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Final Thoughts on the Galaxy S4 Before Unveiling?

galaxy s4 big

Samsung will take the stage in NYC less than four hours to announce the Galaxy S4. So as we count the minutes to its official unveiling, we’re giving you one last chance to weigh in on everything that has been rumored and pictured over the last few weeks. 

The most recent news comes by way of Chinese forum it168, the same site that brought us those beautiful pictures late last night. In today’s leak, they take the Galaxy S4 (assuming this is it) on an intense journey. It’s one of the most in-depth reviews of a device that I have ever seen, to be honest. They compare the phone to all previous Galaxy devices, pick apart pixels in this new display, fondle the new textured exterior, test wireless charging (which it doesn’t have), run benchmarks, look at the new TouchWiz (which may have a new lock screen), new camera software (with photo samples), and so much more.

If you want to take a look at it, you can read the entire review here.

They once you are done, we want your final thoughts. Does the device that has leaked over the last two days excite you? While it may not look all that different from the Galaxy S3, it does appear to have all sorts of new goodies packed inside.

Let us know!

  • Alan Paone

    It looks like it’ll be heartbreakingly bad, a plastic, pentile, million-core relic from the days of specs mattering. It’ll sell in the gazillions, and I’ll shed a tear for taste and struggle not to strangle people who leave the lockscreen sounds on in public.

  • TimXer

    I think they are definitely trolling us and the phone will NOT be all that similar to the III. (though they did just make the note 1/2 very similar…didn’t they)…but aren’t they smarter than that? I see the changes in form factor as one of their big advantages over their main competition! I sort of hope to see the home button gone, BUT I do think it gets you out of jams on that rare occasion the phone’s not responding…hit that homey and you’re back on track. Looking forward to a less slipper shell and, to me, the III is almost too thin

  • JohnnySD

    I think the negativity towards the physical home button to the point of dismissing the device is hysterically over the top.

    • It’s horriffically clumsy to use on the S3 compared to an on screen key. Not to mention it impedes google now operation. They need to let that go, along with touchwiz. Add the tweaks to AOSP like any custom rom maker would and it will sell even MORE than it already has.

  • Guest

    Going to have to agree. I mean I’m still going to watch the unveiling but I’m going to keep waiting for something a bit more durable. Do you think Samsung will ever make a metal phone?

    • Hope they do in the Galaxy Note III *hoping*

    • Not even motorola, the king of quality, makes metal phones. Sammy just needs to up the quality of the plastics. The Gnex was a step in the right direction from the S2 and Nexus S….but holy crap did they muff it with the S3’s back plate.

  • Whatever happens, S4s gonna kick some great asses out there !!

  • Rodeojones000

    Yawn. Not impressed. Physical button, TouchWiz, crappy AMOLED screen prone to burn-in, and icons that appear to have been ripped right from the Gingerbread version of Android – it’s just a lackluster device in my opinion . I want something that screams “Wow” when I see it. A slight bump in specs and nearly identical design to the S3 does not do that. Many will love this phone. Good for them. As I’ll be paying full-price for my next phone so I don’t lose unlimited data with Verizon this phone definitely is not worth that much money.

  • xformulax

    glad the home button is still there… have an S3 personal, and a G-Nex for work… S3 is still better in every way possible.

  • PopeFrancis


  • ruchir chhabra

    i think the note 3 makes more sense to me. 6 inch is good enough to pocket and make phone calls. No need for a 7 inch tablet….

  • PopeFrancis

    Wtf is with Sammys obsession with the front button?

  • One word: Disappointing

  • Bionic

    X phone