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Google Intros Gmail Search Field Trial, Like Google Now for Your Email

Gmail Search

Today, Google announced a brand new trial for their Gmail users. Starting now, users can opt in to a Search Field Trial, which brings all of your personal data right into your Google search bar and end results. For example, much like Google Now, when you have important info such as shipping information or flight information, you can search for these personal things right through Google’s search box and even through their main Google search site, as long as you’re signed into your account. 

My flights

Beyond that, your email’s search bar will also show results for receipts saved in your account, files from your Google Drive account, saved sports events, and much more.

This new feature is for non-Google App account users, so if you have a regular Gmail email address, go get it! To access it, I simply started a search inquiry in the top bar inside Gmail and it prompted me to enter the trial.


Cheers Zach!

  • K. Nelson

    I’m not going to be happy until Google puts in partial text matches! So, if my cousin Jonathan sends me an email I can just type “jon”. Doesn’t this drive anyone else crazy?

  • For other users like me that do not get the opt-in option automatically, go to this site. You can sign up here: https://www.google.com/experimental/gmailfieldtrial

  • wickets

    thanks for the heads up

  • Been using it for a couple months now

  • Ryuuie

    I’ve been in the trial for this for quite a while now.

  • S2556

    Off topic but my Gmail account is different than my android google account which is different than my google+ account. Does any one know how to merge accounts? This has been driving me crazy for a long time now and havent found a solution. (also any way to transfer paid apps from old android account to the new one?)

  • Dave

    Is there pinch to zoom yet?

    • Radgatt


      • Dave

        I’m running JB4.1.1 with Gmail version 4.2.1 and am unable to zoom besides once by double tapping. Any ideas?

  • sahilm

    I think this has been around for a while.

    Here’s the article from The Verge: http://www.theverge.com/2012/8/8/3228169/google-search-gmail-integration-field-trial-begins

    (Note that the search for “my flights” shows flight confirmation).

    • Indeed quite an old feature.

      • SaschaBogues

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    • No fair! Just got mine 🙁

  • Malcolm James II

    Not sure how, but I actually got this invite a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. Love it

  • KleenDroid


    • Justin Barrett

      Gotta love this guy.