMOLED screens are too over-saturated and burn in with relative ease, and I don’t want/like a cheap-feeling plastic phone. I think I covered most of it. While I do appreciate removable batteries and MicroSD card slots, neither of those are a factor enough to pull me away from the HTC One. Samsung pulled an Apple on this one with the iP4S to iP5 “upgrade”.

    • bananatroll

      thank you! Even I will admit that HTC is one of two companies that make a nice, solid, unibody, metal smartphone. And the other one is…NOT samsung!

  • The Dude

    So a million comments about the physical home button, as expected.

    I’m more concerned TouchWiz is pretty much exactly the same, except worse, as they took away the dark theme in settings etc. Why can’t Samsung design a modern theme? I love my GS3 but I do wish the UI didn’t look exactly the same as the SGS1, SGS2 etc. I bet even with KLP TouchWiz will still look the same.

  • paul_cus

    Not interested, doesn’t really matter what they show off. I’m sure it’ll be a nice phone, Samsung’s designs just aren’t for me.

  • Sqube

    My final thought is that I just don’t think there’s anything they could do to excite me since I saw the HTC One. I just hope that ultrapixel camera gamble works out.

    • JakeS41

      I’ve downloaded the full res samples from another site that did a walk-through. I was actually really happy with the pics and how they turned out. It’s perfect for me, and I feel most people and how they view their pics – but if you need to crop/zoom – the lower resolution DOES make a difference. However, viewing on phone or PC at native size – I was pleasantly surprised.

  • andrew galvin

    unimpressive spec bump is unimpressive.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    if the note 2 had on screen controls, it would make navigating with one hand so much easier. As well as a smaller device. Some of my content would be fullscreen, right?

  • (yawn)

    I guess Samsung is operating by the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” principle. I can appreciate developing a design signature, but I can’t say that the Galaxy S3/Note II design is something that screams excitement. Say what you want about HTC; they, at least, have been releasing/announcing some good looking devices lately.

    Putting aside my disappoint over the general design of the device, I would have liked Samsung to drop the physical home button, and make TouchWiz icons just a little less cartoonish.

  • Alix8821

    I’m excited…. Not getting it. Have S3 and need to pay full retail to keep my Unlimited VZW Data Plan. BUT, still excited. For Samsung. For Android… But I’ll Deff be all over the S5

  • Austin

    Not bad looking, I still hope we get something completely different

  • dannyWHITE


  • Tyler

    EWWW headphone jack is on the top!

  • EC8CH


  • Ryan

    I wanna know whats going on with the left and right nav buttons. In this image it doesnt look like the standard back key and menu key. Its hard to see because they aren’t lit up.

  • jamisles02

    I can’t wait to see officially what the phone that will be replacing my Rezound in July will be like.

  • Austin Warren

    I find it funny that everyone is quick to call samsung fans a cult when half of you are waiting for a device that isn’t even real.

    • bakdroid

      A phone that doesn’t exist is still better then a rehash of the same thing every year!

      • Austin Warren


    • Joey

      Everyone refers to them as a cult? I don’t. #absolutefail #grammarfail

    • droid1

      Oh it’s real… don’t forget, the info came from the almight “Sarge”.

      • droid1


    • Rodeojones000

      Your logic is so flawed it’s no longer funny. Simply sad now.

  • CasperTFG

    This…or a revamped release of the GNex with Motorola radios.

  • Nick Floria

    Am i the only one that wants and is still hoping for a bezel-less display?

  • kevin

    Look what happens when you trust an 8 year old with your new phone. Looks like Jeremy cant keep a secret.

  • phekno

    I just want something that’s *not* my crappy Droid Bionic.

  • Twofourturbo

    My only disappointment is not seeing Samsung present their curved screen technology yet. That to me could be the NEXT BIG THING.

  • Turd_Ferguson

    No thank you to Samsung. They have always tried to imitate Apple instead taking initiative, just look at their advertisements and early phone designs. Majority of the S3 owners I know are old iphone users with the same dumb hipster attitude.

    • Austin Warren

      They’ve had more innovation than any other company.

      • Guest

        austin, you might want to realize that everything you post is trollish and gets downvoted. Your opinions suck and you spread them around like herpes. No one one wants to hear it.

