Secret Google Barge in SF Bay to be “Invite Only” Retail Space, Not Data Center

Google barge

If you have been following the news surrounding a mysterious Google barge that has been constructed near Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, then you will know that no one has been able to quite put their finger on what exactly it is. Early reports suggested it was going to be a secretive data center, but now thanks to a “confirmed” source of CBS, the barge is to be used for an “invite only” retail space – complete with a luxurious party deck and exclusive Google X division showrooms.  (more…)

Googlers Turn Sergey Brin’s Tesla Into a Pink Batmobile With Eye Lashes for April Fools’

pink tesla2

April Fools’ Day has already passed (thankfully) this year, but the pranks are apparently still living on at Google’s campus. As can be seen in the photo above, Sergey Brin’s Tesla was given quite the makeover at the beginning of this week by his co-workers. Since this photo was taken yesterday by Forbes writer Ryan Mac, I’d say Brin is either warming up to the new look or too busy building Glass to worry about it.

Yes, it’s completely wrapped in pink. And indeed those are eye lashes on the front headlights. If you look closely enough, you can even see flames on the mirrors as well. According to Yahoo’s Motoramic, Brin has become nicknamed “Batman” by close friends, hence the logo on the hood and Batmobile-esque wings toward the rear. Last, but not least, check out the Chrome logos on his chrome two-spokes. Yikes.

One more photo below. (more…)

Sergey Brin’s Wife Shows Up to Oscars Party Wearing Google Glass, Chats With Paparazzi

A tech-minded TMZ paparazzi hanging around a pre-Oscar party noticed one of the guests wearing Google Glass and managed to grab a few minutes of her time. During the short clip, the pap gushes about the tech, and how he “just heard about this today” and that “it’s the newest invention.” He then drops a “I don’t know who you are, I apologize,” to which the guest replies, “That’s OK.” It turns out that the woman was Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin.  (more…)

Sergey Brin and Google Glass Stop by to Talk With the Wall Street Journal

Since Google I/O, we haven’t heard much about Google Glass, the eyewear computing project that Google co-founder Sergey Brin is heading. The most recent sighting was at New York Fashion Week, but no new details of availability or functionality came out of it. We did learn a couple of new things about the future of Glass today, thanks to a sit down between Brin and the Wall Street Journal