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Video: First Look at Carbon for Twitter on Android

carbon twitter android

Carbon for Twitter is finally available on Android. Yes, on Super Bowl Sunday, the longest delayed Twitter app in history has been released to Google Play – and it’s free. After a few minutes with it, I can easily say that this is one of the better designed apps we have seen. It’s ultra fast, utilizes gestures for navigation, and includes almost all of the features I look for in a Twitter app. Is it better than Falcon Pro, you ask? I’ll let you decide that. What I will say, is that it has a lot going for it.

Here is the list of features:

  • Tilt Timeline to Refresh
  • Power Scroll: Scroll/Swipe up or down using Two fingers to jump to top or bottom of Timelines
  • Tap+Hold on Tweets to make everything clickable right on the Timeline
  • QuickTimeline, home screen quick Timeline for Lists, Searches, Trends, etc…
  • Rich Timelines with full inline images and videos
  • Rich and HD style for User Profiles
  • Rich and fun Conversation View
  • Threaded Direct Messages
  • Background updates with quick actions for Jelly Bean, per account
  • Username Autocomplete
  • Filters for Hashtags, Users, and Keywords

As with any app, it’ll take some use before I can decide if it’s going to be my new Twitter app of choice. Falcon Pro is a beast and will be tough to overcome, but you know what, choices are never a bad thing. Go grab it!

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  • Falcon Pro is really a king of Twitter apps for Android users. Great look and best option for tweeting.

  • MikeSaver

    Is there an app that lets you get tweets from your lists as notificationa?

  • ShadrachCA

    Might I suggest that for those who install, end up not liking it and uninstall, go into your Twitter settings and revoke access for the app to free up the token? Now that 3rd-party Twitter apps are limited to 100,000 users, it seems a common courtesy to free up a token for an app you’re not using.

  • Flyinion

    Soooo, I’ve been using Tweetcaster forever. I don’t actually do much tweeting (mostly just for contests) but do follow a few people on Twitter. Any reason to use this over Tweetcaster? Anything that would be better for my situation?

  • Do the filters for hashtags and usernames and keywords work as a mute? If so, I’m leaving Tweetcaster and their ZipIt. I would LOVE a keyword mute!

  • Lex_407

    All right! He’s a sneakerhead!

  • Scott Bowen

    Carbon is nice but late… FalconPro is my favorite client right now.. Really outside of the animations all I see is a bunch of missing features…

  • branshaw09

    Am I missing something or is there no widget for this?

  • Br_d

    I like that it supports multiple accounts, unlike Falcon Pro.

    Both apps annoyingly cut off images in the timeline so you have to drill down into the image to see the whole thing. Carbon is a little better at it but I don’t understand why they don’t just show the whole image inline.

    I don’t like that Carbon doesn’t show you how many tweets you have left as you are scrolling up.

    I prefer Falcon Pro’s conversation view, because it’s listed in chronological order. Carbon’s is in reverse chronological order, so if you want to read a conversation you have to scroll to the bottom and work your way up. That’s weird.

    Other than that, it’s a pretty nice looking Twitter app and I will definitely keep it installed.

  • ill keep an eye on it… but my favorite feature of Falcon is the internal browser! i love not having to hop between apps to look at links!!

    • Br_d

      I agree. That internal browser is a killer feature.

  • Carbon seems to load faster and run better on my HTC One V than Falcon Pro, which is enough to get me to switch.

  • I enjoy this much more than Falcon Pre honestly. It will get there with features and functionality eventually. The only thing that’s really not great is how to view the pictures and videos.

  • It opens up and loads content on my HTC One V faster than Falcon Pro, and is at least as smooth scrolling, if not smoother than Falcon Pro. Good enough for me, uninstalling Falcon Pro for this.

  • *Finally:* a Twitter mobile client with username autocomplete for *everyone* you follow. Holy hell, how hard of a feature to implement is that? The only other client I know that does this is MetroTwit for Windows.

    OTOH, lack of push notifications is rather Stone Age. That said, this will be very useful for composing tweets while using the official app for notifications.

    • Talkdj

      Amen to that brother!!!

