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DashClock Extensions: The “Best of” List

dashclock extensions

Over the last couple of weeks, DashClock has quickly become one of the most talked about Android apps of the last year. Developed by Android engineer Roman Nurik, the app takes the simplicity of the stock Android lock screen clock and then expands its capabilities by allowing it to display all sorts of information through DashClock Extensions. The brilliance of the app comes by way of being open source, which allows other developers to create extensions of their apps that work within DashClock. 

For example, in the picture above, you can see that I have added an extension that displays my battery status at all times. I also have extensions that shows me Google Voice messages that I have yet to check and unread counts of Tweets in Falcon Pro, . There are Facebook and Twitter extensions, ones for standard text messaging, all sorts for accomplishing tasks, and even some that allow you to launch any app of your choosing.

The extensions are being released by the day, so we thought we’d do our best to capture them in a rolling post.


  • Sound Search:  App launches Google Sound Search to help you find music currently playing. [Play Link]
  • NowPlaying:  Shows currently playing track from a number of popular music apps. [Play Link]
  • Music:  Shows the currently playing track, album, and artist. Works w/ a variety of music apps. [Play Link]
  • TV Show Favs:  Shows upcoming or recent episodes, or the next unwatched episode. [Play Link]



  • Press:  Shows you unread counts for articles from your feeds. [Play Link]
  • RSS Viewer:  Add any RSS feed to DashCock. [Play Link]
  • Deer Reader:  Displays unread count from articles in your feeds. [Play Link]



  • Google Talk:  Shows number of new messages received in Google Talk. [Play Link]
  • Facebook:  Displays how many Facebook notifications you have. [Play Link]
  • Plume:  Lets you see the count of unreads tweets in Plume. [Play Link]
  • Falcon Pro:  Displays unread count of Tweets, mentions, and direct messages. [Play Link]
  • QuickTweets:  Shows latest Tweets and direct messages received. [Play Link]
  • WhatsApp:  Shows number of new messages, expande view with details. [Play Link]


  • PushBullet:  Shows the number of pushes along with a preview of your most recent push. [Play Link]
  • Battery Extension: Shows battery charging level, state, time on battery or charging and more. [Play Link]
  • App Launcher:  Provides an easy way to launch any application right away from your lock screen. [Play Link]
  • Tasks (NoNonsense Notes):  Pairs with NoNonsense Notes to show you today’s tasks. [Play Link]
  • K-9 Unread:  Shows unread count from K-9 mail client. [Play Link]
  • Sunrise Extension:  Shows sunset and sunrise times for your current location. [Play Link]
  • AnyDash:  Shows notifications from any app of your choosing. [Play Link]
  • Extensioner:  Allows you to create your own extensions. [Play Link]
  • WorldClock:  Shows time in another city anywhere in the world. [Play Link]
  • Any.Do:  Displays tasks due for today. [Play Link]


  • Eye in the Sky:  One of the best weather apps, now has a DashClock extension. [Play Link]
  • Weather Alerts:  Displays weather watches, warnings, and advisories for your current location.[Play Link]

Found any others that we should list?

We’ll continue to update this list over time. Last update April 22, 2013.

  • spectrl

    I’ve made a torch/flashlight extension for DashClock, called DashLight. (It also has a customisable widget, and an app…)https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spectrl.DashLight

  • Jeremy Frank

    You totally forgot Any.do and SeriesGuide beta (one of the first apps I found that had native DashClock support)

  • Kushan Jayatilleke

    I just added a DashClock extension for my weather app Arcus. Uses forecast.io for super accurate weather predictions. Get it here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arcusweather.darksky

  • Christopher Hutton

    Cliffhanger has built in dashclock support.

  • Droidão

    DashClock Notes and Power Lock should be on the list.

  • is the gTalk ext. working for anyone?

  • Eipee
  • Andrew Olson

    Does anyone know of a kik messenger dashclock extension?

  • Nna

    Will this ever be available for the Galaxy S3

  • MoLo16

    My task management app Do It! just got updated to add support for DashClock as well. It shows you the number of tasks that are due today.


  • DanSan

    im totally running out of room on my screen with all these extensions..

  • Pushover just added a Dashclock extension to their app.

  • Sonos Widget Pro by Freddroid https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.freddroid.sonos.pro includes a extension to display ‘Now playing’ metadata for a Sonos device.

  • Realist

    can some one tell me whats makes android/google phones so much better over iOS??? a jailbroken iphone is the best phone in the world. How great is it REALLY to be going from rom to rom? If it REALLY was that great you wouldn’t be switching all the time right? Can a rooted device download videos/music from YouTube? Could a rooted device download songs from pandora and give you unlimited skips? the ONLY thing they have an advantage on is screen size. im not gonna lie and say i dont wish the iphones screen was bigger but thats it. i had the Galaxy Nexus on verizon for over a year and i liked it(i have unlimited data and love it with free tethering). i rooted it and customized it up the wazzu and whatnot but i was never satisfied with it. it couldnt give me the options a jailbroken iphone gives me. I’m not an apple fanboy either. im just a realist.

