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Motorola X Phone Said to be a “Game Changer” With Software Never Seen Before in a Phone

motorola x phone1

Oh that Motorola X Phone, it’s hypebeastability has somehow evaded us over the last couple of weeks even though it’s the most anticipated phone of the last year. After the wild rumor surfaced suggesting that it would be available on all carriers as well as the Play store for an insanely low price, we were thirstier than ever for more info. But then once Motorola either trolled us all or slipped up completely by listing a job opportunity for a director of product management for the X Phone team, we haven’t heard much. Well, until now, thanks to a rumor out of Australian electronics site, SmartHouse.Β 

According to sources of theirs, who claim to have spoken with Telstra CTO Hugh Bradlow on the matter, the X Phone will be a “game changer.” It’s supposed to be a “real breakthrough” that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple, something no one in the smartphone industry has done in a couple of years.

What sounds most intriguing, is the mention of Google having worked on this device for a “long time,” so that they could pack in software features and capabilities that are not available on Samsung Galaxy phones or the iPhone. This new software “pulls together Google services like no other manufacturer has done in the past.”

Their sources also claim that the phone will be unveiled in May at Google I/O and will then hit retail shelves in July. This matches up to previous rumors.

Brainstorming software that has never been seen before sounds like an impossible task, so I’m not going to even attempt it. What I will do, is start counting the days to I/O, in hopes that Google pulls out the device we have all been waiting for.


Via: Β SmartHouse

  • Rodeojones000

    Forgive me for being the proverbial turd in the punch bowl here, but it was two years ago that we were all crazy excited for a rumored Motorola phone whose details were, at best, all speculation. That phone was the Bionic. I’m excited for the possibilities the X phones offers, but I’m taking a “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach to the situation.

    • Bionic

      Google did not own motorola at the time

    • KleenDroid

      And every phone as locked down as the last. They gave up after the OG.

    • hkklife

      I would take a Moto Bionic right NOW over any other VZW device released in 2011 (remember, RAZR Maxx was an early 2012 release). Especially if I had to leave it in stock form. GNex has no official support, crap radios, hideous battery life, build quality, and camera. RAZR has an undersized battery and is unconfortable to hold. Bionic is built like a tank, has expandable storage, removable battery and great radios, and is still slated to officially receive JB.

      All that said, the Jha regime really soured me on Moto but if the X phone is anything like the rumors are saying, I’ll do anything humanly possible to dump my S3 and go back to Moto.

      • hyperbolee

        I wouldn’t have agreed with your GNex assessment as of 2 weeks ago… but now after having a Note 2 I can’t believe how unbelievably terrible the Radios and Battery life were on that Gnex in retrospect. I wouldn’t say the build quality is bad, but it’s far behind the Note 2.

    • niuguy

      It must be blue punch.

  • Jon

    I don’t see how the hardware is going to be ground breaking. That leaves software. Hmm…

  • steveliv

    LTE? Verizon? That’s what i want to know…

    • Bionic

      All carriers

    • HotRodJohnson

      If they can make a phone that is updated independent of the carrier (like say an iPhone), than that is already an improvement.

  • Bionic

    Exactly what I’ve been telling you guys. How long was I saying google io unveil with the July release?

    This phone will rock your world.

    • zwade

      Says the guy named, “Bionic,” lol

  • X Gon’ Give It Ya! -DMX pretty much sums up this phone… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPRd892li3g

  • aplh8r

    Its so gamechanging, it won’t even come with bloatware!!! Lookout!

    • Droidzilla

      But it will come with Lookout?

  • Pedro

    It would have to be to the moon, awesome, for me to wait that long. I’ll probably end up going with HTC M7, or Legend 5, or, even the Samsung S4, whichever comes out first, or near first, if it’s within a week or so. I just can’t see waiting till July, that would be torture!!

  • droidarmy

    This will be amazing…

  • Waaaiit … they are going to release a phone that is going to be a game changer .. Whooa !! What a novel concept *MIND BLOWN*


    All of this hype reminds me of the reports leading up to the Bionic. Let’s hope it is a better effort!

    • Jon

      Oh I remember my time with the Bionic. A great phone released like 6 months too late.

      • ERIC REED

        And I remember my first one couldn’t hold a data connection and then I got it replaced and the second one was just as bad!

        • hkklife

          Ever since ICS, Bionic is a rock-solid device. No more data drops, less lag, no more random reboots, camera still sucks but is snappier, and ICS Web top is phenomenal.

