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DashClock, Designed by Android Engineer Roman Nurik, Fills Up Your Lock Screen With the Most Important Info


One of the Android team’s design engineers, Roman Nurik, released a new solo project of his to Google Play this evening. It’s called DashClock, and is a lock screen widget that can display a number of important items as you wake your phone, while still maintaining the simple Android 4.2 look and feel. Since it’s a lock screen widget, it only works on devices running Android 4.2+, which means only Nexus devices or those running the latest custom ROMS. 

Inside the app, you’ll find a couple of different clock designs that can be swiped between through an “Appearance” tab. But most importantly, you’ll find “Extensions,” which are like add-ons to your lock screen that can show you current weather, when your next alarm is, upcoming calendar appointments, unread Gmail messages, missed calls, unread text messages, and more. You can add some, all, or none of the extensions – it’s completely up to you.

It’s obvious that Roman is looking to push the app with the help of other developers, though. In his post for DashClock, he points out that the app is “extensible,” meaning the API is available for other developers to build in support for their apps, so that the lock screen widget can display an even greater amount of info.

In just a few minutes with DashClock, I can tell you that I’m a fan. I love the minimal setup, and the thought that we’ll have more “Extensions” to add-on once developers have had time to build out support from their apps.

Play Link [Code]


Via:  +Roman Nurik

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  • I am not seeing my calendar

    • Set the time range for appointments to something larger than 6 hours

  • Bryan Ivie

    Sorry, I’m a vzw customer. They don’t know what 4.2 is.

  • teabag

    The required app permissions appear very invasive.

    • Hothfox

      Well, DUH. In order to give you notifications for all the things it does, it needs to access those apps and services. Don’t install it if you’re not comfortable with that.

  • I can confirm this works with my AOSP 4.2.1 ROM Infectious Rezound flawlessly.

  • Hothfox

    Really loving this. I turned off Widget Locker to try it and can’t say I’ve missed it. The built in extensions are what I cared about, and I’ve added one of the battery extensions already out. The only other things I’d like to see are Google Voice and maybe Twitter. It would be nice to customize colors and icons, but that’s not essential.

  • MelissaXR8

    I’m using a SGSII with 4.2.1. Website GooglePlay wont let me install it, Phone GooglePlay cant find it in search……

  • Tim

    Seriously guys, don’t put links to site tags inside your articles. It’s distracting and confusing, especially when using the names of entities like apps.

    • GJV

      It’s pretty a standard SEO trick. A ton of sites do it; can’t blame Droid Life for following along. Just don’t click if you don’t like them.

      • Tim

        The problem is realizing too late that the link does not link to what it says it links to, only to a page with other articles of the same subject, but not the actual app. Just because you can see what it links to in advance doesn’t mean it should link to something other than its text description.

        Also, just because other sites do it doesn’t mean it’s sensible, works, or should be done in any way. It just results in a bad user experience and I do blame Droid Life for being sheeple, if ‘others do it too!’ is the actual reason they do it.

        Note that I never said they can’t link to the tag; they just shouldn’t do so inside an article.

        Sites that optimize only for search engines deserve to visited by no one but search engines.

  • blah

    Why would you put a link in this article to itself?

  • john warren

    looks like BlackBerry Z10 lock screen !

  • marshall

    Any plan for 4.1 support?

    • JetBlue

      Honestly doubt it since it was made for the 4.2 lockscreen widgets unless it turned into a full on widget that could be used on home screens and such

  • How is Solavei as an MVNO?

  • joejoe5709

    I’m fine with cLock (Chronus) for now, but this seems to be more customizable which is kinda cool. Droid-Life: after this app gains some momentum can we re-visit this?

  • Am I the only one who thinks CM’s cLock widget looks better? The only think cool about it is you can customize it a bit more.

    • Hothfox

      I like the look of cLock better, but DashClock gives you more information (missed calls, text messages and Gmail aren’t in cLock).

  • baconslayer09

    You guys should see the issues list on the Google code page, there’s a ton already. Being open source and expandable will make this widget very very good.

    • Steve Benson

      Yeah, Roman is on top of things. He’s responding to every bug report.

  • DJyoSNOW

    4.2 devices only…. LAME ;D (droid DNA owner)

    • Daniel Rhodes-Mumby

      That would be because only 4.2 has lock-screen widgets…

  • Neomastermind

    I just wish I could get rid of that settings icon.

  • tyguy829

    please add google voice!

  • carluverdrm2004

    This is awesome! I’m already loving it on my Nexus 7. Much better than the ugly clock widget that comes with it….

  • JetBlue

    Disappointed that it’s only for 4.2 was planning on adding it to Widget Locker and using it

  • Getting closer to something I’m looking for. I want the ability to actually read the message/email from the lock screen though. Hopefully with the extensions/API this can happen soon.

    • Hothfox

      I’m sure some people would like that, but it’s not really the point. It’s just giving you an “at a glance” at certain notifications. If you tap on the gmail tab, it will take you into gmail so you can read the messages.

  • DennisZ

    Forgive me for the stupid question but how do you get it to work on the lockscreen?

    • Swipe your lock screen to the right, tap the +. You can remove the other lock screen panel so you don’t have two clocks. I had to swipe the widget down then I could press and hold to trash the lock screen panel.

  • Justin

    Not compatible with Gnex on Verizon. #verizonfailsagain

    • It’s not just you. It is showing as incompatible with my GS3 running CM10.1. I told my buddy about it at work and it shows as incompatible on his Nexus 7.

