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Behold the Google I/O Easter Egg Machine

io easter

Google published the rest of their official Google I/O 2013 page today, which we took a minute to poke around on after receiving our press invite this afternoon. I have to admit though, that we weren’t half as clever as other attentive minds of the internet who realized that the front page was interactive and filled with more Easter Eggs than you can probably count.  

As you tap on either the I or the O, you’ll see code line up at the bottom of the page. If you click in a series of correct Is and Os, you’ll see a button turn green before shuffling you off to a new page filled with secret, interactive joy (be sure to click on the surprises). If you are wrong, the button will turn red and allow you start over.

The comments over The Next Web are filled with codes, two of which we have used in the images of this post. As to not ruin the rest of the surprises, we’ll leave you to tapping away your own codes to reveal other goodies. Be sure to share them in the comments.

Bacon:  10010000
Bowling:  01110101

io easter1

Via:  Google I/OThe Next Web

  • Taylor Levesque

    01111111 is literally code

  • Wyveryx

    10001000 pretty cute 🙂

  • Dr. Rock Strongo

    10001000 !!!

  • Dr. Rock Strongo

    11011011 sequencer type thing

  • Jason

    OIOIOOII = 8Bit

  • John B.

    10001000 = Waveforms

  • Harvester4

    01111111 ascii mode

  • Vivek Kumar
  • There are 12 total if you haven’t found them all.

  • michael arazan

    Some robot named Bender greeted me and took me off through time

  • Tyler Fox

    After doing an exhaustive search, I think this is everything.

    00101010 –Vertical/horizontal lines
    00111001 –Hamburger/hotdog
    01110101 –bowling pin and ball
    01111111 –green ascii
    01010011 –8 bit
    01000101 –rocket and moon
    10010000 –bacon/eggs
    10001000 –wave generator
    10000001 –pong
    11100111 –cats
    11010011 –simon
    11011011 –beatbox

    And here’s my collapsed search tree (makes more sense in a monospace font)

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  • Bharath

    00101010 experiment space

  • Bharath

    10001000 experimental synth



  • Don M

    11100111 cat

  • Hunter Hollander

    00101010 google in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE

    • Tyler

      portal 🙂

  • O1111111 asc11
    O1OOO1O1 rocket
    11O11O11 synth

  • Guest

    IIOIIOII synth

  • Tyler


  • enriques04


    • Brandon Golway

      long cat is long.

  • Bionic

    110011100 = x phone

    • Tyler

      ^ = lies

      • Bionic


  • Joe L


  • 01111111

  • Mike

    11010011 – Simon Game

  • Michael webb

    10000001 Pong!


  • monkey082506

    IIOIOOII Simon Says



  • Steven Ege


    • Aaron

      Not working for me.

      • ddfuji

        mine took a while, it went after second attempt

  • John B

    11010011 got to 13

  • Steven Ege


    • Pengwn

      After entering the music code and I saw the 4 notes, my mind instantly swapped them out for C-buttons. I then started playing all of the Ocarina of time songs I could remember.

  • OIIIIIII (x7 I)

  • ChristianJohnson




  • root4life


  • Guest


  • John B



  • kevlar


  • Tvbird

    110011011 is awesome

  • kevlar

    not the kittens!

  • monkey082506

    IOOOOOOI is pong

  • Ncik

    IIOIOOII and play simon

  • Buckoman


  • Tim Cronin

    00101010 and click as fast as you can.

    • Guest

      Is this a troll omg

  • Ben

    meow 😀


    O I I I I I I I

  • Silver Veloz



  • root4life


  • Dan Tillman

    IIOIOOII is one of my favs.

  • grumpypants



  • root4life


  • jerflash

    10001000 theremin

  • Raise your hand, who is Ateist here??

    • Dr_Buttballs

      What in Cthulhu’s name is a Ateist?

  • root4life


  • Bassenza


  • ChristianJohnson

    So…do you actually have to be a developer to go? Even if you’re a student? This is possibly a noob question.

    • Robert Delaney

      No it is open to anyone but not to sound high and mighty but it does take away a ticket from someone who is. I am a developer and last year was stressful trying to make sure I got to go. I have been to 2 others but this years is going to be extremely difficult to attend. It’s more than just the key note, its the seminars that help you learn what is new in the SDK, in this case most likely 5.0.

      • droidrazredge

        :/ what’s the best way as a graduate student trying to learn more development and experiencing this type of event getting a ticket ? I been reading that the last two years have been excruciating and irritating as people scalp tickets and that’s how the majority get sold out. I heard even last year that people who logged on @ 7:00:00AM still got the sold out message.

        • Robert Delaney

          You don’t sleep Lol. Last year when everyone knew JB was coming out I didn’t sleep and about 90 mins before I was literally power hitting refresh. As a student you still have to do it the same way as everyone else but when you get there in May you need to have a student ID, copy of your semester bill, and transcripts. They are serious about student proof since you get the tickets extremely cheap. I guest lecture at a local university and trying to see if the university will sponsor me as faculty for I/O this year so I can get this $300 ticket too. Last year with all expenses it was about $2000.

    • jathak

      You don’t have to be a developer, but please don’t buy a ticket if you’re not as it takes away a ticket from someone who is.

      If you just want to watch the keynote, it will be streamed live on YouTube. If you just want to get the stuff, just buy them as, after the I/O ticket, airfare and a hotel, it will be cheaper anyway.

  • Masterminded

    01010011 works, and it works great from mobile

    • Masterminded

      IIIOOIII for cats

      • Masterminded


        • Masterminded

          Olllllll ( 7 x l)

  • MikeCiggy