          • ERIC REED

            Glad you hung in there…I bailed early!!

        • Sounds like my Galaxy Nexus. And I sold my Bionic to get the Nexus.

          • ERIC REED

            I had the Thunderbolt and went to the Bionic. That was two terrible phones in a row, so I went to the dark side.

  • Oh gawd, please let me have it… Let this dream be real

  • Boioioioioioinnnngggggg…

  • tyguy829

    The new software has to be an on-screen verizon home button.

    • Austin Warren

      and Verizon ads that play every time your turn it on. /s

      • Jarred Sutherland

        With a Verizon employee that turns you over and shakes out the loose change from your pockets. Oh wait … they already do that. πŸ™

        • Austin Warren

          Verizon employees remind me of the Dementors. Suck the soul right out of you.

          • Corey Foltman

            reasons why last week i cut the verizon contract and went prepaid.

          • anthony jones

            which prepaid company u go with?

          • Corey Foltman

            Net10. I’m on a cheap Samsung crackberry till I buy a Nexus.

          • * Verizon executives

            Also, can’t help but be reminded of http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lf6k2d0jL11qadsjio1_500.png

          • EvanTheGamer


        • Cowboydroid

          Who in the world is down-voting this?

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Verizon CEOs with hurting pockets πŸ˜‰

          • David Narada Brown

            Just a few idiots, thats all.

      • Eric Richardson

        That’s already been done.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        Even on a TMo version. Now THAT’S innovation!

    • Bassdj

      This literally made my day

    • Out of curiosity, just what carrier do all of you people who bitch and whine about Verizon constantly think is so much better? And why, EXACTLY? I mean really, is it a stupid logo that has your panties all bunched up?

      • Thomas

        Not the point Jeff, The wireless system has us by our balls and we keep feeding into it. I am so tempted to back to tracfone and only play with my RAZR around wi-fi!

        • snowblind64

          I got a Nexus 4 and switched to the T- Mobile $30 prepaid plan. I’ll miss the coverage and LTE but honestly data speeds and coverage are pretty good on Tmo in my area. I get 15Mbps down and 3Mbsp up. I definitely don’t miss the huge bill.

      • I have Verizon which I why I bitch and moan.

    • nightscout13

      On screen scrolling -{Verizon Wireless}- logo! NetZero style!

    • That made me laugh out loud

  • artsr2002

    I look forward to this device although I am very much enjoying my Nexus 4. I hope for minimal bezels where possible. I hope for quad-core, 4GB of RAM, 32GB with expandable storage. Large battery, removable or not I don’t care as I don’t remove my battery to charge it and they generally last at least 2 years before going bust. Besides I generally upgrade devices way before that anyways.

  • stang6790

    I’m thinking it will have the merged Chrome/Android operating system since that has never been done and they have the new Chrome Android statue. I also think they will have a new version of the webdock but now it will run Chrome Android once docked.

  • wow!!!

  • jbannach

    Hmm…an artifical intelligence makes sense as the next major jump in smartphones. Google could actually achieve this, everything personal is on your phone, plus they know your search habits and friends.

  • Dave

    I hope they realize they have to bring more than just big specs to stand any chance at success.

    • I think that’s their idea. All reports point to the X Phone having the latest available hardware AND usable software improvements that will completely change how we use our mobile devices. If the above report is true, and Google has been working on this software for years, then that would make the purchase of Motorola make even more sense, as fantastic software really needs premium hardware to stand any chance in today’s market.

      • Dre

        I really hope you are right on the software front. Google makes interesting products, but it’s all sorta incongruent with each other. Bugs that go unaddressed for months and years, broken tagged releases, confusing and incompatible protocols, etc.
        If Google could wrangle all of those, it’d be absolutely mind-blowing.

  • jer85008

    I hope at least some of this is true – I would love to see Moto back on top, or at least back in the hunt as a premier vendor. Their current lineup is pretty good though IMHO, my daily driver is a RAZR M and I’m very happy with it other than the crap camera.

  • Nexus or not. If it has the specs as previously mentioned, this is my next phone. Plus if this is Google’s “golden boy” from Moto, all the better. πŸ™‚

  • Liderc

    Long as it doesn’t have a kevlar back plate or previous motorola screen quality.