      • Justin

        Running liquid beta 3.2 on gnex and my N7. I was able to get it on my N7 then root explorer and upload to my dropbox and side load on my gnex. Ftw.

      • Weird, it worked perfectly on my GS3 running cm 10.1

    • Brandon

      Just installed it on mine 😛
      Running CM 10.1 though

    • Austin00

      Just installed it on mine AOKP 4.2 M1 Build 3

    • Same here, still not working. Terrible.

  • Steve Benson

    There’s already a couple of battery extensions for this on the play store. Search for “dashclock battery extension” and the two results will come up.

  • I’m hoping for a horizontal alignment option. Very nice so far.

  • Stuff like this almost makes me want to enable my lockscreen again. Almost. And then I remember how much happier I am without a lockscreen.

  • MetroGnome711

    For some reason it keeps giving me an unread SMS count when i have i have a fully read/deleted messaging app. Love the look and idea, but not 100% yet.

    • NCSUgolfer01

      I had the same issue. I deleted all my SMS threads and it goes away after that.

      • MetroGnome711

        Yeah, that’s what i tried. I cleaned the whole app out which is what i meant in previous post about read/deleted. Rebooted phone and deleted/re-added widget and extension. Still nothing. Oh well, calendar and weather are nice!!! Still a great app!

        • kronz

          Download reset unread sms from the play store, worked for me on my nexus 4.

    • Phono

      I also have this. Its got the number there which is someone I don’t have in my contacts… very curious…

      • MetroGnome711

        Fixed it with the help of those here. Reset unread sms app in play store was a quick fix!

  • John Malin

    So far I like it, but it seems to be stuck on a non existent text message

  • tyguy829

    I can’t get mine to look like that! On my gnex, it is left justified instead of centered and has an ugly semi-transparent rectangle around it. Anyone know how to fix this?

    • It’s meant for the lockscreen, not your homescreen. That’s why you have the rectangle. As far as the way the text is justified that’s the way it is and there’s no way to change it currently. The left picture is how it looks, the one on the right is the selection screen for the style of your clock. I wish there was a centering option as there’s is a ton of wasted screen space but it’s just a first pass, it will get better.

      • tyguy829

        ohh that explains it. thanks a ton. I had a feature turned on in aokp to allow all widgets on the lockscreen, so it was treating it as a home screen widget. Turned that off, and the transparent background was gone.

  • DanWazz

    I don’t like the clock being off center when you add extensions. Great idea and i like a widget that is somewhat useful.

  • Derek Duncan

    if he works for Google, I wonder why Google didn’t just do it this way?

    • Probably because this was done on his ‘20% time’ that Google gives to their engineers. Basically they give license to their development staff to spend 20% of their at work time on whatever project they like in the hopes that that project can take off to be something larger or augment what is already happening. If this comes together well enough I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just rolled into the next version but as it stands now this app being available gets some eyes on it to refine to before they do that.

  • Lucas

    Why does mine have a dark transparent background …?

    • tyguy829

      same. it would look so much better without.

    • Steve Benson

      Are you putting this on your homescreen or lockscreen?

      Homescreen? You’ll have a dark transparent background.

      Lockscreen? It will look like pictured above.

      This is designed mainly for the lock screen. I don’t know whether he intended for this to be a regular widget or not?

      • Lucas

        I have it on my lockscreen and it still has the dark background behind it.

        • Justin Winker

          Same here. It looks really good otherwise, but I want the background to be transparent. On PA3.0 with NovaLauncher and can’t find any settings to make it transparent 🙁

          • Bryce Magee

            If you’re using PA3.0, turn off “Home screen widgets” under the “Lock screen” settings.

    • baconslayer09

      If you are on AOKP turn off the allow all widgets option in ROM Control

  • This makes me hope someone puts out a 4.2 ROM for my phone.

  • Edward S. Cohen

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  • Dr_Buttballs

    For anyone not on 4.2 you should try LockerPro. It let’s you see and reply to pretty much any app notification you install on you device. It also let’s you put widgets and shortcuts on your lock screen.

  • baconslayer09

    So why does your widget not have a dark transparent background, but mine does?

    • Same here

    • Are you using it on home screen?

  • Inquizitor

    Nice wallpaper. Source?

    • JumpingHooligans

      the color purple.

      • PyroHoltz

        oh, holy crap…this made me laugh.

        Today’s Public Service Announcement is brought to you by the color Purple.

      • LOL “WTF is juice? I want some grape drank. It’s water, sugar, and of course purple..”

    • EvanTheGamer


    • KatsumeBlisk

      Lustre comes with it I believe.

  • kevg73

    Loving this clock already after just a couple minutes. Also loving the late night blogging. Keep it up! You guys are usually done by 3 or 4 pm

  • moe6

    A less nice looking Chronos, could get better though!

    • Justin Winker

      Chronos? What’s that? xD

      Really, though, I thought that was a great name for it.

      • CyanogenMod Clock

        • Justin Winker

          Lol, I know. I was being sarcastic.

  • aNYthing6

    So…he basically took the idea from CyanogenMod (David van Tonder, in particular)?

    • This guy works for Google. He probably has had the idea since they started working on lock screen widgets for Android 4.2. It also does way more than cLock. You get gmail info, text info and more. Nurik also developed an extremely powerful sharing API so that the widget can receive information from multiple apps should developers choose to get on board. And the entire layout for the menus are clad in straight up Holo UI!

      Great ideas are not uncommon. A detailed lock screen widget with lots of useful information just so happens to be a great idea. I find it hard to imagine that only one person could have it.

  • Randy Kelly

    bad profile link