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Google Introduces Google+ Sign-in for Google Play Services, Over-the-Air App Installs From Websites, and More

google plus signin

Google announced Google Play services v3.0 this morning, which includes new Google+ sign-in as an option similar to what you see in current apps with Facebook and Twitter. If developers choose to allow you to sign-in with G+, Google claims that you get to take all of your info with you (like your public profile, and the people in your circles) and enjoy an “upgraded experience”  that would welcome you by name, display your picture, connect you with friends. 

The new Google Play services also gives developers or website owners the power to embed Google Play links into their sites, so that users can download and install apps over-the-air without actually leaving the site behind. Over-the-air installs have been around for a while through the web version of the Google Play store, so taking those to external websites seems to make perfect sense.


Outside of Google+ integration, Google released a new Maps API v2 which includes fixes for more than 20 bugs, including half of the top issues filed in the API issue tracker. The new Maps API supports new map shapes like circles, anti-clockwise polygons, and improvements to map rendering as well.

Via:  Android Developers

  • coolsilver

    I’m almost starting to hate being tied to a “Social” profile. Especially tired of ones that REQUIRE you to share an actual name.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    I’m actually excited about this one… if i can get away form using my facebook login on those apps, this is great! go G+!

  • Eric Richardson

    You guys need an app that takes advantage of this.

    Made by me, preferably.

  • Bionic_Pags

    I wish Google would concentrate more on a complete cloud service, rather than shoving this Google+ down my throat. I am not interested in sharing all of my information with 500 “friends”. if i was, i would use facebook. I don’t understand why they are forcing everyone to join this, when some of us are only interested in a complete cloud service to privately store docs, photos, videos, and everything else on your phone, tablet, and laptop without having to announce every step you make to the world. Just give me an Android/Google Cloud that lets me take my life with me everywhere i go seamlessly, without having to sign in and use 6 different accounts in order to accomplish that. – Rant Over.

    • Jon Lambert

      6 different accounts? I’ve only ever used one. Are you asking for an auto-sync of Google Drive files or something?

      • Bionic_Pags

        Yes, Auto-Sync would be huge… plus i’ve had android since the OG, so i’ve been storing pics on Picasa, Video on You Tube, Docs on Google Drive, etc… I find it pretty unorganized and annoying… i would just like a single “Google Cloud” to take care of all of this and have Auto-Sync… Plus apps that are compatible with all devices to download with user data onto new devices if one chooses. Seamless integration on all devices… With a single cloud server all of this would be possible.

        • Seth Schorr

          Maybe I am missing something, but why don’t you just put all your pics, vids and docs on Google Drive? Wouldn’t that be your “Google Cloud”?

    • JMonkeYJ

      i totally agree. imagine if Drive was really your Google Filesystem, so you could see your emails (and clicking them would launch GMail), your Picasa/Google+ pictures, your Google Music files, etc., etc. that would be amazing!

    • anon

      Sounds like you want iCloud.

      • Bionic_Pags

        Don’t you put that evil on me! But seriously, if ICloud does do all that (i’m not too familiar with it) it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing to have something like that on Android too. Except for all the lawsuits 🙂

        • anon

          iCloud does what you are looking for, seamless (most of the time) data sync between your devices only. Nothing is shared externally unless you specifically do it. It actually works really well despite what some people around here will claim.

  • Anon

    This “upgraded experience ” wouldn’t include a free erosion of my privacy, would it?

    • Of course. That’s the Internet way. You can’t make money off of people letting them remain completely private! 😉

  • Kevin Bojarski

    So now we get even more requests to install a website’s app when we visit?

  • ice456789

    Next story had better be about dashclock.

  • JDHokie

    Anti-clockwise polygons. Finally!

    • Joe Mihalich