  • Falcon is so much better. After all the hype and drama for this app, it sucks. Falcon Pro ftw.

  • are people getting notifications with this app? Have them turned on, but getting nothing.

    • I think I am also not getting notifications every 15 minutes, but that might be because my MESSAGES was off in the settings for notifications.

  • jcorf

    Yeah, I’m gonna stick with Falcon Pro.

  • Joe Fischer

    Needs push notifications and an option for refresh interval

    • John

      Ya as soon as I saw that you couldn’t change the refresh interval, I uninstalled & went back to FalconPro

  • No tablet support…. Sniffle

  • xxdesmus

    completely unnecessary animations. Sticking with Falco Pro without question.

    • All UI animations are “unnecessary”. So what’s your point?

      • xxdesmus

        My point was a pretty obvious. Sticking with Falcon Pro.

    • So intrusive that I am 15 minutes in and no longer using it.

  • lamenting

    Swipe from left to right on the home tab to switch accounts, btw..

  • I still think that Plume is quite possibly the best twitter app I’ve ever used, and have yet to see one come close to taking it’s place.

    • Marcus Thomas

      I agree. Plume is easily better than Falcon Pro and I’m not that impressed with Carbon so far. It looks nice, but that’s about it. same for Falcon Pro. It looks nice, but Plume still beats it.

    • Br_d

      Why? What does it do better? I’m not trolling, I’m genuinely wondering as I haven’t used Plume in a couple years.

  • jaw_shoe_uh


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


    • brian

      Color scheme, especially on AMOLED screens is crazy!!! He should alternate between grays and blacks, coz am seriously getting confused, especially in the timeline. And I also wish the tabs were permanently stuck up on top!!! Either way, they have a very long way to go before they can reach Falcon Pro level

  • Orlando Ja, Jr.

    No tablet support

  • Rodeojones000

    Forgive my ignorance here, but what’s wrong with the actual Twitter app? I’ve been using it for years with no issues. I’m always curious as to why there’s talk of these 3rd party apps.

    • codemonkey85

      Third party apps tend to come with more customization and more advanced features, not to mention improved widgets.

      • Rodeojones000

        This is the beauty of Android – options. I must say, it is quite nice. I like the dark theme. I just wish it was tablet compatible. I might give it a try for a while on my phone.

    • Emmanuel Korkodilos

      For 2 years the actual twitter app wouldn’t store my username and password, so I had to enter both in every time. I gave up about a year ago, there was not point in being frustrated.

      This carbon looks very nice so far.

    • Br_d

      No inline images, can’t view Instagram images within the app, no link previews, no unread counts, doesn’t display the Twitter client that tweets were posted from, no TweetMarker support, no tablet version, no dark theme. I’m sure I would find more things wrong with it if I actually used it regularly, but those things are the reasons why I don’t.

    • Scott Bowen

      The Twitter app seems outdated and doesn’t take full advantage of Android’s coding techniques… like swiping to a new screen versus pressing a button..

  • Falcon is way better, but as always, gotta keep eyes on the others!!

  • Now if only there was a facebook replacement app that worked this well and used the holo theme

    • I personally like Friendcaster. Doesn’t use the holo theme, but has a dark theme when you open the app.

      • michael arazan

        I saw friendcaster and first thought it said Friendster

    • Yeah really, I’m sick of FB’s lamo colours.

    • TheWenger

      I’m working on it 😉

  • Qbancelli

    You’re right about Falcon Pro, that guy is constantly improving with added features.

    I’ll give this a try, but so far not digging the black color.

    • possomcrast1

      Seriously Falcon Pro is a great value. It was great to begin with but has gotten multitudes better with so many updates.

      • Tough to beat Falcon Pro. But may as well give this a quick look since it’s free.

    • dylan84

      Falcon Pro is definitely the best one out there. Great app. Tried Carbon for a bit but came back to Falcon pretty quickly.

  • possomcrast1

    Looks a little like Falcon.

    • in what way? … and, so far, Falcon Pro is better, but I hate to compare the two. They both stand out on their own, and are both better than the Official app. Looking forward to updates.

      • possomcrast1

        The sliding and darker theme.