    IF someone can give me any reasons why they think a google/android device is better then a jailbroken iphone id like to hear them? customizing isnt all that great. live wallpapers arent really that great cause they drain battery…and ive never come across a better battery then the iphones either. galaxy s3 isnt that great of a phone either neither is the note 2….who wants a device that big on there ear? you look like those fools that wear sunglasses at night

    • DanSan

      Difference is…

      you NEED to jailbreak your phone to do all that stuff. Aside from apps that need root permissions and flashing roms, you can do 1000000000000x’s more stuff than your cookie cutter iphone can do without rooting. Also, we don’t flash roms because they suck… Roms are like ice cream flavors, i flash them to try them all out. Yes some may taste weird or look funny but part of the fun is trying new things. Everything aside, enjoy your isheep device mr. realist where you are FORCED to hack your phone to customize it. no thank you.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      I understand where you are coming from. I am a fan of the iPhone as well. Love my Android and my Android phones, but I do see an appreciate the benefits of an iPhone. @disqus_jOhRUMnekW:disqus is right. Most of the stuff that you are jailbreaking your iPhone to be able to do, we can do with Android without having to resort to unlocking the device. Android also offers a significant amount a variety. I can get a phone that looks almost anyway I want it to look. If I want different icons or a different set up, I can change it at a moments notice. I can make my phone look like any other phone or computer I want. Whatever my person style dictates. That goes for hardware and software as well. I can add and remove content (songs & videos) from my phone at a moments notice via ANY computer or I can delete and download anything I want right from my device. Again all without jailbreaking. I can add any app I want to my device, whether it’s in the app store or not.

      As far as flashing roms goes… there are a lot of reasons to flash and keep flashing. I know as a serial flasher that most of the time I am just flashing to see what else is out there. Or what separates this rom from that one. It allows me to be able to experience everything and find out which one suits me best. I’m not forced into a one size fits all kind of experience. There are features that certain roms have that others don’t. CyanogenMod, for example is one of the most stable roms around, however it doesn’t offer a lot of added features that you get in a Carbon rom or AOKP. Outside of brand new roms from brand new developers or roms that are ported from other devices most roms work and work well enough to be daily drivers.

  • dylan84

    Just flashed the newest AOKP 4.2.2 build (MR1 Build 4). One of the biggest reasons was lockscreen widgets. Specifically, I wanted Dash Clock. Loving this app so much and will definitely keep up with this list.

  • I’m running Shiny 4.2.2 ROM — which is mostly a stock AOSP ROM and the thing that bugs me about DashClock is that it doesn’t run full screen on the default lockscreen. Yes I’m aware other custom ROMS (CM) may enable this feature, but it doesn’t run by default. I’m frankly surprised by the amount of press this app garners b/c of this limitation. It’s nice and all, but is it really all that great??! Just sayin

    • i actually like the swiping it down i have my batt on top and then falcon msgs etc below. there if i want to just check them and hiding when it isnt.

  • Nate

    I wish it didn’t have that constant “settings” button on the lockscreen. Only thing keeping me from loving this.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Yea, I agree with you. It would look much better with a real app to adjust the settings. But I can’t lie, its awesome to be able to adjust your DashClock on the fly

    • In the settings menu, Go to advanced, select “hide settings button”

  • Jacob Kellenbenz Dupont

    I really would like a link to the wallpaper that keeps being shown . if anyone can help thanks

  • 2sharks

    If anyone is into meal planning I’ve added a DC extension to mine. Find it here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.doors.sliding.amp

  • What about the Fortune Extension?

  • Drome

    does any one else feel like dash clock is causing wake locks? my battery life seems negatively affected when adding extensions to it.

    • i was checking for that too, the dash clock updates only when the screen is on, i had 3 partials from other apps. check your running and cached apps and if the offender isnt obvious run any of the batt monitors. i set mine to since last screen off, and look at wake lock and partial wake locks and i put my phone to sleep using ‘go to sleep’ button on the current PA rom on GNex.

      • Raven

        What app do you use for looking for wakes and determining what is causing them?

        • BetterBatteryStats is the one i am currently using. turn it on and forget about it. now if you have the option to “go to sleep’ use it because some roms sleep differently and then you can look at partial and full wakes and do as you will with the apps.

  • Edward Bixler

    Is there a way to make the lock screen full screen constantly so the lock is on the bottom with a stock ROM? I would love to use Dashclock, but it only shows me the bare minimum info since the lock is getting in the way.