    • Bionic

      440ppi LCD3

  • July makes sense. Exactly 4 months prior to the two year anniversary of the Galaxy Nexus. If this is a Google device, then they obviously want to capture those loyal nexus users. For Verizon, they allow early upgrades at 20 months…

    • ramifications

      But if you use your upgrade, you will lose your unlimited data, that’s why I’m REALLY hoping google sells it through the play store for (relatively) cheap like the nexus 4.

      • Tim242

        They will only sell the GSM version in the Play Store. Verizon’s CDMA and LTE bands are proprietary.

        • ramifications

          The bands may be exclusive to verizon in the US but i dont think it’s possible to ‘patent’ a radio frequency band. And CDMA is used worldwide as well. The only obstacle might be that verizon only allows their approved devices on the CDMA network I believe.

          • Tim242

            Verizon’s CDMA drivers for their network is proprietary. That’s why there was the issues with their Nexus. But yes, their approval is needed for devices on their network.

          • ramifications

            Unfortunately :/

          • To elaborate, CDMA technology is proprietary so Verizon must approve all devices to run on the network (their 3G/2G/Voice). Their LTE bands, however, are based on open standards, and they are required by law to let any device connect to that network.

  • Software never seen before? So I take it that it’s launching with Key Lime Pie or w/e Google decides to name their next version of the OS?

    • dreadnatty08

      That or, it’s not a Nexus and has some other sort of Google made skin on it. Who knows?

      • r0lct

        I think a Google skin is actually very likely. This how they will balance keeping Android open to all the OEMs and also keeping some key features for their own phones (Moto/Nexus). Assuming of course it doesn’t piss off the other OEMs too much.

      • netguru2000

        I can’t see the point of a skin. I’ve customized my Nexus and get the latest updates (well sort of, i have Verizon but i digress). Anyway, how could it get better then that?

  • perhaps VOLTE?

    • Tim242

      That has to be deployed on the network side first

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I thought they were keeping Moto separate from Google?

    • EC8CH


    • Hence is why they can use Motorola to provide a hardware platform for their specialized software, while still working on AOSP as a separate project entirely.

  • Google software. Microsoft quality.

    • TheWhiteLotus

      I don’t want a poor quality phone.

      • Think (hope?) he’s talking the Surface (Pro and RT), which has gotten top marks for its build quality from nearly every reviewer.

  • Josh W

    Calling it right now, some sort of Chrome OS integration. My Motorola rep at work has been talking “off the record” a tiny amount about it.

    • TheWhiteLotus

      A Motorola rep would not have any official knowledge of this.

    • Tim242

      My Motorola rep at work told me off the record that they would have a Nexus in 2012…

  • EC8CH

    Save the overblown hype… Just make it unlockable and available on vzw… Us g-nex users need an upgrade option late summer early fall.

    • DiegoKokomo

      As someone who switched to Verizon for the G-Nex, I do not have unlimited data and will not stick with Verizon if they control the updates whatsoever.

      • mikedyk43

        Only the devs control updates on a phone with an unlocked bootloader!!!

      • Jwhap

        Yes, but my contact is not up till December. This buys us time until then if it stays in the 350 range, you can buy this and switch carriers when your contact is up. Not a bad thing at all!

    • KleenDroid

      This is all I want. The rest is just icing on the cake.

  • LTE4G

    Nexus X, yes!!!

  • XvierX

    I love and hate this game we play, always waiting for the next best thing. Holding out for clues and blasting fake render after fake render. I don’t know why I torture myself. Who am I kidding? This is when things start to get interesting. =P

    • michael arazan

      Motorola innovation is nothing new. They are the ones who made the first cellular calls. They probably have ideas and patents that weren’t able to implement till technology slowly caught up to their ideas. Motorola been around for 3/4 of a century now. Let’s just hope the Hype matches the innovation.

      And Google has a platform now to implement ideas that they don’t have to put into Android and can implement through Motorola instead of Giving their best ideas away for free, like to Samsung. Now Google can profit with Android by innovating for themselves and for their Android partners.

      • imns

        Ideas they weren’t able to implement ill technology caught up? Hoping the hype machine matches the innovation? The same could have been said for George Lucas & Star Wars. We all know how that turned out.

        • While there is a certain amount of artistry in true innovation, I’d say comparing real-world technology to what George Lucas did to the remastering of Star Wars is a bit skewed at best. There are absolutely ideas and innovations in this world that are so mind-bendingly advanced that the technology to implement them simply does not exist. It has been true throughout history, and will continue to be true for all time. As an aside, I believe that was the reason that Jobs shelved the original iPad project; he didn’t believe that the vision would be justified with the technologies available at the time.