        • Austin Warren

          Trolling means posting the truth?
          People like it, or they don’t. It’s america. I’ll post as i like.

          btw, go F yourself buddy.

        • Joey

          The fact that he thinks every one of his opinion’s is the truth shows just what we are dealing with. Pure irrationality.

      • Joey

        Please back up your outlandish claims with something factual.

        • Austin Warren

          Show me innovation that other companies have done. Ultra pixel and beats audio don’t count.

          • Joey

            You made the claim. Makes sense though that your lazy rear would want me to do the work.

    • Aaron17Watson17

      Stop trolling and get a life.

  • Eric

    Plastic back…after owning both the Nexus 4 and iPhone 5 I don’t think I can go back to Samsung’s plastic ways. Here’s hoping to the leaks being wrong and the S4 having a more premium look.

    • Aaron17Watson17

      Me too. Matte finish plox

    • We can wish but I doubt it will be anything but plastic.

  • Austin Warren

    I want it. They have proven time and time again to put out the better phone. If you don’t like it. That’s fine. But to say it’s nothing big, that’s pretty ridiculous.

    • We can agree to disagree. We all have different tastes and needs. From where I sit, I don’t think that the S4 is breaking any new ground, so that’s why many of us don’t view it as something big. That’s not ridiculous…that’s reality.

    • LionStone

      Welcome to quad core, 1080p 5″ screen…its been done so nothing really big about that. Almost exact size and weight as the DNA…a bit thinner but because of the design of the DNA it won’t be noticeable. Now the One with front facing speakers, that’s big! And the aluminum zero gap body!

  • ChrisI

    No soft keys on the front, with a centered Home button, and a metal casing around the edges of a rectangular-shaped smartphone? Apple lawsuit coming.

    • Butters619

      Of course their is soft keys….

      • ChrisI

        Excuse me, but that render above shows no soft keys.

        • Jordan Marrie

          On the s3 they only light up when you touch them. I feel that is the same tech being used here.

          • ChrisI

            Neither the leaked videos or pictures yesterday show soft keys, even when touched.

    • Austin Warren

      No. Just, no.

  • Not impressed with this in the slightest. As others have stated, it looks like an S3s, not an S4. Having now owned two different models of the S3, I really hate the device. So, being that this one is so similar, I wouldn’t bother with it. I like Sense usually, so the One is much more appealing, but for now I’m happy with my Nexus 4.

  • bakdroid

    Meh….more like the Galaxy S3S. Samapple at it again with little innovation and a ton of marketing. Time to get sued again…


    • zurginator

      New CPU, Screen, more storage, bigger battery, improved camera, refined shell…. Dafuq do you expect?

      • Butters619

        Refridgerator and ZJs or gtfo

        • pine

          How much is a ZJ?

      • bakdroid

        The Octo core will not be in the U.S. variants so it will be the same snapdragon type…abit slightly faster. As for the other things listed, none of that is innovation or even improvements, they should have been there from the S3 start. It looks identical to an S3. I expect a change, not the same thing rehashed a bunch of times like the iPhone.

        • S2556

          The snap dragon 600 is an awesome processor.
          Almost everything Included is an improvement. What the hell are you talking about? They pump 6 billion annually into R&D that is why they have innovations! You are seeing this phone through very biased eyes. If you don’t like it great but just because they used a similar shell doesn’t mean everything else is the same too.

          • bakdroid

            Sounds like what Crapple fanboys say in defense of the new iPhone. Fitting since that is what Samapple has always emulated…

        • zurginator

          So by your argument, the G1 should have been an Aluminum unibody phone with a 4.7″ 1080p display. (aka the One)

    • Austin Warren

      Er mer Gerd, no new hardware no new innovation. So over that BS

  • Jason Brown

    “It’s one of the most in-depth reviews of a device that I have ever seen, to be honest.”

    we expect nothing less than the best when it comes time for you to review the device!

  • lgreg64

    and people complained about moto working the same design over and over. this look just like the last one.

    • zurginator

      People don’t understand design. You keep changing until you figure out what works (S3), and then you iterate. Otherwise you break brand recognition.

  • sonicemerald

    over it. wheres the X phone?

    • Austin Warren

      Non existent.

      • A.J.

