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Sergey Brin’s Wife Shows Up to Oscars Party Wearing Google Glass, Chats With Paparazzi

A tech-minded TMZ paparazzi hanging around a pre-Oscar party noticed one of the guests wearing Google Glass and managed to grab a few minutes of her time. During the short clip, the pap gushes about the tech, and how he “just heard about this today” and that “it’s the newest invention.” He then drops a “I don’t know who you are, I apologize,” to which the guest replies, “That’s OK.” It turns out that the woman was Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin. 

The quick interview is interesting in that Anne shows off the tech, while also poking fun at the paparazzi because her ability to snap photos is much easier than theirs, saying they can go “head-to-head.” She also mentions that they need a camera for their work, while she is able to record video through her Google Glass with ease.

The pap also asked her how much they cost and when they were coming out, which we now know the answers to. Google told The Verge that they would retail for less than $1500 and could arrive some time later this year.

Quick, someone bring up privacy.


Via:  TMZ

Cheers Mike!

  • She kinda reminded me of 7 of 9 from star trek, I think it was the vacant stare every so often.

  • FYI “Paparazzi” is plural. The singular is “Paparazzo” named after a character in the 1960 Italian film La Dolce Vita.

  • john

    the idea of glasses of this sort being popular is so far in the future. nobody wants to be recorded or think they are being recorded just by talking to someone with these things on. everyone on here said how dumb talking to your phone was with siri so why isn’t this just as dumb?

  • Spencer

    This paparazzi dude was trying to talk over her. Wish he would have kept his cool instead of wettings his pants at the sight of Google Glass.

  • Shane Redman

    Now imagine a world where TMZ had GoogleGlass….

  • Joe

    Looks stupid. Like putting a tablet to your ear as a phone.

    • Like, Ya

      Ya. I guess the Trekky nerd look is in. Sigh, the things pop culture finds trendy. Keeps changing all the time. Who knows, maybe this Geordi La Forge glasses will become “super in” then all of a sudden it’s “super out.”

  • EC8CH

    Too bad paparazzi didn’t have his own Google Glass.

    Then he wouldn’t have had to apologize for not knowing who she was. Glass would have used facial recognition to bring up her Google + page, credit score, web browsing history, etc etc….

    Did I bring up privacy right?

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Ya know, now that I think about it, I bet a lot of people would actually be uncomfortable with this, not so much the person using it but the people on the other end. It makes allot of people uncomfortable knowing that they are “or could be” being recorded.

    • itznfb

      You’re constantly being recorded when you’re in public anyway.

  • I never thought I would see TMZ on droid-life…

  • Droidzilla

    I’m getting more and more excited for Glass. I needs me a scouter!

  • Warwick

    Was wondering if they would make these like the Dragonball Z power readers. OVER 9000!

    • Sirx

      Yeah, if it can’t show me the ki-levels of everyone around me, then this is dead to me.

      Power Levels of my Opponents or GTFO.

  • BillySkerry


  • Sergey is a lucky dude 😛

    • KleenDroid

      What money will buy 🙂

      • Sergey’s also a really, really nice guy. I’ve shared many dinners with him and he’s just plain fun to be around — billions of dollars or not. If he was a billionaire without the personality, I don’t think any of us would be impressed by the types of girls that would be interested in him.

        • epps720

          Are you kidding! Even if he was a total douche I’m sure he (and his wallet) would still get a really hot girl, and we would ALL be very impressed.

  • It was kind of funny when the reporter was asking her questions, and she was busy talking to her glasses. That’s our future, folks!

    On a side note, this is probably the most interesting thing TMZ has ever done.

    • It really is…and that’s kind of scary.

      Did anyone else notice the blank, death stare she was giving to the camera when it zoomed in as she was trying to focus on the Google Glass screen. Creepy.

      • I was really thinking that was more due to the fact that she wasn’t too thrilled to be talking to the paparazzi about Glass. She was kinda grabbed in the middle of what she was doing.

        Also when it comes to her speaking over him while talking to glass he was speaking pretty excitedly. It’s more so, from my perspective, that he’s a paparazzi. He’s used to having to talk quickly, and over what people are saying while trying to get a story out of celebrities, etc..

        Then again.. he would also know whatever they say, you want on record. Not to talk over them..

        I dunno I’m just trying my best not to nit-pick problems from it…. Though that is bias coming out..

      • epps720

        Did you also notice how she kept on tapping the side of the headset. Not sure if she was just trying to concentrate on it or if that was some type of control for glass.

        • George264

          or the old fashioned “sh*t this damn thing won’t work, kick it”

        • The side of Glass, where she kept touching, is a touch sensitive area. It detects swipes for minor menu control.

  • moe6

    Honestly I wouldn’t recognise her either but this pap will never live it down 😀

    • I wouldn’t either, but you would have figured that someone around would have known who she was. Guess she’s not Hollywood enough heh.

      • Symbiotx

        If only they had Google glass to automatically identify her!

  • Marketing 101 – How to get the Hype started

    • Right?! Whether this was staged or not, it was a genius move.