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Chrome for Android Updated, Improved Scrolling Performance and Pinch-to-Zoom

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The official Chrome for Android app received an update in Google Play moments ago, bringing a nice list of improvements. According to the changelog, they have improved scrolling performance, increased responsiveness to pinch-to-zoom, faster interactive pages, and expanded support for HTML5 features. 

Updates in this version of Chrome for Android include:

  • Improved scrolling performance
  • Increased responsiveness to pinch-zooming on pages
  • Faster interactive pages thanks to the latest version of the V8 javascript engine
  • Audio now continues to play while Chrome is in the background
  • Expanded support for HTML5 features
  • Audio playing in Chrome will now pause when the phone is in use. This requires an additional permission.

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Cheers Dustin!

  • cruzfl0w

    Horrible and laggy. I keep trying to love it but I always go back to my stock browser. Running on my verizon GS3 android version 4.2.2 liquid smooth. I hope Google can deliver.

  • Steve

    Is there a home button yet? If no, not interested.

  • Bryan Keller

    It’s has smooth scrolling on my brother’s iPhone for months. Why are we just getting this? It’s Google’s own platform…

  • DRaY

    Can Google implement that double tap single finger zoom from Google maps into more applications … Pinch to zoom is crap.

    • Daniel Richardson

      I was just about to say the same thing.. I love that feature in Maps and adding it to Chrome only makes sense..

  • Joe

    Does Chrome have keyboard shortcuts when connected an external keyboard to a tablet?

    • Chris

      Like what? On my ASUS TF300 I can use “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V” to copy and paste, and also “Ctrl+F” has worked for me to find something. Let me know what else you mean and I could test it for you!

  • TheDrunkenClam

    The bookmarks widget STILL does not display the thumbnail screenshots of the page. Why Google, why?

  • Does anybody know how I can send suggestions to google directly? I think this MYO Gesture device would be perfect for Google glass

  • Radgatt

    The bold text will take some getting used to.

  • ZT

    As long as it doesn’t remember the zoom level on every page load, I will not use this. This is such a basic feature that’s present on the stock browser.

  • huskerhog

    Does this update to the level of Chrome beta?

  • NyReynolds

    When is it getting quick controls?

  • Lunkman

    Anyone else have all of their bookmark icons shrink on their Nexus 7?

  • Chris King

    Wish they’d steal dolphin ui and desktop switcher

  • coolsilver

    I just wish for extensions so I can have lastpass.

    • michael arazan

      I wish they had a lot of the same options that they have for the Desktop version. I’d like extensions and also Flash built in also, one of the top 5 feature’s of Android when it cam out was the ability to have Flash. They need to include it just like Dektop. Phones are powerful enough to run the Desktop Versions now or at least a watered down version, would like them to do that.

      • Jon

        Meh…let flash die. I’ve had a far better experience with setting the user agent of the browser to iPad, and enjoying HTML 5 videos. Runs way smoother than flash ever did on any Android device.

        • Steve

          As soon as my needed flash sites switch over..

  • Shane Redman

    Still using the old stock browser

  • Lakerzz

    Did it get text reflow yet?

  • joejoe5709

    **Insert Standard No-Full Screen/Quick Controls Comment Here** Seriously though… it’s truly the only thing keeping me from Chrome.

  • I was pretty excited to see that Chrome audio can now play in the background (I stream some music from bandcamp.com), but streaming audio seems to keep the screen awake when in the background or foreground. Keep this in mind if you intend to use Chrome in the same way.

  • morbidz

    Sunspider went down 200+ points for me to ~890ms. (Note2)

  • Yay for Chrome. What a great birthday present. You know what would be an even better birthday present? Winning the Nexus 7 in the contest above!!!

    • JBartcaps

      I see what you did there

      • I lost. I’m beginning to think that DL just gives stuff away to all their buddies.

  • Greig Fields

    Later version than the beta…

  • wakefinance

    Scrolling seems much more stuttery for me on the gnex. On the other hand text is bolder. You win some, you lose some.

    • Mark Mann

      that’s the improved scrolling…;)

    • J H

      Yeah, I agree scrolling seems more choppy for me on my nexus 4 – 4.2.2

    • Diablo81588

      Agreed. Scrolling and general performance have gotten worse.. C’mon google! Love the layout and features, hate the performance..

  • Greg

    Damn peeps, where’s “full-page” functionality?? It is literally the ONLY thing left that my DNA’s stock browser has over Chrome!

    • Lakerzz

      And auto text reflow…or just text reflow period!!

  • I like to be on the edge of Chrome releases to get my hands on new features, but I haven’t been able to get into Android Chrome Beta. I have tried to use it a couple of times but it seems to be behind the stable version as far as features go. It is/was missing long press to open links in new windows etc last time I used it. I expect beta to be buggy, but I also expect it’s development of features to be further along than stable.

    • Mike Petty

      I use the long press feature to open as new tabs continually in the beta….

      • I’ll have to check again. The last time I used it, maybe a week ago, it would not work, no menu would appear on long press.

  • But no lag fix when first opening….grrr

    • It flies on my N4. /shrug

      • JBartcaps

        When it’s connected to WiFi lol. Just playing