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Samsung Qi Wireless Charger Stops at the FCC, We Wonder Which Device Will Utilize It

Samsung Qi

Over the weekend, it appears that a Samsung-branded Qi wireless charging unit hit the FCC. That’s neat, but it leaves us wondering – which device in their lineup can we expect this to be marketed with? Could this be a super late arrival for the Galaxy S3/Note 2 or will they actually launch an accessory with a new device such as the Galaxy S4

When launching a new device, it’s no secret that Android OEM’s have had issues pushing compatible accessories at the same time. Pogo dock for the Galaxy Nexus, anyone? If Samsung can break that vicious cycle, that would be beneficial for everyone involved.

Either way, wireless charging will become a big factor for smartphones whether we all want it or not. It’s becoming another standard for top tier smartphones, much like NFC, 1080p displays, and Verizon-branded home buttons. /s

Samsung Qi 2

Via: Engadget

  • Finire

    I’m hoping that it’s going to be for the S4, which is going to be my next phone…

  • danofiveo

    Regarding the comment about OEM’s not releasing devices and accessories at the same time, the only OEM that has been consistent with this is Motorola. Now that they are owned by Google, there’s no telling if they will keep this up. I doubt it. I haven’t purchased a Motorola device since the Droid Razr, so I can’t tell how they are doing lately.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    S4 and Note 3 for the win. Maybe the S3 or Note 2 will get some love but I wont count on it

  • TynanDeRosa

    Nothing on Verizon, they’re anti-wireless charging to the point where they removed the holes in the Note 2.

    • *cough* Droid DNA *cough*

      it supports wireless charging, and they actually advertise it in one of thier commercials with the DNA in it.
      I hate VZW as much as you do, but dont make a blanket statement like “they are anti-wireless charging” when that just isn’t true.

      • Didn’t they have their own wireless charging mat for sale too? I wouldn’t say they’re anti-wireless-charging, but more anti-competitor-products

        • zepfloyd

          What are you talking about?? The DNA charges on any Qi based charger.

          • S2556

            He’s talking about Verizon not htc

          • zepfloyd

            It still doesn’t make any sense. Verizon sells a bunch of Nokia, LG Qi chargers….they don’t restrict anything in this case.

      • KOBALT

        *cough* Note 2 doesn’t need charged ever because the battery is tits.

      • Hunter

        Why would Samsung create a wireless charging peripheral for an HTC device?

        • They are not, it’s just all support the Qi standard, so any phones that support wireless charging, can be used on any of these wireless chargers

      • Matthew Merrick

        then why’d they take it out of the note 2?

    • Droid dna, and some of the windows phones if not all support wireless charging

      • they aren’t anti wireless…it’s a misconception. They are anti Note 2. The DNA is sold by a total of 1 carrier…and it’s them, the note 2…all of them. The DNA was announced (don’t know the exact details here) .2 milliseconds after the Note 2, and they delayed the note 2 launch on verizon so the DNA could come out with it….it’s the only competitor to the note 2, and they have it to themselves, that’s why the note 2 was gimped (no wireless charging), uglified (see home button), and fucktafied (see multitasking support) by verizon, they want to sell DNA’s

  • Well guess no one will be able to use it, cause the plug on the charging portion is European standard. Where am I suppose to plug that in? Oh wait I probably shouldn’t asked that here.

    • ToddAwesome

      yeah, why would THAT plug check into the FCC?

      • I don’t understand why that is either, hence my comment. Unless that is a add on to a standard US plug. Just seen that there though makes it look like is just for European plugs.

        • Looks like the Euro plug is an attachment of some kind.

          • michael arazan

            You can buy adapters for US and Europe versions for people that travel and vise versa. Frankly why don’t they make a charging pad that works for all Phones, like the charging pads that’ll recharge anything with a rechargeable battery

    • sagisarius

      Some devices just come with different tips. My guess is that the FCC probably just didn’t switch them out before they took the picture.

  • dannydarko

    Hopefully, It will be universal for any Galaxy model from 3 on. But, first glance/leaked info wise I would say probably the new Note. I’m just guessing obviously.

    • It does look really wide. So probably the Note 3.

      • Tony Allen

        Unless they’ve managed to find a way to pack a lot more juice into Qi Wireless charging, probably not.. It would take a long time to charge a Note 2 at 1Amp.

  • nightscout13

    well, it’s 3.5″ wide, and 5.25″ tall. Current generation devices will work, and probably the S4