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Download: Nexus 10 “mantaray” Android 4.2.2 JDQ39 Update

NEXUS 10 44.2.2

And after the Nexus 7 comes the Nexus 10 Android 4.2.2 (JDQ39) update.

Just like with the N7’s update, you’ll need to be on stock JOP40D in order to flash this file. 

Download Link

Instructions (Toolkit/Custom Recovery):

1.  Download the above file to the root of your device’s storage.
2.  To make this process extremely easy, download the Nexus 10 Toolkit.

Once the Toolkit is installed on your PC, make sure the N10 drivers are installed. You can download and install them all through the Toolkit.

3.  Turn off your device.
4.  Hold down both the volume buttons and then the power button. This will reboot you into fastboot mode.
5.  In the toolkit, select the option to reboot into a custom recovery, but without permanently flashing it.
6.  Choose either ClockworkMod Recovery or TeamWin, both work just fine.
7.  Your device will reboot into custom recovery and from here, install the OTA zip file.
8.  Once done, reboot and you are finished.

Cheers G.O.D.!

  • Mike

    I just updated and my RAM went from 1.6 GB total to 1.2 GB. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  • chen

    I received this update the other day on N10 from Google, still have random reboots, not sure of any other changes at this point.

  • In step 7 what do i select? I dropped the zip file directly on the root folder

  • I’m running my N10 on stock non rooted just to see if it will get the update. So far it hasn’t been pushed out yet. I even tried manually running System Update.

  • kevg73

    Anybody seeing this update on their N10 officially from Google yet? Still no love here.

  • Brian Cornea

    Is anybody having problems updating apps from the play store after the 4.2.2 update? Everything is being denied. I cleared the cache, data and forced closed it. Still be denied the updates. Any thoughts? I’ve noticed that 4.2.2 is more snappier.

  • PalmerAdam

    Hoping this fixes my random reboot problems!

    • MrJigolo

      Yes, please. That issue has been driving me nuts. If this update does indeed fix the problem, I will send this one in and start with a fresh one. I don’t think all those reboots are good for the system.

      Start with a fresh Nexus 10 and update it to 4.2.2. 🙂 (Again, if fixed)

  • Alex

    I just flashed this in Twarp and am unlocked and rooted and it worked just fine. I am on 4.2.2 now

    • Mike

      Awesome, thanks for this. Looks like I won’t not to unroot after all.

  • Mike

    Bah, don’t want to unroot and flash.

  • I’m rooted/unlocked bootloader? Will I have have to unroot first?

    • crazysamz

      I’m also rooted running clean rom, I’m going to back up, flash stock, unroot, flash update, re-root, flash custom recovery.

      It would be easier if someone released a rooted version of the rom to flash in twrp or cwm…


  • SecurityNick

    Does it need to be rooted to flash it, or should it realize there is an update available once it’s downloaded?

    • Christopher Heuer

      I don’t think the stock ROM will do the update, but I downloaded the Nexus 10 Toolkit following the options above and I didn’t have to unlock the bootloader or root to do the update.

      • SecurityNick

        So you were able to install a temporary custom recovery w/o being rooted? And it worked? Or did you somehow choose some option with the stock recovery?

        • Christopher Heuer

          Yeah I’m not sure how but the toolkit was able to boot into TWRP without unlocking the bootloader.

  • Wesley Schwartz

    Worked fantastically! Thanks!