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Report: Verizon to Carry HTC One After All, Late Thanks to Extra Testing

htc one official

A report out of AllThingsD this morning suggests that Verizon will end up offering the new flagship HTC One after all. Unfortunately, according to their sources, it won’t be available anywhere near launch on the other three big U.S. carriers as Big Red is taking their sweet time testing out the device. (Please don’t be surprised by that idea.) Β It could take one or two months for VZW to finish up and get it ready for launch.Β 

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as we have seen the HTC6445LVW already appear in testing and at Bluetooth SIG. This device, also known as the “DLXPLUS,” has been rumored to have identical specs to the One, we were just expecting Verizon to brand it with DROID or something else.

For HTC, this is quite the victory. Verizon is too large of a carrier in this country to not have your flagship phone on. Assuming it does end up as the HTC One on Verizon, this should help in a major way with marketing and also with sales numbers.

It may not be enough to compete with Samsung and the Galaxy S4, but it can’t hurt.

Via: Β AllThingsD

  • I still hope they make a sequel to the Droid DNA, I love it. The 5″ screen and I am really accustomed to the wireless charging which I believe the HTC One does not have….

  • Knlegend1

    Hmmmmm I was moving to AT&T and also planning to get this phone. I’m going to see how Verizon screws this up to solidify my decision.

  • Delayed thanks to installing useless bloatware and figuring out how many times they can put Verizon and 4G LTE logo’s all over the phone.

  • Sam

    I’m excited about this news. I just hope that Verizon and HTC don’t make the same mistake of putting in only 16GB.

    Not holding my breath though.

  • Orlando Ayala

    Confirmed :/

    • Knlegend1


  • Sense

    forget the GS4, im waiting for this on Verizon!

  • reyalP

    Can’t wait to see how they Fuglify this phone with the front facing Verizon Logo and the huge 4GLTE logo on the back! Glad the branding testing didn’t take too long.

  • Lloyd Christmas

    So your tellin me theres a chance?

  • Well a nice build quality phone on Verizon, lets see if they screw it up…

  • Not sure if I should give up my G-Nexus for this…

  • rotard

    should remove the HTC buttons and captive buttons for a 5 inch screen like the droid dna.
    so it would be a DNA plus with 5 inch screen and the bezel on both sides for speakers. On screen keys for a a nice full screen look during movies. no odd buttons on one side.
    What the htc one should have looked like really

    • Tyler

      The One has a 4.7″ screen instead of 5″ maintaining the same resolution. But yes i agree fully with what you said.

      • rotard

        yep, so if you removed those captive buttons, you might be able to put in a 5inch screen like the dna. paint it black with red- droid dna plus.
        i can dream right?

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I really would like to try this phone. But, Sense and bloat could really weigh this phone down. Not to mention that updates will take…well, it may or may not get any updates. Of course, that’s why God gave us rooting. But, I wonder how much of a pain that will be?

  • NexusMan

    I bet that “testing” was figuring out how to get “VERIZON” smacked onto the front of the phone.

  • Aaron

    Along with most people on here I think that it will be delayed not due to testing but due to Verizon making HTC change things on the phone so that they can have an “exclusive” phone. Just like they did with the 8X and are now doing the the Lumia 928.

  • ceejw

    I’m very happy about this. I really didn’t want to have to choose an S4 over this in order to stay on Verizon.

  • Alan Burnstine

    Hurrah, probably my next phone…. Still wish it had Micro-SD for all my music. I carry 18gig of music and pictures on the SD of my Resound, but I’ll deal.

  • If CM 10.1 gets a stable port, this may be my next. Especially if the S4 doesn’t impress or the X Phone is a flop.

  • I would love to see a new phone with a real gyro-meter/gyroscope…the psudo ones work but nothing compared to a real one from what ive read.

  • *cough* Droid Incredible One *cough*

  • yummy


  • iNfAMOUS70702

    i had the nexus one…EVO 4G and DINC but the tbolt left a bad taste in my mouth..i say no thanks to sense..no updates and horrible battery life…beautiful device but i’ll pass

  • mr408

    I don’t mind the wait actually. It will give me time to hear some reviews with people who have had it for more than a week. Always look for the positive I suppose.