          • imns

            It was a joke and was in no way meant to be a serious comparison. I actually like Motorola products and love the Star Wars franchise. Perhaps I was misunderstood because i did not use an emoticon?

          • Greyhame

            I believe everything I read on the internets and take it as absolute truth.

            ” πŸ™‚ “

          • imns

            That made me happy.

          • michael arazan

            “From a certain point of View” –Ben Kanobi

      • Greyhame

        This is the thought that is getting me the most hopeful/excited. The fact that Google just may have been holding out on some really unique (dare I say “game changing”?) software, until they had a hardware team of their own to implement it. Think of how capable Google is, and how the Devs have taken android and made it better. This is Google’s chance to show everyone how it’s done without letting everyone else reap all the rewards. (Samsung has been great for android, but they are also the company that could do android the most damage.. e.g. the article that stated many users think android is synonymous with the Galaxy brand)

        Of the three android phones I’ve owned, two have been Motorola’s (OG, X). I’ve owned Moto’s before that as well and really enjoyed them. When Google purchased them, my hopes for the company returned, after waning from the tight lockdown of the X, and the launch failure that was the Bionic (sorry Bionic owners).

        Needless to say, the excitement is building. May and I/O cannot get here soon enough…

      • Lte_Addict

        the way it should’ve been done from the beginning!

  • Ernie Manning

    “game changer” sounds like ominous code words for “minor changes that have been proportionally overblown”.

    • EC8CH

      This is what I feel is most likely to be true

      • therelentlesspace

        At least Google doesn’t seem to purposely underwhelm with the unabashed glee of Apple…

    • C-Law

      I agree. The guy who said all this probably has no technical knowledge so everything he saw or heard blew his mind

      • Yep

        It has a sound dampening mic! πŸ™‚

        • jboogie1289


        • Ian Winchell

          If it doesn’t have an extra row of icons its not a game changer πŸ˜‰

    • niuguy

      It could be staring Sarah Palin?

  • Bill Mitchell

    I really can’t wait to see what they do with this. Google never ceases to amaze me, and I have a lot of faith in them to make this big.

  • danofiveo

    Bring it on!


    Can’t wait for I/O. I’ll stay on this cracked Gnex all the way til July if it’s true.

  • mbagasao

    Loving all of this hype! Hope this is the phone we’ve all been waiting for from Googorola!

  • carluverdrm2004

    Out here on the East Coast, this is a welcome 1:35ish AM post.
    Thanks, Kellen!

    • Hah no problem. Been having late night cravings lately. πŸ˜›

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Late night Cravings? Baby Kellex on the way guys!

  • cizzlen

    If any company is going to change the game again it would be Motorola. Now let’s just hope they actually have some groundbreaking camera software to put the cherry on top.


    I want this dream to become reality. If this is a huge game changer, hopefully it takes away from iPhone sales. Also, hopefully it will be something that Google can maintain stock of…

    • Keyword “dream.” Until we get to I/O or see this device in the wild, it’s probably just a dream that may never come true on this level.

      • Ye have moar faith Kellex πŸ™‚ lol. Technology is moving fast as hell so we might get to see a superphone by the time I/O gets here

        • I hope so! Crossing fingers while trying not to get hopes too high.

          • MFG

            It’ll probably having everything we want…and also a Pentile screen lol

          • KleenDroid

            If it is fully unlockable, a pentile screen would be just fine with me.

      • RAZR_FANN

        They should have moved I/O up even earlier than they already did. πŸ™

  • I’m thinking it’ll be Nexus. Hopefully they won’t be stubborn about bootloader unlocking like they were with the Droid 3.

  • sonicemerald

    July?… i don’t wanna wait that long… I have a S3, but i’m considering selling it to a friend (who is currently borrowing it.) and holding out for this phone… im rocking the OG Droid with JB right now….somehow.

    • gokusimpson

      My droid X isn’t as old as your OG Droid, but damn it’s gonna hurt waiting for this thing

      • sonicemerald

        I have a DX to fall back on also… but it doesn’t have JB yet…(as far as I know) πŸ™ … and I think it’s just the coolest thing ever to show off the OG droid running the latest and greatest… however long it takes to pull up the darn keyboard…

        • gokusimpson

          It was pretty neat for the DX to run ICS, but I felt it was just a bit too laggy and unstable for me. Back to Liberty rom and it’s butter-like smoothness

          • sonicemerald

            i loved running Liberty… and i agree about ics on the dx.. it’s not quite perfect.

