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Gameloft Releases First Gameplay Video for Blitz Brigade, a Team-based FPS


A couple of weeks back, Gameloft posted a teaser for its newest title, a “team-based” first person shooter (FPS) called Blitz Brigade. As was pointed out in the comments of that post, the game gave off a Team Fortress 2 and Battle Heroes feel. In this new gameplay video, I’d say it doesn’t shed that label at all. It still looks like it could be an entertaining mobile title, just not an original one.

  • MylesH55

    I know everybody will keep saying its Team Fortress 2, but its really A LOT more like Battlefield Heros in FPS mode. Compare the two and you’ll agree.

  • TF2 mobile. Nice.

  • Aardvark99

    Are there hats?

  • You do know that Gameloft and “Original Idea” are mutually exclusive, right? They survive on other people’s ideas.

  • flosserelli

    No doubt it resembles TF2. But if you are going to copy something, you might as well take from the best.

  • Jim McClain

    if ya cant play it on a large computer screen of a flat screen on the wall its just a waste of time

  • mustbepbs

    Gameloft, the EA of the mobile gaming scene.

  • I may stick with Shadowgun: Deadzone. They keep adding features and the game play is great cross-platform.

  • EvanTheGamer

    A team-based ripoff is more like it.

  • Does Gameloft just take all real games and make copies of them? I mean that looks like Team Fortress 2. LOL

    • Um, pretty much :). I will say, maybe it’s more of a commentary on the Android game scene, but I’ve actually found a lot of their titles to be some of the best of their kind though (FPS or 3rd Person Action, mainly)

      • John Burke

        Yeah they blatentely clone others but typically produce solid titles

    • Mack

      Pretty much. N.O.V.A series = Halo, Modern Combat = Call of Duty, etc.

  • Dane Carpenter

    Looks like “Battlefield Heroes” got a new name and is coming to Android

  • MrGy

    I still can’t get over the “thumbs covering 40% of the screen” issue. Do people just play with controllers?

    • Chris King

      Gameloft support’s moga

    • You, my friend, have GIANT thumbs. Tablets are the best for games like this.

    • 40% is a stretch, but I was pleasantly surprised by FPS mobile games (particularly gameloft’s and madfinger’s). Not to mention, the controls are generally at the bottom corners, where there usually isn’t too much on-screen action.

      I will say though, that it doesn’t match a *good* controller though, like the PS3 one using sixaxis. I was less impressed with the Moga and actually went back to the touchscreen controls for some tricky segments in MC4

  • Trevor

    Gameloft blows chunks looks nice in trailers but the gameplay is awful

    • Jim McClain

      game play is always awful when you try to play it on a phone

      • Trevor

        Fair enough but it shouldn’t be awful on my nexus 10

      • michael arazan

        Need a controller to play their games