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HTC One Launch Delayed Until March 29


During HTC’s announcement of the One, they failed to mention an exact release time frame other than “March.” As the weeks have gone by since that cold February morning, they have yet to make an official announcement, so we’re left wondering if something is wrong or if another, bigger plan is in place. According to UK phone retailer Clove, the phone has been delayed until March 29. I know what you are going to say, “How can a phone be delayed if no date was announced?” I’m just telling you what Clove is reporting, as they heard directly from HTC that the original date was supposed to be March 15, but is now March 29. 

I can’t help but wonder how this may negatively impact the launch of a phone that is going to need to sell like none other in order to bring HTC back from the dead. Samsung is taking the stage in two days to announce the next Galaxy, so one would imagine that getting your new flagship out before that happens would have been a brilliant idea. I don’t know that anything can slow down Samsung at this point, but HTC releasing the One a couple of weeks before it launches would have certainly been a way to try.

Oh, getting Verizon to buy in wouldn’t have been a bad idea either.

Keep in mind that Clove is a UK company, so the launch dates of the U.S. variants could certainly differ from those across the pond. Typically phones launch later here, which for HTC’s sake, I hope is not the case this time around.

Via:  Clove UK

  • Irish Cowboy

    HTC source says US is on a different time line. they asked HTC. no delay.

  • Marlon Milligan

    Wow its delayed for a week… Big deal. I’m still gonna buy it

  • This is so sad. Especially since the GS4 is turning into an upgrade with the same guidelines as an iPhone. Small tweaks, bump this bump that. Make it look the same but put a big ole G$4 sticker on it and it’s revolutionary. Almost magic…

    • Austin Warren

      How is the HTC One any different than any other HTC phone? …..oh wait! Boom!

  • ChuckDz3

    I like HTC’s hardware design concepts a lot, unfortunately sense has got to go and their marketing and product placement will keep them from staying afloat in the mobile phone market.. which is a shame because their phones are sexy

  • chris125

    HTC dropping the ball once again….

  • teevirus

    That may be a death knell. Or final nail in the coffin take your pick.

    • Greyhame

      My personal favorite is from famed Packers announcer Wayne Larrivee, “And There. Is. Your. DAGGER!”

  • Liderc

    I literally despise every phone coming out right now, it’s so disappointing. I used to have a choice between what I wanted, now it’s like I’m waiting for Google to make another Nexus so I can have a phone I’m even the least bit interested in buying. I guess it’s good because I’m not blowing money every 6 months, but it’s just a strange time for phones for me personally. This phone despite seeming okay, feels like it’s going to be a failure. No one likes the new home screen, the button layout is just odd with the logo in the middle and the only thing I like is that it has front facing speakers lol. It’s just an odd time.

    • Rodeojones000

      I agree. There isn’t a single phone coming out soon that’s even remotely interesting or worth repacing my GNexus.

  • ddevito

    How many S4s will be sold at that date?

  • schoat333

    HTC needs a solid VZW phone. None of them have lived up to the OG Dinc.

    • chris125

      the OG INC was iconic on verizon

      • flosserelli

        Verizon wouldn’t know another potentially iconic device if it bit them in the ass. Even if they found one by accident, they would find a way to castrate it, or ignore it by withholding updates.

  • Austin Warren

    They definitely don’t know how to sell a product. Or even make One.

  • Tirionfive

    What’s it saying, my precious, my love? HTC losing its nerve?

    “No! Not! Never!”

  • Ken Bosse

    HTC thunderbolt?

  • Thomas

    Awesome, more S4 news !!!! Oh wait…never mind *buzz killed* 🙁

  • mplacido9

    Poor HTC. The only BoomSound they’ll be hearing is their sales hitting rock bottom.

    • Oh, wow. BOOM. #KFCgamedaybucketvoice

      • Shane Redman

        “Game day bucket go BOOM” HAHAHA…I’m in tears at my desk right now.

  • So how could this be delayed if no launch date was given?

  • htowngtr

    Shades of the Thunderbolt launch fiasco

  • John Ippolito

    This is my surprised font.