LG Teases MWC Unveiling With “Unlimited Possibilities”

lg mwc teaser

Yesterday, LG took to Facebook to tease their next mobile product in the most vague and generic of ways. In fact, all the teaser image said was “New series will be unveiled,” only they forgot to mention a where, when, or what. Well, they finished off the teaser today by posting up a new video to YouTube that confirms it will be a product unveiling at MWC later this month.  (more…)

Intel to Show Off Dual-Core Atom Z2420 Processors at This Year’s MWC

Intel Inside

Watch out, folks, Intel is bringing their A game to MWC in Barcelona later this month. According to a press release, we can look forward to the Intel showing off their new dual-core Atom Z2420 processors for smartphones running Android. As far as specs on the chips, there is not much to speculate on yet. Intel previously launched the RAZR i with Motorola, but we haven’t heard much about that device since its initial launch.

Can we expect Intel to be able to compete with Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Samsung going into 2013?

Via: Pocket Now | Intel

More Galaxy Note 8.0 Photos Leak, Show Off Home Button and Phone Capabilities?


More pictures of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 have leaked, but so far they are leaving us with more questions than we had before. Mainly, where does this device fit in with the Note 10.1, Note 2 and the Galaxy Tab series? Shouldn’t the upcoming 7″ Tab 3 be enough? Another question: Samsung, do you really expect anyone to use this as a phone? It does have a telephone app in the bottom left corner, so try holding this to your ear and not getting made fun of. (more…)