    • You can do this on CM10.1, but you’re obviously not running it since you’re saying that you’re running stock ROM. I’m assuming you’re running stock AOSP (Nexus phone)? Take a look over at XDA and see if there’s a mod or something that will give you this option whilst running stock ROM. I doubt it, but you never know.

    • Custom ROMs only.

      • I’m on AOKP and I don’t see any option of maximizing lockscreen widgets by default. And I wonder whatever happened to unlocker ring targets??

        • Mack

          Haha switch to CM man. Custom ring targets are still there and yes default maximizing of lock screen widgets.

        • Michael

          There is an option in build 3 in the lock screen section

          • I’m on build 4. No such options.
            ROM control > Lockscreen has these options –
            Quick PIN unlock, text color, battery %, hide page hint, carousel, volume wake, volume music control, lockscreen rotation, allow all widget, unlimited widgets.

            No “maximize widgets”.

          • Clark White

            Rom Control –> Lockscreen Options –> Minimize Lockscreen Challenge. Check that.

            I had to look for it myself. 🙂

          • That option is not there. AOKP build 4.

    • i like swiping down, i have my batt stats visible and msgs tweets etc hidden unless im expecting something. running PA w/o notif bars it gives it a clean look and isnt inviting a snooper, but then again i dont get those kinds of emails/texts.

  • John Burke

    Love AnyDash

  • ShadrachCA

    I really want to love DashClock (and I do), but the OS-level implementation of lockscreen widgets makes me frustrated to the point that using it is not enjoyable. Either the widget is minimized and you can’t see anything, or I default to the widget being maximized (using a setting in CM 10.1) and unlocking becomes a two-stage process. Anyone figured out a better way? I’d love to use DC but I want to be able to unlock with a single swipe.

    • My thoughts exactly. Right now, widgetLocker is the only solution for this, I guess.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      On CM 10.1 you can tap and hold the lock to unlock the screen when you have widgets expanded.

  • fartbubbler

    I love that purplish-blue wallpaper. can you post a link to that please?

  • I wish someone would get a 4.2 ROM working for my phone :c

  • justaddh3o

    Why is this incompatible with my GS3 on Verizon?

    • DashClock requires 4.2+

    • palomosan

      Because you’re not running Android 4.2, you’re probably running 4.1.2.

      • justaddh3o

        Ah, thanks. I’m on a CM10.0 monthly, not 10.1

  • C-Law

    I’ve been meaning to ask, where’d you get that wallpaper Kellex? I like it

    • Serf33

      I believe it is in Kovdev’s Lustre Icon pack

  • SeriesGuide Beta and Cliffhanger both have DashClock support for TV shows 🙂

    • Christopher Wood

      Came here to tip my hat to Cliffhanger as well 🙂

  • Dave Goldstein

    Wunderlist 2 supports it in the latest release

  • Rodeojones000

    I want to like Dash Clock, I really do. Everytime DL posts something regarding the app I download it and give it a try. But I can’t get past how ugly it looks on my phone or tablet. I know it’s a matter of opinion, and I’m glad so many like it and are excited for all the new extensions, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

    • zionlion

      See, now this is how you write a comment that might differ from the norm, still state your opinion in a clear way, and not flame or troll people in doing it. We CAN be nice to each other! Nicely said! lol

      • KOBALT

        You don’t have to be a dick about it. Jeez.

        • haha. at one point i did agree with Rodeojones000. I liked the fonts setup and all that jazz, but i seriously disliked (and still do) the off center clock and date on the phone (looks fine on Nexus 7)
          I just wish he would add an option to hide all extensions until expanded…or have it to where only certain ones will show on default (like a missed SMS/Gtalk) and have weather and battery only show in expanded and have the clock centered.
          that is my only complaint/wish

  • Cloud SMS has an extension

  • anydash is a little broken on my nexus s, luckily they do push updates

  • JetBlue

    Just need a widget that can go on your homescreen so I can use it on 4.1 since I don’t want to lose the S-Pen or Multi Window on my Note 2

  • Mack

    Love DashClock, although I am a bit surprised that battery and stock email extensions aren’t built in.

    • michael arazan

      Wish I had 4.2 so I could try it out.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        CM 10.1

      • Yep, I’m currently running PACman ROM aka 3 in 1 ROM. It has AOKP, CM10.1 and Paranoid Android into 1 single ROM, and it’s 4.2.2 (duhh) and it works just fine. Try it if it’s available for your device 😀

        P/S I’m running it on my Note II 🙂

  • Eric Richardson

    Any.Do also has an extension built into their app.

    • Ahh yes, beautiful lil Any.Do. Added.