          • Velhym

            Count me in on the “Still using the DX with Liberty gingerbread” wagon.

            Given that the next device I get will be off-contract, Verizon or not, I’m waiting for a good one.

          • Austin Warren

            Omg, we’re talking droid x? I broke my Note 2 and had to use it….wow was it terrible.

          • Cowboydroid

            Mine is sitting on my desk as a clock…reminds my everyday just how bad old Android was. Gotta love 4.0+

          • Trueblue711

            Idk how you are still using a DX. Mine could barely run Gingerbread for a day.

          • Big_EZ

            Yeah, but Froyo Liberty rom was amazing for the time (still runs great) but I’m on my 4th phone since my DX, not sure how they can hold out.

          • Cowboydroid

            The DX barely ran Eclair when it was released!

          • Trueblue711

            No… that’s not even a stretch. It began to hiccup on Froyo.

          • gokusimpson

            Flash liberty rom on it with Seeder and Zeam launcher. Butter.

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          • KOBALT

            YES! I keep my DX as a back up for my Note2. I’ll always rock Liberty. Best ROMs in the world.

      • Trueblue711

        But he (she?) has a S3, so it’s not like he’s waiting to upgrade.

        • sonicemerald

          yeah, good eye.;)
          I upgraded to the S3 to keep my unlimited data…. but my main accounr holder bought the first Galaxy Tablet 2 weeks later….. I was incredibly sad about that…
          btw, sonic fan?

          • Trueblue711

            I am a Sonic fan, although it’s not the reasoning behind my username πŸ˜›

          • sonicemerald


    • Marco Giudice

      holy crap that phone can run peanut butter & jelly bean sandwich .. wow that’s impressive!

      • New_Guy

        Ouch…you had me before the post-script.

    • Capt. Crunch

      At least you don’t have to wait until early November. I’m not sure if I would want a 4 month old phone, then again I would probably be able to purchase it for under $100 from Amazon or something.

      • S2556

        you are lined up perfectly for the next nexus get that!

        • Capt. Crunch

          Good point I just hope Google picks a better manufacturer…

    • i used to rock the Og droid. Can’t believe she can run JB! How well does it run it?

      • Apparently other than not having enough space for the JB GAPPs, it works pretty well. I may dust mine off and try it – I am not on VZW anymore, but it would be fun to play with. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1852131

        • sonicemerald

          it’s pretty rad when overclocked to 1000 mhz. smoother than gingerbread by far.

          • sonicemerald

            (i haven’t done much in the overclocking department though.)

      • sonicemerald

        it’s pretty rad when overclocked to 1000 mhz. smoother than gingerbread by far. I don’t know much about overclocking, but I have the processor set to 1000 mhz, and it’s great.

    • Michael G

      Holy sh*t! Kudos to you for holding out with the OG this whole time. I went from OG Droid to Galaxy Nexus. I held out past the much hyped Bionic, the Razr & the Incredible til the GNex came out and I thought I was “the boss” for doing so… I was running Project Elite on my OG and it was holding up okay but still frustratingly slow.

      • sonicemerald

        im not as awesome as you think i am, since I have had the OG droid just as a backup… (and have a S3). however, the OG droid is as awesome as you think. Droid Does.

        • Michael G

          lol Ah ha! The truth shall set you free, sir.

          • sonicemerald

            yes, yes, It has.

    • brando56894

      I had the Rezound for a year then bought a used Gnex off of ebay about 2-3 months ago just to hold me over until I saw something that I really wanted, which now turns out to be the X Phone. I always wanted to go back to Moto since I had the OG Droid years ago and loved it. I, like you and 25 other people don’t want to wait 5 months to get this beast.

    • niuguy

      Perfectly lines up with the end of my Verizon contract. I really love my Note 2 but I could probably sell it on ebay for a nice chuck of change.

    • What ROM are you using for JB on the OG?

    • New_Guy


    • how well does JB run on the OG? My OG never even liked GB, so I used to keep it on Project Elite Froyo

      • sonicemerald

        so much better than GB.

  • RumbaCembe
  • I don’t know. I haven’t really liked any of the styling of Motorola’s phones. Sounds like a Nexus phone, which would be cool, but who knows, at this point.



  • Hmm, this must be my Birthday gift! πŸ™‚ Hopefully it comes out before the 10th of July!

  • ChaseChick

    Verizon LTE with no Verizon interference. Please and thanks!

