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Samsung Takes Home the Gold, Wins Five Awards at MWC Including Best Smartphone


At this year’s MWC event in Barcelona, Samsung continued their winning streak by taking home a few important pieces of new hardware. As voted on by the board, Samsung was awarded five top honors including Best Smartphone for the Galaxy S3 and Device Manufacturer of the Year. 

Even the Galaxy Camera took home a prize for Best Mobile Enabled Consumer Electronics Device.

  • Best Smartphone – Galaxy S3
  • Best Mobile Enabled Consumer Electronics Device – Galaxy Camera
  • Best Mobile infrastructure – Smart LTE Network
  • Device Manufacturer of the Year – Samsung
  • Outstanding Overall Mobile Technology – The CTO’s choice

It isn’t a shock that Samsung is making headlines again, but the real question is, what can slow them down?

Via: SammyHub

  • BenBerstler

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  • Jaron1226

    Don’t be mad because the nexus 4 doesn’t reign supreme over all smartphones devices like the all powerful Samsung Galaxy SIII 🙂

  • Jaron1226


  • I love Sammy, but I hate the Nature UX TouchWiz UI

    • Trey Mitchell

      I’m not a fan of all the unnecessary water drops and nature stuff but I don’t hate touch wiz functionality wise.

      • I love the little things Samsung added, but it is way over the top with the water drops haha
        It is called Nature UX 😛

  • New_Guy

    …complacency…it happens to the best of them. i hope they don’t kick back now and stop challenging the mobile landscape.

    • bananatroll

      you mean copying and emulating right? Because that is all they are good at doing. Shamelessly copying their competitors to the point of ridiculous, mass producing poor quality products with the “latest” specs, and advertising all of this so much it’s worse than car insurance commercials on cocaine. And let’s not forget using Google as a launch pad for a technology manufacturing juggernaut based on copying and fraudulence.

      LG is almost as bad as it attempts to copy Samsung with homebuttons in the same location and software that for all appearances is identical. But you can’t cheat the cheat…

      You have to innovate, outmaneuver, and out-think.

      Samsung repetitive pattern of copying and emulating show a genuine lack of cohesive ingenuity. This will bite them in the rear someday soon. Now to sit back and watch!

      • New_Guy

        Okay…I love Android as much as the next person, but you’re going a bit overboard. The SII, SIII, Note, Note 2 (it’s most successful products to date) look nothing like anything out there. Hell, the Note sparked a whole new segment of mobile devices. In fact, I would argue that the only device that one could truly argue was a blatant rip off was the original Galaxy S (and its variants). Did they copy the iPhone 3G? Of course.

        But hey, it was a business move that gave them leverage in the market and paid dividends. They new they’d get sued and gambled that they’d make enough money for it not to matter and that’s exactly what happened. The $1.054b judgment against them amounted to approx 1qtr’s worth of profits in the year 2012 (Nothing!). They made the money from a copy and then branched out and, I would argue, surpassed Apple in terms of innovation to their mobile devices.

        • Ibrick

          This post pretty much sums up why I’ve started to dislike Samsung more and more recently.
          I don’t want to say they’ve become the Apple of the Android world, but tactics like you mention above make it hard to ignore.

          • LegalAmerican

            Do you see Samsung suing Motorola for every device that exists? Do you see them suing HTC, LG or Sony? How are they the Apple of the Android world if they aren’t litigating? And even if there are small suits here or there (i’m sure there is SOMEWHERE) it’s nothing like Apple’s business model where you sit back and attack other people like sharks.
            Correct me if i’m wrong, but we WANT companies to innovate so that we end up with a better product due to healthy competition. Everyone blames Samsung for Moto and HTC sucking. If they would step up their game and not only release better devices but also MARKET these devices, Samsung wouldn’t be dominating quite like they are.
            Success doesn’t automatically equal Apple. People say that because they are mad at Samsung for drawing attention away from their HTC One X. Be mad at HTC. They are the ones trying to save money by not marketing. Hopefully the “New HTC One vol. 2” does better and they put out some decent commercials, but I wouldn’t bet on it yet.

