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HTC’s Zoe Share Website Is Live, Making People’s Photos Into Full Slideshows

htc zoe share

One of the cooler announcements to come out of HTC’s launch of the One was their new Zoe software that works hand-in-hand with the phone’s camera. When turned on, the One takes photos and video surrounding the snapshot and puts them all together in a collage called a Highlight to give you a more in-depth picture of what was going on at the time you took the photo. The One isn’t here yet, but HTC already has a few people putting up Zoes to their new website. 

Whether it be vacations, trips to local markets or birthdays, Zoe takes all the media and mashes it together into a Highlight to make an instant presentation piece. At the end of the slideshow all the media is presented so that you can examine each one and look through them, it’s a very cool experience overall. If you want to check out the Zoes, click the links below.


Via: Zoe Share [2] [3] | Android and Me

  • David Hernandez

    So were all these photos/videos/zoes taken with a One? Curious if this is the quality of images we should be expecting.

  • nice

  • kwubba

    I hope this comes to the DNA…very cool!


    Look at all the comments. This phone is going to sell like crazy!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Would be pretty cool if on the Homepage of the website (first Zoe link) all images moved at the same time. The other Linke (3) is pretty cool.

  • KleenDroid