        Oh boy, this guy again… *facepalm*

        • To be honest I am tired of this guy, but I am also tired of no matter what news story on droid-life, someone got to bring up about the X phone, that we have no information that it’s even real

          • Bob Buttons

            I just always think of it as a symbol for that future mystery device that will solve all problems. “I’m not going to get such-n-such because I’m waiting for the X phone!”

          • Bill

            When the X-Phone comes out they will expect everything, and will be disappointed. Everyone sets their expectations way too high these days. When the X-Phone isn’t perfect, then they’ll want the next big phone that’s going to be released. They just keep going on and on, expecting the impossible from phones.

          • Joe

            I see an alternative situation playing out: The X-phone comes out and has nothing much different than any other phone, but people proclaim it as “teh greatest telephonez evar!” ala Nexus.

          • bakdroid

            Well….Bionic said it is real and he is an insider…..


          • EC8CH

            welcome to Droid-Life… you must be new here.

        • Austin Warren

          Show me proof

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    Best selling Android phone for 2013.

    • EndiSky

      Best selling PHONE for 2013.

  • G-Nex22

    I am a little tired of dedicated keys…please move to on-sceen navigation keys…

    • Gary

      Such an original thought here on DL!

  • Brian Sargent

    More than likely this next phone I buy this summer will be the first that I buy full price. Right now, unless something else comes out until then, it is between this phone, the HTC One (or equivalent on VZW), and the X-phone. We dont know anything about the X-phone as of yet so I will just have to wait and see on that one. I don’t care about Sense and I don’t know much of anything about Touchwiz. The only phones I have ever had were without skins (OG and GNex). Whatever comes out has to be worth my $600 bones thats for sure.

  • Big. Fat. Yawn. Sorry Samsung. I hope you sell millions, but I’m not interested. You might as well be Apple at this point.

    • Austin Warren

      You’ll hop right on it when it’s announced.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Yes…my final thoughts about the SGS4 is that I FREAKIN’ WANT IT, and I want it NOW!

    The Next Galaxy will be MINE! ALL MINE!

  • Bionicman

    features should really make this phone stand out. not to mention the camera looks better than even an iphone 5.

  • Jordan Marrie
  • Mario

    I guess my thought is: “Meh” It will be a good phone for sure, but I was expecting a little more. It looks like a mini NOTE 2 or a bumped up GS3… I am sure it will do well and sell tons, but I will hold on a little longer and wait for the X-Phone (if it really exists) or perhaps the NOTE3.

    • Aaron17Watson17

      I dont really wait for samsung to wow me with design, only features and processors etc. Enhancing the user experience in general.

  • Jordan Marrie
    • John Ippolito


      • Jordan Marrie

        Not just any phone website John, the DROID phone website.

      • JoshGroff

        Some of us with Note 2’s don’t care. 😉 Screen size is where it’s at yo.

    • Butters619

      Regardless of whether you want one, the SGS4 will most likely be the best selling Android handset of the year. So yeah I’m guessing you are the only one who doesn’t care around here.

      • Jordan Marrie

        And I am okay with that.

  • It will be a phone that many people will love and some will hate, and others will not care either way.

  • Mack

    The Galaxy S4 doesn’t have on-screen navigation buttons? Well then I don’t want it.

    I realize I don’t speak for everyone but I see physical buttons as a step backwards.

    • Blake Curtis

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • gokusimpson

      I personally like soft buttons over on-screen, but true physical buttons are terrible. Especially when using just 1.

    • What made you think a galaxy phone would have on screen buttons?

      • William Ku

        never heard of galaxy nexus huh?

        • Austin Warren

          That device was a disgrace

        • That does not count, that was a nexus and Google had all the say in what it would look like

          • William Ku

            so it wasn’t a samsung phone? and it wasn’t a galaxy? even though it was called a samsung galaxy nexus? if you’re talking about galaxy S lines, then thats a dif story.