          • New_Guy

            As similar as the new One is to the back of the iPhone 5, they really should go ahead and market the heck out of it. They would become the new Samsung and be laughing at lawsuits 3 years from now too =)…

          • bananatroll

            None of you’re argument can change the fact that Samsung is a habitual copier of others. They are one of two OEMS that still use a physical home button. Touch wiz is still eerily similar too ios. From the phone icon, messaging icon, and every thing in between, they blatantly copy others regardless if litigation, and they even admitted in more than one interview to attempting to emulate Apple as much as they could get away with. I’m not going to sit here and say all their products are absolute junk… I have a Samsung 64″ plasma I payed nearly 4k for only a couple if years ago dude. But when it comes to Android? No. Other manufacturers make a better quality product, they actually attempt to follow Googles lead in each iteration of Android, and they know better than to blatantly copy their competitors into the court room over and over again. Samsung may not be the devil, but they are growing, and rapidly, into a threat to the stability of the Android ecosystem by their actions.

            I’ll end this by simply saying the following.

            Motorola is three oldest communications company inn three world. They know cellular tech better than anybody in the business.

            Goggle now owns this proverbial diamond in three rough.

            As always…

            Google knows best!

          • Trey Mitchell

            Banana, you have still yet to tell me who samsung copied the S-pen from.

          • New_Guy

            And who’d they copy the 5″ device from?…Dell??? HA!!!

            You mean that depacle of a device? Palm devices had pens a long time ago…so what??? Will you accuse them for making 1080p TV’s because they didn’t make it first. Or maybe you don’t like their new curved screen TV’s because IMAX had a curved screen first?

            The arguments of who did what first are ridiculous, there is very little that we can truly call “new” these days. Most “innovations” are built off of other innovations that were either inadequate, poorly designed, or existed in a market that was previously not ready.

          • LegalAmerican

            “From the phone icon to the messaging icon to everything in between”. On my S3 there’s nothing in between those. They sit right next to each other on the screen.
            You’re going to jump from icons to “everything”? First off, what do you come up with for a text messaging icon that would be extremely different from another? Or a phone icon? Phone’s look pretty similar if you haven’t noticed. A banana shaped arc with two globs at each end is pretty much a universal symbol of “telephone”. So if Apple invented that shape back in the 80’s, then you’re right. Otherwise, you’re sounding a little desperate.
            I was thinking of some rebuttals to your post and then I noticed that you kept misspelling “the” and you called “Google” ‘goggle’. I’m not usually a grammar police, but generally if your aim is to attack someone or something, you should cover your bases at the very least with accurate spelling.
            You bash Samsung for blatantly copying, and then you bash them for not “following Google’s lead”. I think you need to make a decision for your self whether or not they copy, or carve their own path. You can’t really deliver a solid slam on a company from two contradictory angles. It makes your entire opinion nonsense.
            Also, I do not have a problem with companies taking good ideas from one another, as long as they don’t turn around and try to sue the original innovators. Samsung does a pretty darn good job of innovating their own stuff, and mixing in a little from other companies. That’s what makes a good device. Samsung has innovated the Note device line, love it or hate it, they were creative with the Nature theme on their UI. They took the risk of making the first giant screens on devices, they were the first to REALLY market the use of NFC with the tapping of devices, and they are the only company with the guts to stand up to Apple. From what I can see, they are the only ones taking risks while everyone else is playing it safe and acting scared.

          • New_Guy

            Okay…well I’ll end by saying this, you need to read the last portion of your post because you apparently got so upset that your grammar went completely out the window. Secondly, We all know this started with Motorola and that Motorola’s build quality can be considered second to none. But, in this mobile landscape, build quality alone is not enough. Customers are too savvy today to accept locked and encrypted bootloaders, horrid firmware update support, flagship devices being released within 4 months of each other, and (gehhh) Motoblur.

            Build quality and tenure in the business can only take you so far. Samsung has figured that out and decided to go the other rout, factor over form, and I have to say that I’m not upset with them about it. I don’t care one bit icons are “eerily similar” to iOS, because the bottom line is nothing else about the phone is. Home button or not (which Apple did not invent, by the way)….dude…..

          • Ibrick

            I really wasn’t talking about litigation.. I wouldn’t expect too much sueing between Samsung, HTC, LG, Moto etc.

            It was more the blatent copying and then passing it off as your own. So the innovation you speak of is pretty much nonexistent at Samsung HQ.

            I’m not hating on their success, I hope all the Android OEM’s succeed.

