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DROID DNA Drops to $49 For New Lines at Amazon, $99 for Upgrades

droid dna cheap amazon

Within the last day, Amazon dropped their price for the HTC DROID DNA significantly, making this one of the better steals for a smartphone you’ll find. If you want to add a line to your family account or are a new customer to Big Red, you can grab the DNA and its 1080p display for $49.99. If you are a current customer with an upgrade, you can snag HTC’s latest and greatest for $99.99.

We reviewed the DNA when it first came out and came away mostly impressed. The display is the best in the business (for now), it has an above average camera depending on who you talk to, surprisingly excellent battery life, and a simple design that can still “wow” your friends.

Verizon is still selling it for $199.99 on contract.

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Cheers Faisal and Scott!

  • powdereddonuts

    Jumped on this phone for me and my wife yesterday. For $50, are you going to get a better quality phone? I figure given the specs it should still be usable two years from now. Was sort of turned off by the non-removable battery and fixed memory, but I’ve yet to buy an external battery for my Evo Design and it lasts me an entire work day. Furthermore, with Spotify and cloud storage, do I really need that much storage?

  • BitterBuffalo

    Alright… any takers… I’m still holding on to my rooted DroidX but finally thinking of upgrading. I’d get the Nexus if it were on VZ but it’s not. I’m okay with loosing my unlimited because on avg we use 2.4GB a month. I also like the idea of getting last years best phone at a discount instead of waiting for this years new product. Seriously… whatever I get is going to be a huge upgrade. My question is… DNA or G3???

  • trubin

    I want to hope on this sale ASAP but i really want to hold out for the HTC One

  • VIKK

    This phone is not worth it…I owned it for about a month and could barely push 4 hrs of screen time on it. it got to the point that I get scared to pull my phone and take pictures because of battery life. Overall, the phone is great with the 1080p screen but whats the point of having high end hardware if you cant use it.

    • allan m

      Sorry, this is completely false. I’m using it right now and I’m averaging 16 hours per charge. I don’t exaggerate and hate it when people do to support their unfounded claims. Along with the Note 2, this device is in the top 2 on Verizon.

      • Wzly

        VIKK said, “4 hrs of screen time”. That’s better than average. But not as good as a Galaxy S3 or a Razr Maxx.

  • Wow, I’m so tempted to jump on it with an upgrade, but don’t wanna give up that unlimited data plan! I wish they’d have retail specials.

    • mbaldwin85


      • michael arazan

        Someday they need to make sales for full retail, even $50-100 off they are still making money, but I know they make more money off of you with a contract. I don’t want to wait a year and a half for a phone to get eol prices.

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  • I’d love to upgrade from my GNex while staying on Verizon, but with phones like this, I think I’d be trading updates for specs. Can’t imagine this thing is getting CM 10.1 and Paranoid Android and AOKP, etc., days after every new Android release.

    • wtsamatta

      No on those roms, they seem to be more for galaxy devices. I’m running viper now, was running super charged hatka, has insane battery life but viper is a bit more customizable. Both can be senseless if you wish.

    • michael arazan

      With Verizon’s new security update coming out for the DNA, I’d keep an eye out to see if they lock it down from unlocking.

  • does amazon wireless price match? i bought mine at $150 on feb 1st.

    • Wzly

      They have a 14 day price match guarantee for competitors, but they won’t price match themselves, you could ask for a price match for Target. They have it for $49 too.

  • It sucks that this doesn’t affect the retail price!!

    • capecodcarl

      No kidding. The retail prices of these cell phones never drop despite their subsidized prices dropping and that pisses me off. The phone can be a year old and they’ll still sell it for the same price retail as if you bought it on day one. I couldn’t care less if Verizon wants to screw over their customers and keep prices high, but it ends up reverberating to the rest of the resellers like Amazon and their full retail price is usually even higher than Verizon’s.

      I know, leave Verizon, buy a Nexus off contract for $350. When my contract is up next spring, that’s what I’ll be doing.

  • JetBlue

    Trying to get rid of it already for the M7/One?

  • sy0120

    Forgot about this phone like Rezound that came before. HTC needs to step up to the plate and hit a home run. Same goes for Google, errr I mean Motorola

    • The Rezound was one of the better phones of its time (display was far superior to the Droid Razr, Camera quality was a million times better than on the GNexus, etc) but unfortunately Verizon just doesn’t want to support HTC (I have only seen 1 or 2 ads on TV promoting the DNA and I never saw a single ad promoting the Rezound) instead Verizon wants to back the far inferior devices in the Droid lineup (Droid Razr, Razr HD, etc).

      • Diablo81588

        The Rezound was a bulky brick with horrible battery life and a slow outdated processor. The only thing it had going for it was the screen. Far superior to the Droid branded phones, especially the RAZR series, is completely untrue.

        • I have personally owned both devices (HTC Rezound and Droid Razr) and I must say the Rezound was the better of the two. the Rezound made it well into 16-24 hours on a battery while my Droid Razr is lucky to make 14! Weight is a personal preference however the Razr is lighter but then again read the previous sentence about battery life! While quadrant scores and other benchmarking tools might show the Razr’s cpu to be superior I have found that in day to day usage the Razr is down right sluggish and unresponsive while the Rezound can more than handle what is thrown at it! Do I even need to discuss the camera? lol Oh and the Beats audio enhancements in the Rezound make just about any set of headphones sound infinitely better!

          • Diablo81588

            There is no way you got 24 hours on a charge with the stock battery in the Rezound.

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant

            You can get 24 hours on the stock battery if you charge the phone and never use it >.< I like HTC (DInc to Thunderbolt to Rezound)… love their build quality, hate their stinkin' battery choices.

          • I averaged around 16-20 hours but on occasions where I didn’t use the Rezound heavily it would last well into 24 hours!