          • no i am talking about it having on screen button is because Google had a say in the making of the device…try to read what i wrote and dont just assume….. all galaxy phones that is not a nexus.. will never have on screen buttons

          • William Ku

            there you go. that’s better. i did read what you wrote. and what you wrote was a question, saying “what made you think a galaxy phone would have on screen buttons?”. and i responded with “never heard of galaxy nexus huh?”, which was a legitimate answer to your question because you were sarcastically, i’m assuming, saying all galaxy phones don’t have on screen buttons. which is untrue, because the galaxy nexus has on screen buttons. but now you’re saying in your latest answer that “all galaxy phones that is not a nexus will never have on screen buttons”, which is more of a true statement. so yea, i did read what you wrote.

    • zurginator

      Won’t happen to the Galaxy S brand. They’ve followed it since the beginning (except when carriers had the power to say otherwise).

      Now if they move to a new brand, maybe. But even then it’s been a Samsung staple for a very, very long time.

    • A.J.

      That’s what I said with the first Chinese leak thread. Nothing coming out has me clamoring to get rid of my Galaxy Nexus.

    • Austin Warren

      Yep take up screen space. Makes sense.

      • Butters619

        You also remove a fail point, add context aware options and customization, and make the device look better.

        • Austin Warren

          I just add pie. I kind of like the button because it’s just as easy to push it.

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            Today is March 14th… I believe you meant to write “I just add pi.” :p

          • Austin Warren

            I like apple pie

        • Joe

          Fail point? You do realize we’re talking about a button right?
          And as far as looks, that’s purely subjective. I like my Nexus 10 on screen buttons, but for a phone, it really doesn’t matter to me. The on-screen button crowd has become a mob of lemmings here.

          • Mack

            Then I say mob on by brothers, mob on. 🙂

          • Butters619

            You’ve never had a physical button fail. Especially one like a home button? I know it’s comparing Apples to Oranges, but one of the most common failures on an iPad/iPhone is the home button. (not counting dropping the phone)

      • JoshGroff

        They don’t when you watch videos, and with ROMs you can disable them. That being said, I’m perfectly fine with capacitive as well, and the home button is nice for waking the screen, especially on the Note 2.

      • Justin Winker

        Pie doesn’t take up on-screen space, therefore your point is null.

        • Austin Warren

          Did you even read what I said

          • Justin Winker

            Sure did. Did you read what I said?

        • uzo ufondu

          What is Pie?

          • zurginator

            Paranoid Android’s extra awesome feature that lets you run in perpetual full-screen mode. Also nifty for confusing the hell out of people trying to use your phone.

          • Justin Winker

            What zurg said. It’s similar to a gesture-based feature, but when you swipe from the side of the screen you have Pie configured to show at (for my case, the bottom), it shows the on-screen buttons in a half-pie chart-like way. You just swipe to the key you want to press, and it’s selected. It’s super quick and it’s very intuitive – it’s turned what was a 4.5″ device with on-screen keys to a full 4.7″ screen. It’s definitely my favorite feature of Paranoid Android’s v3.0 ROM.

      • Hide the keys, use gestures or pie

    • I agree. I can get used to the ugly plastic body, but the buttons are what preventing me from getting this phone. Same reason why I bought the Nexus 4 over the DNA and S3. Pie on PA is just too awesome.

      • but you can add Pie to the DNA and S3 if you want to. check out LMT. all you would have to do is disable the other buttons and you would be good to go.

        while i am not a physical button fan, i would buy this phone in a heart beat. Root it, disable the back and menu button, and throw LMT on it and good to go.

        • Yes because we want physical buttons and software buttons!

    • Joe

      YES! Another complaint about on-screen buttons! Haven’t we beat this horse dead in, you know, every post about the S4?

    • Mack

      Like I said, I realize I don’t speak for everyone. I have never been a fan of Samsung’s Galaxy phones but the main reason I didn’t pick up an S3 was the lack of on-screen buttons.

      Relax, this is just my opinion. Haha my Galaxy Nexus has spoiled me. 🙂

      • burnout

        I love my GNEX as well and believe it has spoiled me too, however it has let me down with the notification bar and the on-screen buttons. Changing roms or looking at full screen video i can see that these areas have been burnt into the screen, it really looks bad now!

        • TRUE THAT

        • Mack

          I haven’t run into that issue yet, my screen is flawless. Hopefully I never will though. How long before you started seeing the burn-in? My current G-Nex was a brand new Asurion replacement and is only 4 months old. Previous phone didn’t have this issue either though.

