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GameStick Unveils New Design With Help of Backers


GameStick, the newest overnight Kickstarter-inspired portable Android gaming system sensation, announced today that they have signed off on a new design with the help of feedback from backers. After the initial and much squarer design was received with mixed feelings, this new version of the GameStick looks much more appealing to average and advanced gamers – well, according to its creators. 

Here is what they had to say:

As you will see we have rounded the edges quite a bit so that our controller feels better in the hand. We then lost the groove between the middle section of the controller and the top deck so that it feels smooth all round…we extended the palm grips so that they feel more substantial and also changed the magic ratio between the top and bottom edges, adding 3mm to the leading edge so that the controller sits more naturally in your hand…

We made the D pad rubber so it feels nice to touch and provides good levels of grip. We changed the PLAY buttons to XBYA to make it as easy as possible for developers to port their games. We improved the analog sticks to use full multi-way + switch systems and rubberized the mushroom caps. We support a full a 45 degree tilt angle so that you can very accurately control the games you love to play…

Beyond buttons and rounded edges, the GameStick team is trying to futureproof the device for both Miracast and wireless charging:

We hated the idea of having to keep plugging your controller in to charge it up (although it supports around 40 hours of game play on a single charge) and so we wanted to add a contact based charging system and also to support a full wireless charging solution that could be built in to the GameStick Dock…

At the outset of this project we wanted to be able to power the GameStick from its controller so that you could stream games directly from the controller to any screen that was Miracast enabled…We have been pioneering this work and to lay the foundation we wanted to ensure that our controller was future proof…

So you have a fully revamped controller, one that should be futureproof with next-gen Miracast and wireless technologies. I know we don’t seem to be seeing much of a middle ground when it comes to loving or hating these affordable Android gaming systems, but the portability of this one, along with the early dedication from the team to listen to its customers is always a good sign.

New Design



Via:  Kickstarter

  • This looks much better now. I like this form factor.

    • New_Guy

      As do I. I like the idea of being able to carry this around in my pocket.

      • michael arazan

        Looke like supernintendo and playstation mixes together

  • EvanTheGamer

    This is still a pass for me. Besides, I already have too many gaming handhelds as it is and I’m a early backer of the OUYA and even though the OUYA isn’t a handheld system, I still have no need for yet another portable gaming handheld system, even if it is Android based.

    The OUYA will have the better games, and the controller still looks a lot nicer. Not trying to bash the GameStick(sure the casual gamers out there will love it), just stating the facts is all.

  • mustbepbs

    What a bore.

  • I don’t know why people like to play games with their thumbs in this position: o

  • If I can throw an emulator on this and play nes games… I’d buy it for sure

    • EvanTheGamer

      You can do this and a HELL of a lot more with the OUYA.

      • JoshGroff

        Or with any other pocket-able android device including but not limited to the N7. I do kinda like the controller though, looks thin enough to pocket and if I can pair it with my N7, I just might grab one.

        • I’ve done this on my phone, but realistically, I wouldn’t want to have my phone tied to my TV if I needed to use it.

          • JoshGroff

            I don’t use a TV, I almost exclusively play mobile/PC games. Heck, I don’t even have an HDTV.

          • I happen to have a 55in samsung LED and it’s lovely haha

          • JoshGroff

            I just don’t see the point of having something that you can only use at home.

          • Guest

            And how does that make you feel?

          • JoshGroff

            I never really sat and thought about it.

          • Understandable. If I’m out and about, I’m not going to be gaming on my phone though. to each their phone. If I’m going to be gaming, it’ll prob be at home or a buddy’s place

      • True, but OUYA requires that console… even though it’s small, the idea of just a controller sounds a lot better to me. I see what you’re saying though.

        • New_Guy

          And it should be cheaper than OUYA as well. Nothing against OUYA at all because it’s sick. But, I find myself leaning towards this.

  • first

    • Why?

      • EvanTheGamer

        Because they never picked him first in sporting events in school.

        lol jk

        • JoshGroff

          I was never picked first either, but I don’t say first.

        • To me it’s just like people who post ‘ugh’ on FB and leave it at that.

          • VoiceofSky


        • Why does everyone have to try to ruin my big day?