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Motorola X Phone Said to be a “Game Changer” With Software Never Seen Before in a Phone

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Oh that Motorola X Phone, it’s hypebeastability has somehow evaded us over the last couple of weeks even though it’s the most anticipated phone of the last year. After the wild rumor surfaced suggesting that it would be available on all carriers as well as the Play store for an insanely low price, we were thirstier than ever for more info. But then once Motorola either trolled us all or slipped up completely by listing a job opportunity for a director of product management for the X Phone team, we haven’t heard much. Well, until now, thanks to a rumor out of Australian electronics site, SmartHouse

According to sources of theirs, who claim to have spoken with Telstra CTO Hugh Bradlow on the matter, the X Phone will be a “game changer.” It’s supposed to be a “real breakthrough” that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple, something no one in the smartphone industry has done in a couple of years.

What sounds most intriguing, is the mention of Google having worked on this device for a “long time,” so that they could pack in software features and capabilities that are not available on Samsung Galaxy phones or the iPhone. This new software “pulls together Google services like no other manufacturer has done in the past.”

Their sources also claim that the phone will be unveiled in May at Google I/O and will then hit retail shelves in July. This matches up to previous rumors.

Brainstorming software that has never been seen before sounds like an impossible task, so I’m not going to even attempt it. What I will do, is start counting the days to I/O, in hopes that Google pulls out the device we have all been waiting for.


Via:  SmartHouse

  • jova33

    it’s going to have 16GB of internal storage and no SD card slot…. That’s what they mean when they say it ties together Google services

  • sklone2006

    This shall be my next phone.

  • Elliot Kotis

    I have to find a job soon 😀

  • If it’s going to be on Verizon I don’t believe a word of the hype.

  • duke69111

    I’m sure this has already been posted, but I hope the Xphone does not get all hype beasted up and turn into the Droid Bionic.

  • [email protected]

    but you still wont be able to load Google Wallet on it

  • flat

    so was the bionic

  • GoogleXPhoneDev

    It’s a dual sim, quad band, micro-sd slot, mobile tv, LTE, Full HD screen, 4.8 inch screen, only power button. 12 megapixel camera, 3.2 megapixel front camera both 1080p HD video capture quality, hdmi-out, 3200mah battery.

  • R

    I want one if i doesn’t look anyhing like that ugly razr.

  • Trevor

    Why would Google put all of this extra software work into a non-Nexus device? Seems odd to me.

  • sonicyoof


    Also, hope Motorola doesn’t get proprietary software separate from Android.

  • chris125

    I am excited to see what google and motorola can do together. It was always the software that killed moto devices so hopefully this, along with real top of the line specs can put moto back on the map like the original droid did.

  • Akeem McAllister

    I’m Excited!

  • I WANT THIS. I have been waiting to upgrade from a Droid X1 to now incredible (replacement after losing the Droid X). I almost caved and got a RAZR Maxx HD but I’m really glad I held off.

  • I don’t know why we get too excited over statements like this. I mean what else would someone say, “Oh, it’s gonna be lack luster or an also-ran.” Of course, they’re gonna say it will be groundbreaking and run amazing software.

    Exciting though. I’m definitely looking to go back to a Moto phone. I miss my OG, I like my Galaxy Nexus but the feeling of a nice slab of metal in your hand felt good.

  • TSY87

    It will be funny to see the x phone finally come out… then 3 months later, the x phone 2,3, 4 and then finally the x-maxx phone just in time for christmas…. Motorola has a very steep uphill climb to try and get me to buy one of their phones again.

  • geedee82

    I love me some hypebestiality!

  • I need new pants.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Moto + Google possibly = Great things if Verizon isn’t in the way.

  • Kyle Hollier

    OH I can~t wait!

  • This is where patience pays off. I held back from springing for a new phone around the holidays to wait and see what was coming down the pipe. Even if the rumors are bogus and this phone ends up being a flop, I’m still glad I could wait and see instead of being stuck with something that’s just “OK”. Hopefully this phone will be enough of a game changer to dethrone my DX with Liberty.

  • I think Moto is totally capable of making a phone this great and with Google’s help it’s definitely possible. They did it with the OG Droid. It hooked me on Android. We need another phone like that which changed the game and Moto is the company that could do it.

  • Those are typical lines from every phone developer.

  • Bionic

    What I know as of oday.

    The phone is undergoing an external rebuild.

    – 5 inch screen at 440ppi
    – all carriers supported
    – 2ghz prime from qualcom
    – 2 gigs Ram
    Android 5.0
    software integration with other devices

    • Matthew Morrison

      Any chance of a 4.7 or 4.8 screen size in the rebuild?

      • Bionic

        Zero. It’s 5inches with edge to edge

        • Dru


          • Bionic


          • Me

            You mean you as in you stole the info from someone else and are passing it off as your own.

    • Better have on screen keys.

      • Bionic

        It does

    • nvitone23

      Anything that is “significantly different” from the other phones that we know? New hardware?

      • Bionic

        No new hardware.

  • AranelAlasse

    I’m glad I didn’t wait till April (due to various circumstances) to get my Note 2. I LOVE this phone. But maybe the X phone will tempt me when it comes out. In the meantime, I got my Note 2 in January, so I’ll have had it for 6 months by then, which will make me feel better even if the X phone is a good rival.

  • steve_j

    83 years of tech inventions/innovations.
    Motorola = tech legend.

    Android = #1.

  • tleaf100

    poor sap americans, still think your the centre of everything.
    this is a world phone, like nexus 4 and will be priced between nexus 4 and sammy gal s3.
    will probably be released properly in the eu first.

    • Zack Krocek

      Poor sap Europeans, always hating on the Americans for anything possible. Hop off that bandwagon, bud.

    • Cute

  • steve_j

    Motorola Xphone!

    Google-Motorola 8-core microprocessor!
    YOUM Full HD!
    Metal bezel-less design!
    WOW software!

    DROP KEVLAR! Rebrand/rebuild f*cking Blur!
    No Verizon-onlyness!
    No USA-onlyness!

  • rocs_macho

    Game Changing = Not sold out in minutes.
    Game Changing = Not poorly advertised.
    Game Changing = Accessories available on device launch day.
    Game Changing = No carrier interference.
    Game Changing = The phone that all other phones get compared to by everyone else.
    Game Changing = Getting app dev’s to keep up with the OS features and UI.
    Game Changing = Getting app dev’s to develop for this platform first.
    Game Changing = Worthy enough to make us drop everything and pick 1 up on launch day.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    I’d sell my children for a nice Moto with Maxx battery on T-Mobile.

  • bob

    I’ll believe it when I see it…

  • Ryan

    my body is ready

    • This. Also, I would up-vote this more if I could.

  • Mark Slomski

    Verizon has run into a software glitch and the xphone will be delayed. Est. Launch date 6-1-2020 and will ship preloaded with oldest possible android os for minamal satisfactory user experience.

    • Zack Krocek

      Also, it will never get updated (just like the G-Nex).

  • Joe

    Still rocking a TBolt and I’m just hoping I have the will-power to bypass the DNA Plus (DLXPLUS, or whatever..) and hold out for this beast.