          • Stewie

            I’m only now seeing it, 1.5 years, and I’m not that worried about it, if you are suing stock softkeys there is a burn in app that can reverse it a bit, which I’m not doing, but can modify the app for it.

            I’d still rather have softkeys than buttons, period.

          • Mack

            Agreed. From what I understand the issue has to do with the type of screen Samsung used in the G-Nex.

        • SA_NYC

          I just checked to make sure: zero burn-in on my day-one GNex. Interesting.

    • Brandon Buckley

      I personally like the physical button. You guys aren’t realizing that these phones are becoming bigger and as they become bigger, people have to readjust their hands just to turn on the phone. The physical home button I use 90% of the time to power on the device. I came from a gnex and I loved the onscreen keys but I now don’t mind the physical home button. Also, it gives Samsung a product design that people can recognize

      • Mack

        You can power on the device using the physical home button? Not sarcasm – I’ve used an S3 but never owned one, interesting.

        • Brandon Buckley

          I meant wake the phone up not power on, I apologize.

          • Mack

            No worries.

    • Rodeojones000

      Considering you’re comment has been up-voted 63 times, I’d say you speak for quite a few of us.

    • Mack speaks the truth

      I completely agree with this, besides I’m happy with the S3 and couldn’t afford the S4 right now anyway.

    • abc

      On screen navigation buttons take up too much precious screen real estate. I prefer capacitive buttons.


    Hopefully this will drop the upgrade prices of the G3 for my parents’ first smartphone

  • Im scared, between the S4, Moto X phone and HTC One going to vrizon i dont know which i want 🙁 i dont care about software which makes the s4 not as big of a concern for me but this will be the first exnyos processor for the US so im interested to see how it plays against the QC SD 800. If i wait, the x phone better have the damn 800…

    • Butters619

      The US version of the SGS4 will almost certainly not have the Exynos and will have the same Snapdragon 600 as the One.

  • Butters619

    Still waiting to see what the X-Phone brings. Looking at the latest Moto leak I like where their design is going. Soft touch matte back, on screen keys (been that way for a while), subtle logos, very light skin. Then strap on a Maxx battery. Sounds like a win win to me.

    • zurginator

      The Maxx battery is a typical battery — just wide and flat. Motorola is the only company, besides maybe Sony, that can do this; their visual style is a very angular device, and it lends itself well to a bigger battery. You either get round corners or big batteries.

      • Butters619

        I know. I was just referring to the large batteries they use as Maxx batteries because, so far, they are the only one to use them on non-phablets.

        • zurginator

          I am aware, I was just explaining the reason for that. Samsung/HTC can’t do it, because they build round devices. Samsung especially can’t do it thanks to their removable battery policy.

          • Butters619

            Also, when they go with non removable they remove the plastic shell from around the battery which allows for a bigger battery. As long as Samsung has removable they can’t ditch this plastic.

          • zurginator

            Samsung’s batteries actually only have ~1.5mm of plastic on either side. The sticker holds the plastic to the actual cell, no thickness is added (I’ve taken a few apart).

            However what you say is true in regards to the structuring of the phone, and the requirement of a plastic back plate to the actual phone.

            I do have an idea for even bigger batteries with round shapes, but I’d prefer to hold that one in until I land a design job.

    • Have two upgrades available for me in September… fingers crossed that the X-Phone will come out in that time. (On Verizon of course)

      • Austin Warren

        wish in one hand and sh*t in another. See which one fill up quicker.

        • Rodeojones000

          I see you’re still going with this angle. Give it up.

          • Joe

            At least he’s consistent?

        • Butters619

          Well at least my one hand stays warm

    • possomcrast

      How about stock android and no skin?

  • HL

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the leaked device is actually the S3s

    • Bill

      When they’ve been using 4 in all their ads? I don’t think so.

  • itznfb

    I’m still wondering why the official teaser image showed the Samsung logo as being the speaker grill. Are all the “leaks” faked?

    • itznfb

      And in all the leaks we’ve seen the OS appears to be a direct port from that HomeSync device. I have a hard time believing that is going to be the official OS of the S4. If it is…. wtf that is terrible.

  • andrew


    then, not they

    • Mack

      A little late there buddy.

  • John Ippolito