          • New_Guy

            Haha! I can see where you come from. Seems terrible. I just feel that every company borrows from everyone else. Much like the Apple 1 was not the first personal computer, just the most affordable at the time. Henry Ford did not invent the car, just one the average Joe could afford and drive. Samsung didn’t invent the smart phone, just an Android (better) version of one that was already wildly popular (One could say HTC just did the same with the One).

            So I kind of respect them for gambling on their company and helping further the Android take-over.

          • Trey Mitchell

            oh you said you respect Samsung prepare for hate.

          • New_Guy

            Why should I?…What other Android OEM should I respect? LG? Did you see their lack of production effort? Motorola? Not lately. HTC? Pfffff, ha! Amazon? Nope. Sony? If they can ever figure out what market they’re in. Maybe Huawei?…..Nah.

            Admit it, the only company relentlessly and imperialistically growing the Android Army, regardless of who’s feelings they hurt, is Samsung.

            Yeah…I can respect them for that. I didn’t say I agree with all that they do, but then again I don’t recall them asking me, or you, or anyone else about how to cell 100million phones…

          • Trey Mitchell

            Hey woah Don’t misunderstand guy. I’m a sammy fan I love my note 2. I was just saying you are going to get hated on by the trolls around here. I agree with your points.

          • New_Guy

            Sorry, didn’t mean to snip at ya. I am just tired of so many people dumping hate on a company that has done so much to help bring Android to dominance. I really need to stop reading the responses in these blogs…

          • Trey Mitchell

            Lol I know right It’s getting to be like reading you tube comments…..

          • New_Guy


      • So you’re telling me Youm is not innovative, so does Multiwindows, Smart Stay, Smart Rotation, and miriads of other features. Now tell me 1 phone that can run 2 apps at the same time other than Samsung? No it’s not about screen size, as S3 with 4.7 inch can perfectly do it, so why can’t Xperia Z and HTC One do it?

        • LionStone

          That was easy…LG Optimus G! 🙂

  • RoadsterHD1

    Next year Moto and Google will be on top with the X-Phone.

    • I’m a Samsung fan, but still I hope so!

    • Austin Warren

      I love Google but that won’t happen.

    • lol no. I hope so but it’s incredibly unlikely. It would have to be a monster with insane battery life, available on every carrier at once but most importantly have a marketing campaign that blows it all out of the water

    • Seth K

      X Phone may be the best phone and the most exciting one for enthusiasts for us, but Google and Moto simply don’t have rapports with global carriers that Samsung has built on for quite a few years by now. It is sad, but without carrier push, it won’t be too popular. Samsung tries to suit each carrier’s specific needs, others are not or simply aren’t capable.

      Apple is a completely different dog in the game due to insane popularity in many markets across the globe. However, if you look at how Moto and Google have been handling launches of their handsets, it’s not happening that quickly.

  • dannyWHITE

    All these Samsung headlines are making me NOT want to buy a Samsung phone ever again.

    • Jon

      Just curious, why?

      • hkklife

        #1 Touchwiz
        #2 Poor battery life (partially due to the above)
        #3 Flimsy build quality
        #4 Poor radios, at least relative to Moto
        #5 Essentially being the 800lb gorilla in the room and possibly doing long-term damage to the Android ecosystem

        • mercado79

          I’ll agree with you in regards to 5, but that’s about it. I’m curious if you’ve actually used the GS3. I’ve switched to the Nexus 4, but still miss certain things about my GS3.

          #1. Touchwiz is not as bad as it’s made out to be (or maybe used to be) and is easily avoided by using Nova or Apex, though it really isn’t bad and may actually bring some good things to the table on occasion.

          #2. Battery life was better on the GS3 than the Nexus 4.

          #3. Plastic does not mean flimsy. Plastic may not mean high quality, but it is durable. The number of times I dropped the phone without anything happening to it is testament to this fact. In comparison, I’m scared to drop the N4.

          #4. Can’t really compare to Moto since I’ve never owned one of their Android devices (mainly because their best phones in the states have been released on VZ, but… I didn’t have any problems on the GS3. GPS, if that falls into the radios category, was stellar.

          • dannyWHITE

            Battery life is NOT better then the Nexus 4. I’ll admit I’ve never owned a GS3 but I do currently use a N4 and I can honestly say it does last me a full day EASY and I consider myself a heavy user. The lack of LTE does help save A LOT of battery. So again I disagree with you that the GS3 has a better battery life then the Nexus 4.

