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Android Crushes Competition, Captures 70% of World’s Smartphone Marketshare in Q4

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According to a report out of Strategy Analytics, Android Q4 marketshare showed a 38% growth over last year’s, totaling at a 70.1% worldwide domination. Last year, during this same time, Android held a respectable 51.3%, followed by Apple’s iOS at just 23.6%. Now, Apple has dropped just a hair to 22% evenly, while Android grows by leaps and bounds, shipped on roughly 152.1 million devices in three months. 

Android Q4

As for any company that decides to go up against two corporations that hold 92% of the worldwide smartphone market, things are not looking bright.

Via: Engadget | Strategy Anayltics

Image: Fat Face & Me

  • Overkast

    This is stupid. There are more companies making android phones vs. ONE iOS maker. Of course Android is Crushing the Competition” Why don’t you compare iphone 5 vs one specific android phone like nexus or something. And before you nerds think I’m a apple fan boy I’m not I have use both platforms for different needs.

  • darkl3ad3r

    I’d love to see a breakdown of Android’s sales by OEM.

    Willing to bet a massive portion is Samsung. Couldn’t possibly be HTCrap lol

  • frankandsimple

    so what? same reason why Kardashians are more popular than Indira Nooyi.

  • frankandsimple

    3rd world countries love their cheapy Android devices. wonder why Android could never surpass ios in the US though.

  • It’s impressive, but the way of how the Android ecosystem operates worry me. Let’s go back to the days when Microsoft owned over 90% of the OS market and see what problem it had — it’s getting harder and harder to convince people to update. And we know that Microsoft can push updates at will. Look back to Android, the only phones that Google can push updates directly is the Nexus. As more and more people become Android users, I can’t imagine how Google can push important updates such as bug fixes to the users. Put it simply, they can’t, in most cases. And, some phones will never see the bug fixes. Because of that, I simply can’t recommend mid-tier phones, or small OEM phones to people — those phones are least likely to be updated timely.

  • master94

    Android 100% soon by 2016. I call it

  • qwopzxnm

    152,100,000 units in Q4 / (92 Days in Q4 X 24 hours in a day X 60 Minutes in an hour X 60 seconds in a minute) = 19.135 Android Devices shipped per SECOND in Q4 2012.

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Not sure why so many people here think crushing Apple into the dust would be a good thing. Android needs a polished strong competitor to keep driving improvement and innovation. Look at how Intel has stopped caring about the enthusiast market with their complete domination over AMD.

  • And this is why Windows Mobile doesn’t stand a chance, as good as it might actually be. You just can’t recover from being this far behind.

  • Droidzilla

    Crazy that Apple shifted 10.8 million more units and still lost marketshare to Android! Resistance is futile . . .

    • 10.8M “high-end” iOS units compared to the gazillion Android (ranges from low to high-end) out there? doesn’t take a genius…

      • Calvin Williams

        Most of those Android sales are GS2, GS3, Note and Note 2’s

    • michael arazan

      Countries like India and china with half the world’s population is using Android the most and because of the cost, lower/ middle class in those countries can’t afford iphones. iphone caters to status like symbols even being stagnant in innovation now. Can’t wat to see it drop to 15% by the end of 2013

      • Gerret Walczak

        Someone was listening to NPR last night.

  • Tim242

    Let’s hope last quarter doesn’t keep happening. iPhones were 8 out of 10 on at&t, 6-7 out of 10 on Verizon.

  • EvanTheGamer

    This is excellent!

    Android FTW!

    iOS FTL!

    • rals

      This far from the truth. Apple can be content with the market share they have now. They have one thing that Google wish they had from Android and that is a great gross margin on the products they sell.

      • JasonIvers

        Actually, Google doesn’t try for gross margins on their devices… they make it later from people using their services (i.e. GMail, Google Maps, etc.).

        • rals

          Correct, I should of re-worded that properly.

  • John

    Yet getting absolutely demolished in the U.S.

    • bose301s

      How so, Android is still the #1 Smartphone OS in the US as well, just not as hugely dominant as worldwide, but still dominant.

      • last time I checked, the US is still in the world, right?

