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Original DROID Incredible Reboot Fixing Update Now Rolling Out

incredible update

It’s still sort of wild to think that a 3-year old phone with “Verizon” branded across the top continues to receive updates. Yes, the DROID Incredible is apparently still alive and kickin’ in the pockets of many, enough that Big Red thought it needed to reduce random device reboots that were plaguing it.

So if you still own the “OG” Incredible, and it’s actually running stock software, hit up Settings>About phone>Software update to check for the 4.08.605.29 update. It’s all of 4MB in size, so even your 3G connection should be able to handle it.

Cheers David!

  • V.Sathishkumar

    I was waiting for this update for long time. Thanks to Verizon to take care of the update of old devices

  • Brent

    really? after 3 years? please, why bother now? too little, way too late.

  • richk

    I presently use a htc Rezound and am very happy with it. Having read about the incredible update, i took mine out of mothballs charged the battery and ran the update. No problems. Also updated about 20 apps i had on the phone. Then shut it down n removed the battery and its back in mothballs for an emergency backup. Was a good phone when i was useing it. Reallylike htc design and build quality.

  • Alan Winslow

    LOL. The Dinc is/was my FAV android phone but I put CM7 on it years ago.

  • Tyler

    I wonder how long this update has been sitting in there backlog of updates. HTC probably gave the file to Verizon over a year ago and Verizon is only now updating the phone.

  • Alan Marchman

    I’m running Jelly Bean on my old DINC. The kids play games on it. Maybe in 2 years VZW will roll out an update for my GNex.

  • I still use mine, but it hasn’t been stock since about 2 weeks after receiving it. 🙂

  • EngineerGA

    Do I still have to have Verizon service on my Incredible to get this? I have my Incredible and use it for a web browser and MP3 player on wi-fi at home but have moved on to numerous other Verizon devices since I last used it as a phone.

    • I just tested it on my old inactive stock Dinc and it loaded the update over wifi just fine! Hasn’t been active in well over a year; been in a drawer as emergency backup.

    • NexusMan

      I was actually using my Droid Incredible as a secondary wifi device also…until the random reboot issues started several months ago….Just fired it up to see if i could download the update, and guess what, Verizon? I CAN’T because it keeps rebooting before I can get to it! What a joke!

  • Fazor

    I still use the original Droid Incredible and am looking forward to this update. It’s really nice to see that Verizon still cares to update old phones. This was their first very successful Android so it I really enjoy seeing all of the attention that it still receives.

  • MrRageQuit

    “Reduced device reboots”
    We sorta fixed it but it still reboots itself.

  • Mike

    I’m typing this from an Incredible right now. Updated to CM10 and have rid myself of the 4.08xxxxx BS. That version would reboot and every 4 months would start deleting random applications until the phone entered a constant boot loop. Had to do a bunch of factory resets to have the phone useable. Waiting for something worthwhile to upgrade to. Nothing right now excites me.

    • When you make the jump from a single core to dual or higher you won’t believe how you could ever have used something so slow.

    • Alex

      How did you manage to update to CM10? I’m still stuck on CM7 and haven’t found a reliable way to upgrade yet. Hoping CM10 might tide me over until verizon gets around to releasing the M7.

      • Mike

        Check xda. The CM10 ROM is very good. Haven’t had any issues on mine.

  • Steve Tu

    CM7 was so easy to install on the Incredible AND solved almost all issues that stock had. Who in the world would keep running stock?

    • Chris A.

      I am running a stock ROM to hook my Dinc up to the head unit in my truck. I had CM7 but it doesn’t support TV out.

  • KB Smoka


  • Jonathan Bunch

    What’s next? ICS for the droid x?

  • Ibrick

    First the Thunderbolt, now the Incredible.
    Have to say I’m starting to like this new trend by VZ.

    • Big_EZ

      Yeah, I would love to get updates that are two years late for devices I no longer have.

      • Ibrick

        Yeah, screw the TBolt and Inc owners. Doesn’t effect me right?

        • Big_EZ

          Doesn’t effect many people at all, all the thunderbolt owners in know of ended up getting a Droid Charge as a replacement device (most of those have upgraded since) and verizon replaced mine with a Bionic which I’ve upgraded twice. It would be more beneficial to more consumers if they focused on current devices (less than two years old)

  • It’s like verizon is rooting through their warehouses to see what else they can update before the GNEX. Looks like my old D2G should be due soon!

  • DanWazz

    This update would have been helpful 2 years ago, when I used my OG Incredible, and it had these issues.

  • bakdroid

    GNex, RAZR, Bionic, D4, and Rezound updates please Verizon, thanks…

  • My Incredible rebooted itself like a mofo before I got rid of it. I wonder if this would have fixed it?