          • How can you disagree if you’ve never owned an S3? Oh because your friend has one and he complains?

            On the contrary, I have an international S3 (no LTE either) and it easily lasts me 2 – 3 days with moderate use.

          • mercado79

            I did say I’ve had both phones. It might not be a huge difference, but it was noticeably better than the Nexus 4 (at least with LTE off which is how I ran the phone since LTE wasn’t active in my city at the time). I will say that recent custom kernels are doing a great job with the Nexus 4, but again…from personal experience with the GS3 from June of last year until November when I picked up the N4, the GS3 had better battery life.

          • New_Guy

            I could argue that the battery COULD be replaced or extended, though…

          • You’ve never owned GS3, then you said N4 have better battery life than GS3? Wait what????

          • Trey Mitchell

            ummm my note 2 can last me literally a day and a half and that’s with power save off screen brightness on auto and LTE on.

          • LegalAmerican

            Don’t worry too much. Everyone reads stories on these sites where their favorite writer says TouchWiz sucks, so they regurgitate it like sheep. TouchWiz is no worse than Blur or Sense. You just have to decide with each one what you can overlook and what you have to have.
            It’s “cool” to say you hate TouchWiz even though 90% of people who hate it, can never articulate why.

          • azndan4

            Sry dude. Touchwiz sucks. Gave my GS3 to my mom so I could get a DNA.

          • LionStone

            TW looks horrid…as if done by 4th graders…that was enough to turn me off.

        • I’d have to disagree on all points, at least for the GSIII (and presumably Note 2). I can’t compare the reception to Moto, but I haven’t had any problems. The S3 was able to use an integrated radio though, from what I understand, as opposed to the GN and earlier Samsungs. Now, as far as damaging the Android ecosystem — I dont’ even know what to think there. It’s bad when one of your customers is *too* successful. I don’t hate on Sammy for this, but I hope Moto makes a comeback this year.

        • Pedro

          As to battery life, I have no complaints with my N4 (franco kernel).
          Some people may want to have their phones last 4 days without recharging, but I try to use all the time I’m sleeping as useful.
          Charging my phone qualifies as useful. I toss it on the wireless charger every night. When I do that, it’s usually has 20-30% life left with 2-3 hours screen time.
          When I wake up, it has 95-100% depending on when it last hit the hysteresis level. Start over.

        • Touchwiz is great, just mask it over with other launcher. There’s no such thing as Smart Rotation, Smart Stay, Multiwindows etc on stock Android, and that’s where Samsung is leveraging Touchwiz with. It doesn’t look nice, it doesn’t look futuristic nor follow Holo-esque design language, but it works, and it works just fine. Hopefully this year’s TouchWiz 5 would be great

  • ceejw

    Was the Nexus 4 not in contention for these awards?

    • LegalAmerican

      I’m certain that it was. As well as every other device that was released in 2012. They just need to sell more than 200k to be considered I imagine. You can’t expect a device to win manufacturer or Smartphone of the year when half of the customers are still waiting their 7-8 weeks for shipping.

      • michael arazan

        I think it has been a lil over 400 k, sad but I just saw the Nexus 4 commercial for the first time here in St.Louis tonight on ABC. Millions could of been sold around the world if either Google placed more orders or LG would have revved up productions.
        Hopefully This will not Happen with the X phone

  • no wonder, Google is worried, other phones aren’t good enough anymore and is not making good competition.

    • They need to put Moto in high gear and start creating better devices that can compete with Sammy

    • Dave

      I still can imagine Samsung creating their own OS and leaving Android in shambles….let’s hope not. Since they represent 6 of every 10 Android activations.

      • PhillipCun

        Samsung has financially backed Bada and Tizen….

        • Dave

          I really don’t know what that means….sorry.

          • trwb

            Bada is like Touchwiz only crappier. Tizen is like iOS only crappier. I don’t see many people using Tizen in the near future, when they can just buy an Apple or Android device.

          • Aaron17Watson17

            Ah im sick of this. Samsung doesnt own tizen. It a huge backer but there are other s giants like intel. Why do people its all samsung made. Jeez

          • Trey Mitchell

            they don’t own tizen they DID own bada though which is now being integrated in to tizen so I can see where people are confused.

        • trwb

          Which are both lackluster OSs from what I have seen

        • Bada is being canned and integrated into Tizen anyway.