  • hkklife

    16Gb storage, undersized battery, Sense and late availability? Too little and far too late. They would have been better off releasing a beefed-up DNA in Q1.

  • KleenDroid

    Verizon getting this phone is a good thing for HTC. I also like that they will have a developer version for those that have to pay full price anyway.

    If only we could get an unskinned developer version this would be great.

  • lou louie

    the “extra testing” should be a forewarning to anyone planning on getting it on Verizon. Good luck with getting updates.

    • Pretty sure everyone on Verizon is already well aware we will not be getting timely updates for almost any device. Nexus included.

  • mgdking

    The only change that would be nice is an sd card slot

  • John Simonelli

    Possibly my next phone…. But lets pray for a Nexus on Verizon in 2 months. Is it wrong to dream.

    • not wrong to dream, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever see another Verizon Nexus phone…or even one that’s unlocked and capable of running on Verizon’s network. Verizon ruined those dreams with the way they handled the GNex.

      • John Simonelli

        I can only agree. Fortunately I have been rooted since day one with my Gnex, and have not had to wait for VZW to give their updates. However for the sake of a Nexus on Verizon, I hope the VOLTE changes that problem in 2014.

        • Tyler

          That’s what I’m hoping as well, that Verizon’s VoLTE will allow for another Nexus device that isn’t sold through Verizon. But if it doesn’t come out by the end of the year for me it will be to late this time around. :/

  • Do we really have to mention the Galaxy S IV every time the One is mentioned? We all know the elephant is in the room. Pointing at it doesn’t change anything.

    • duke69111

      Its almost like their teasing the One.

    • Mike Reid

      Yes they do.

      It’s Kirk vs. Khan or the Federation vs. the Borg or whatever sworn enemies you care to frame it as. Though these days HTC is looking weak and Sony is sneeking up behind to get a “piece” of Samsung.

  • ToddAwesome

    What’s this you say, Verizon will get it after everyone else? Guffaw!

    • It makes sense consider they didn’t want to cut into DROID dna sales and if this comes to Verizon in may, when the Dna will be six months old, they don’t have to worry about that

  • Good, hopefully this brings HTC Back in the fight, and now we need Motorola bring something great to all markets

  • “testing” aka locking down the device even more than it already is, and installing their awful bloat.

    • xFenixKnightx


  • Makes you wonder if the dev version will include Verizon support? If so…. I wants.

  • Tim242

    Verizon irritates the $hit out of me. They were over a month late launching the Note II. I bought it full price to keep unlimited. I have an at&t SIM that I’ve been testing. I’m really considering dropping my unlimited plan and switch to at&t. Verizon will yank the unlimited eventually anyway. I am just sick of the way they handle things.

    • ChrisI

      They won’t give a $hit about what you do or what you think as long as you keep giving them your money every month. Send a message by cutting off their revenue. It’s the only way you, as a consumer, have influence.

      • KleenDroid

        It would take a massive amount of defectors to send any message. Verizon plans on a certain amount of loss. And it is offset by new customers all the time.

        I get what you are saying but a thousand of us leaving means nothing to them.

        The only reason to leave that makes sense is if another company offers a service you want over Verizon.

        I have five lines on unlimited data for only $10 each per month. There is a lot that factors into my decision of what I will do next. I want to keep my unlimited data at what I pay. I will worry about then taking it away when that happens. But I also want an unlocked stock phone experience with a large development community.

        If Verizon can provide this… Great. If I have to leave to get it… So be it. But Verizon will never care about the message I send.

        • Tyler

          So basically what your saying is you need a cheap Nexus (like the Nexus 4) through the play store on Verizon. Sounds all too familiar.

          • KleenDroid

            Cheap of course would be great. But I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for everything I want.

        • angermeans

          Sad an absolutely true. Well said.

    • paul_cus

      Do it. I jumped ship to AT&T and haven’t looked back.

    • reyalP

      I jumped ship to T-mobile. Cut my bill in half with a no contract plan. Couldn’t be happier.