      • The carrier numbers from AT&T and Verizon have the iPhone murdering Android in the last quarter. AT&T sold 8.6 MM iPhones and 1.8 MM other smartphones, and Verizon sold 6.2 MM vs. 3.6 others.

        The vast majority of the others are Android, but that’s still at least 3-1.

        • bose301s

          1 quarter does not make up the entire market, Android is so far ahead in the US that even those 4th quarter numbers wont change much.

          • Sure, one quarter can only do so much. That’s a pretty troubling quarter, though. The significance of getting beaten 3-1 can’t really be overstated.

            Word from Verizon is that half the iPhones they sold were the older models, so that means that Apple is negating Android’s traditional (big) advantage – the low price-point market.

          • TylerChappell

            But it also means that a lot of naive iPhone users are getting themselves stuck on 2-year contracts with 3G service, lmao.

          • pappy53
      • Tim242

        Last quarter wasn’t so good. 8 out of 10 smartphones sold by at&t were iPhones….6 out of 10 for Verizon.

        • TylerChappell

          But at least we can count on those people being bitter when the next iPhone comes out. The iPhone 5S. Looks like “55”. Designed for senior citizens, 55 and older.

      • pappy53

        IOS is now the #1 OS in the U.S., and Android lost some U.S.marketshare. Get your facts straight!


        • Tim242

          You are confused. That is 4th quarter sales market share, not install base market share. Do you really think Apple went from 32-51% in one quarter? Get your facts straight.

    • NeedName


  • Green

    Sorry for being off-topic, but a crocheted Andy! I can make that!
    Oh, and the numbers are impressive. There’s still so many stubborn Apple people out there, though.

    • chadstone30

      where can i buy a crochet Andy?

      • I hear Green up there is making one for every DL reader!

      • Green

        I don’t know. Maybe etsy? If I look closely at the picture, I can make one for myself. 🙂

        • Higher_Ground

          Do you know of any patterns? I just started knitting and might be willing to teach myself how to crochet for this. The few I found online don’t look as nice as the one in the photo.

  • hjm331

    I’m sure Samsung’s marketing efforts had something to do with that.

  • JetBlue

    And probably half those phones are running GB.

    • Dragonetti Surprise

      Lol. You’re right. Those gingerbread numbers are slowly diminishing, painfully slow for my taste however. We really need a jumpstart in Jellybean/Ice Cream Sandwich distribution.

      • Blame the manufacturers and carriers. They don’t see any immediate profit in it, so they won’t bother.

        • Dragonetti Surprise

          Of course there is that as well. I blame Verizon, most of all of course. They are pure Nazis with those updates.

          Just look at how they desecrated the Galaxy Nexus. Verizon was on my shite list before the G-Nex, but that was sort of the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, regardless of their LTE being blazing fast and me still having unlimited data.

          • That is the ONLY reason I am still on Verizon, as it stands, I pay 30 a month for unlimited 4G. As soon as VZW tries to wrench that away from me, I’ll drop them like a rock.

    • I was in that list up until last week. 😛

  • Futbolrunner

    My friend bought the Verizon HTC Windows phone because she thinks its going to be the next “it” platform. She has a bad record. (BlackBerry, Thunderbolt, now this)

    All I have to say is “HA-HA” (Nelson voice)

    • aw c’mon, the Thunderbolt wasn’t that bad! 🙁 fwiw, once VZW stopped putting out updates that made it worse, it wasn’t bad, and had a lot of good custom roms.

    • TylerChappell

      My Thunderbolt has been a tank, and has survived a lot as its exterior shows. It was a great phone for those who rooted it and had a fast, stable GB ROM on it. I dropped it so many times on concrete and from various heights and the screen never once broke. Eventually the vol+ just went bad and wouldnt work, forcing me to use a widget to adjust the vol, but other than that, and a rocky start for the first 3 months, it’s been solid for me.

  • Dragonetti Surprise

    Such commensurate growth…market share in tandem with profit margins. Very impressive.

    Do work, Google. Keep your thumb firmly on that fruity company everyone loves to love/hate.

  • monkey082506

    O yea (in Koolaid guy voice)

  • Andrew