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Nexus 4 Available From Lets Talk for $76 After Discounts

Nexus 4 3

Lets Talk, one of the bigger online wireless retailers, currently has the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile for the lowest price we have seen to date. If you are a current customer looking to add a new line, or a new customer to T-Mobile in general, you can grab the phone for $76.49 on-contract. The price they have listed actually says $84.99, but if you use the coupon code “TALK4TEN” at checkout, you’ll slash another $8.50 off the price, bring it $76.49.

Overnight shipping is free from Lets Talk. 

Keep in mind that these online wireless retailers tend to have critical lines in their fine print and contracts. Before jumping into bed with their insanely low price, always read through their documents thoroughly.

You are probably also better off just buying the phone through Google Play and then finding a really cheap prepaid plan. But, we wanted to share the deal anyway.

nexus 4 lets talk deal

Via:  Lets Talk

Cheers Scott!


    Its a simple question of pay now,or pay later. And in this world,most of the people always will choose pay later. Thats why we always see people not paying their bills,getting disconnected,ect,ect. People want the most they can get today,for the least amount they can pay today. And they seem not to worry about tommorow at all. I guess thats not surprising with the situation were in today. :

  • lrohenaz

    no thanks, i’ll pay $300 for the phone from google, and pay $45/month on t-mobile’s towers with straight talk. I win.

  • Stay away from these discount retailers. I bought my Gnex from Letstalk and it was a nightmare. I talked a CSR into letting me switch to unlimited data from a tiered plan (after it was gone) and then lets talk charged me a early termination fee because it reduced my plan billing by one penny.

  • Breezeaz

    $349 looks good to me compared to contract price. I need some advice re: insuramce. Is there insurance that can be purchased on the phone or can I get the monthly insurance from T-Mobile?

  • Jon Mesenbrink

    Really is sad…I loved this phone and what it meant till T-Mobile destroyed what it was. Luckily I can still use it on Solavei for $49 with 4GB data limit (yeah, not unlimited, but I have wifi at home).

    • Droidzilla

      What’s wrong with T-Mo? Can’t you still get it on Play and use the $30/month (or any other prepaid) plan?

  • Detonation

    Signing a contract to get this phone kind of defeats the purpose…

    • picaso86

      Thank you… Someone with common sense.

    • lrohenaz

      right on.

  • ArrowCool

    Where do they get the price of $549.99? Last I checked the 16GB device is only $349 off contract.

    • Diablo81588

      I guess that’s how much TMobile charges for it?

    • UndergroundWire

      You do know that Google sells it to you at a subsidized price. You can’t use the $349 argument against T-Mobile. Some people don’t have the upfront cash to get a Nexus 4 so they will get it from T-Mobile since they pay less upfront.

  • baconslayer09

    2 year contract at $80 with 21% Illinois BS cellular tax (I know it’s lower elsewhere) is $97 per month for 24 months, which is $2323 dollars, add $76 for the phone and it’s $2400, totaling $100 per month.

    With T-Mobile prepaid $60 plan (exact same thing) + ~8.5% sales tax and the cost of a 16 GB phone from the Play store, it’s $1950. So yeah, save those $450.

    You can even do better if you do the $30 plan (100 min, unlimited texting, 5 GB data), almost $800 better than the $60 plan.

    • Ryuuie

      What? Complaining about 21% tax? Bahahahaha. I WISH I had 21%. :I

      I live in Nebraska, the cellular tax here is reaching 24.5%. That is the highest in the nation and is current as of yesterday.

      Straight Talk’s $45 plan boosts up to $50 for me, my Sprint plan was $89/mo when it should’ve been closer to $65 or so. Yeah…it sucks here.

      • baconslayer09

        Illinois is something like 8th. Either way, it’s a rip off to be on a contract because of those taxes. I won’t even consider T-Mobile’s $45 value plan because of the $15-20 in taxes I’ll get charged each month.

        • Ryuuie

          I hear ya and I think IL is 8th, yeah. Every time I look at a plan, I have to add $20 or so to it. Even affects prepaid (but not as much as it does postpaid)…

      • michael arazan

        Gotta love Missouri, we have had one of the cheapest tax rates here since i was born

        • I live in Springfield, MO!!!

          • levar01

            Holla back thought I was the only one.

  • Spider210

    why even post this…

    • JetBlue

      If you don’t like the article then avoid reading articles that relate in the future simple as that. Droid-Life can’t cater to everybody’s needs.

    • VicVicVic

      It’s nice to know this information, even if you do not plan to purchase the phone from Let’s Talk.

    • r0lct

      Some people may not have $350 +tax/shipping so this is an alternative for them even though it costs more over the long run.

  • Tim242

    Not worth it.

    • Frank Fiorta

      Why not? Just curious…

      • baconslayer09

        See my post below, you’re better off going on prepaid and buying the phone from Google. Hell, you can get the phone for $550 and still be better off than signing that contract.