      • Pedro

        Our bill went from $240 to $75.
        Three lines on VZW to 1 line on T-Mobile (me and my N4) and 1 line on StraigtTalk (daughter and her N4). Wife ported her number and forwards to her work iPhone. Spare N4 sitting in office, just in case. Phones and ETFs, we’ll still be ahead by July.

  • DreamSTi

    HTC = bad battery life

    • Thats not true, HTC has great features, the only true thing HTC has is HUGE launcher…with 2gig of memory i wouldnt complain. Soon we will all be going to 64 bit android, somewhere following key lime pie and have 4gig + memory so it wont matter.

    • LionStone

      Over 3 hrs screen time, Bluetooth on all day, almost 40 min of calls, All 4Glte…no wifi, no power saving..stock DNA w Nova Prime-16 hrs! πŸ™‚

    • Proof! But i gotta say, i bet you could almost double all your times if there was a CM10 port for that phone. It did for my thunderbolt i would expect it would with almost every phone HTC puts out.

  • jnt

    If HTC is smart, it won’t have any Droid branding… “Hi welcome to Verizon.” “Hi, I’m interested in the HTC One.” “Oh, well we have the HTC One, basically, it’s just called the HTC Droid DNA+One and has a slightly different look to it, but I promise it’s basically the same.” “Oh…. “

  • I just hope the keep the HTC One name without calling it a droid. I think the DNA was really hurt by not having the old OneX name to it. Verizon keeps trying to make their phones droids to keep the verizon and droid names synonymous but I think its better for the OEM’s to keep the same device name across multiple carriers. Just look at the S3. It wouldn’t have been near as successful if it had a different name on every different carrier.

    • Tim242

      The DNA is not a One X variant.

      • Yes sry I meant how they shouldn’t have released the DNA at all. Verizon should have just released a OneX variant.

  • New_Guy

    So this should see 4.2.2, in what, a year and half?…

    • HTC sucks at putting out updates i agree, but i thnk they were trying to set a statement getting the Thunderbolt its final ICS upgrade….Even though its obvious it can handle 4.1 since gnex got it.

      • JoshGroff

        T-bolt is a single core device with 768 MB of RAM, saying it can handle JB because the G-Nex can is just plain wrong.

        • Wrong because we compare an HTC device to a GNex? Have you seen an HTC device run on CM9/10? It runs fantastic. Not to mention the only upgrade to 4.1 is the butter project and google now which is ported into the ICS ROM

          • JoshGroff

            Wrong because you’re saying a higher end device can run it so the lower end device should be able to as well. Was my comment really that hard to decipher?

        • hkklife

          No, HTC originall promised ICS to the TBolt, Inc2 and Rhymeon VZW. The TBolt is the only they followes through with. HTC is forever on my s*** list unless they make another Nexus. I also got burned on HTC’s disastrous tablet efforts.

          • JoshGroff

            What does that have to do with my comment?

          • Your comment really has no truth behind it. Furthermore its obvious you don’t currently own the product. I do, and i can attest it runs great without Sense. Enough to run 4.1.

          • JoshGroff

            I was merely saying that saying the G-Nex can run it so therefore the Thunderbolt can was false, I never said it couldn’t run JB…

          • New_Guy

            To their credit, all of these devices have a common theme…VZW. I 100% guarantee that the devices on all the other carriers will receive updates months before the VZW version (if ever) will. This is evident at how they are already handlling the launch; months behind.

        • Thats simply like saying, your computer is a peice of crap…if you were to format it and put a clean version of Ubuntu or WIndows on it i garuntee it would run faster without all the junk that came from that manufacturer…or better yet…. Ubuntu without all the Software Updates to slow it down.

          • AMPthe13th

            “It will run better without bloatware.” is obvious. I doubt Josh disagrees. The fact of the matter is you should have never mentioned the GNex at all. There was simply no reason to compare the TBolt to the GNex.

      • KleenDroid

        What is the comparison of the Thunderbolt to the Gnex?