    • therelentlesspace

      I just hope Verizon gets the phone. The Nexus line probably won’t reappear on Verizon, but Motorola has basically lived on Big Red with the Droid lineup for the past four years, so it’ll be interesting to see.

    • Or rather, T-Mobile’s $30/mo pre-paid SIM with Verizon-like speed and coverage. One can dream…

      • carbonbased573

        Yep, I’m done with VZW. Come September I’m instantly going to T-Mo and basking in that $65/month savings.

        • Richard Yarrell

          The BEST MOVE you Verizon guys could make.

          • Unless we actually want our phone to connect to a network (why else would I still be with Verizon?)

          • Guest

            Why don’t you do your research before you start troll posting? Verizon is the absolute best in many states. In Oklahoma, if you go out of Tulsa or OKC, forget about 3G on T-Mobile or Sprint. AT&T has a lot of the same problems as well. Verizon is the only carrier in Oklahoma and many other states that have 3G or 4G outside of big cities. If Verizon is as “Useless” as you claim, then I don’t think that they would be the biggest carrier in the US.

          • Tirionfive

            Why don’t you do your research before you start troll posting? Verizon is the absolute best in many states. In Oklahoma, if you go out of Tulsa or OKC, forget about 3G on T-Mobile or Sprint. AT&T has a lot of the same problems as well. Verizon is the only carrier in Oklahoma and many other states that have 3G or 4G outside of big cities. If Verizon is as “Useless” as you claim, then I don’t think that they would be the biggest carrier in the US

          • Richard Yarrell

            You poor soul you sound just like a paid Verizon flunky. There is nothing special about a over saturated over priced bloatware filled crappy devices. You seriously need to wake up

          • squiddy20

            1. “Bloatware filled devices” which can be disabled in ANY Android device running 4.0 and above. Besides, you’re one to talk when you have a Note 2, full of all kinds of Samsung crapware right off the assembly line, before the carrier even gets their hands on it. Stupid hypocrite.
            2. Doesn’t change the fact that there are at least triple the amount of people on Verizon as there are on T-Mobile. If Verizon were really so “useless” then why are there so many people on their network? Riddle me that one, Dick.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Good ol trolling squiddy20 the guy who never purchases anything. Why should you even care your not purchasing the Motorola X phone, or not purchasing the Galaxy Note 2, or the Galaxy S3. Your stuck on your mother’s family plan using that crappy Galaxy Nexus with 3g service on pitiful sprint. Your the biggest joke on the Internet when are you going to give up the trolling. You will never be worth much college dropout.

          • squiddy20

            If I “never purchase anything”, then how have I had a Galaxy Nexus since May of last year, when it cost about $150? Keep up those “useless” insults.

            “your not purchasing the Motorola X phone, or not purchasing the Galaxy Note 2, or the Galaxy S3.” You’re right, I certainly wouldn’t even want the S3 or Note 2 at this point in time. The S4 will possibly be previewed in the next few weeks, with a release shortly thereafter. Why would I go for an S3? As for the Note 2, I wouldn’t want it anyway, too big for my taste. But of course, how do you “know” what I will or won’t be purchasing? You don’t know me. You don’t live with me. You know nothing substantive about me. How pitiful.

          • Richard Yarrell

            This is all we need to know about you. No wonder you try to hide if i looked like you i would too. After all who calls themselves squiddy 20 anyway????

          • squiddy20

            Wow. You’ve resorted to posting pictures of fat black women that are supposed to be me. Hate to break it to you, but I’m not fat, nor am I black, nor am I a woman. How childish. The 3rd Grade called, they want you back.

        • htowngtr

          Just without the coverage or speed. Gotta pay for the premium service.

          • Droidzilla

            YMMV. I have a friend in a populous part of town whose neighborhood is in a bit of a dip. He gets zero Verizon coverage at his house, but AT&T and T-Mo come in fine. You don’t always “get what you pay for.”

  • A Motorola Nexus sounds cool, I just hope it can put them back on top like when the OG Droid was introduced.

  • can’t wait

  • Would it be available for US cellular?

    • No idea heh. Hopefully it’s an unlocked global phone that magically works everywhere. If that’s possible. πŸ˜›

      • Tim242

        Drink more, dream less : )

  • cizzlen


    • gokusimpson

      I can def see myself with the X phone implanted in my chest. Not Droid DNA-like, but Iron Man-like.

  • GoogUser3675

    Hopefully, it’s a Nexus. Although maybe a bit early, I hope it will be.