        • Thunderbolt is a single core 1k Ghz, most of us can get it to 1.5ghz with no problems, some run 1.7 with no problems, mine tends to FC some items if i run that high. Antutu benchie for Gnex is 6k stock 6.3k oc’d at 1.3 from what im seeing. The Thunderbolt benches around 5k oc’d…and to comment about the “dual core” part there is a Rezound HTC Sense 4.0 port to the Thunderbolt which requires dual core, and its obvious its not necessary… So even though the thunderbolt cant BEAT the gnex…its not far behind…proving that Thunderbolt could run JB if they had an OTA for it….The whole point to my previous post was simply to state HTC wants to make a difference or they would not have released an ICS OTA for our phones…We should expect HTC to change for the better…

          • KleenDroid

            I’m sure it can run it also. I also have a Thunderbolt. I just didn’t think the comparison to the Gnex was a good one.

            Even though I also believe the Bolt could run Jellybean, I don’t think it will ever get it based on the age.

          • Oh it wont, HTC made it clear this was the last one. But their efforts as one of their first Flagship phone really shows some of the HTC community they are trying to change for the better.

          • KleenDroid

            I hope so.

      • New_Guy

        I was actaully referring more to VZW. It’s really THEIR update history that is horid.

        • Agreed, little do the consumers know, verizon is a huge quest to bypass before it gets the launch. Very money hungry.

  • bonzix

    The fact that it won’t even launch with the others makes me cringe at the idea of how late updates could / would be.

    • michael arazan

      What is this thing called update you speak of?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    If they don’t MUCK IT UP… I’ll wait for Verizon. I was going to dump Sprint and head to At&t… but I’ll hold off for VZW. I miss the network. Hopefully I can get a double data promo during that time…lol cuz I’ll NEED IT

  • I might upgrade my thunderbolt. Its between this and s4

    • El Tigre

      Michael, as a fellow TBolt owner, I have to ask…why? Think about what we went thru as far as updates were concerned. You really want to go another round with that? Look at some of the comments in here echoing that same sentiment.

      • HTC was setting an example with the Tbolt and the recent ICS release. I love my tbolt on Liquids ROM, few items i would like from CM9/10 and SENSE but it runs fantastic, 4hours of display time 20+ hours of runtime a full day – day and half worth of use. ANyone else that says otherwise is doing something wrong πŸ˜›

        • I had the thunderbolt also and then went to a galaxy nexus and then when to DROID dna, HTC battery life is good I would say equal to s3. The HTC one having a bigger battery than the dna, will just mean it will have a great battery life

          • The batteries now are geared to the life expectancy of the company….not to the possible power drain. For example, they only want 1 day use out of your phone so they put a certain size battery in it…Just like they put larger gas tanks in trucks…you still get about 350 miles to a 22 gallon tank just like any car with 12 gallon tank getting 400 miles. Its all in balance.

  • So does mean we can buy the Unlocked version too? OoOoOoOoOo

    • Why buy unlocked when you can get it unlocked normally days after release?

  • kidtronic

    The delay makes sense, considering they wouldn’t want to release it too soon after the DNA. Hopefully they don’t change anything.

  • big007hed

    I wish it was time to upgrade phone, this phone looks awesome!

  • *HAPPY DANCE* I want this device badly!

  • But now where will they put their awesome logo? Over the HTC logo? πŸ˜›

    • DiegoKokomo

      Actually the rumor is that the “additional testing” is in regards to how laser etching the Verizon logo across the glass will affect the touch screen.

      • jnt

        And how Verizon’s bloatware interacts with Sense 5…

        • Root > debloat > desense

          • Dain Laguna

            easier said than done and always worrisome on a brand new device

          • cortesjues

            i like sense… definitely debloat though

          • Tyler

            For me I will need to install Nova Launcher and then the rest of sense will be bearable.

          • cortesjues

            I actually like the widgets, the one thing i would change would be the app drawer because it has the verizon logo at the bottom

        • Ive done multiple phones, take ur time, dont jump to it so fast, ensure everything matches and nothing will go wrong. I dont like bad threads with very bad instructions. Ill wait untill its crystal clear. I like a very clean phone, have exactly what i want an know exactly what i have – down to the file.

    • xFenixKnightx

      On the front no doubt. Hopefully they don’t keep the HTC logo where it is AND PUT THEIR LOGO ON TOP. One logo on the front is enough. Just wish they’d only put it on the back like everyone else will probably be doing.