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NVIDIA Looks to Enter the Smartphone and Tablet Manufacturing Game By Way of “White-Labeling”


Juicy rumor time, folks. According to Russian tech site, Mobile Review, NVIDIA has major plans for 2013 that go way beyond that of Project SHIELD and Tegra 4. Apparently, NVIDIA is currently looking to work with local and regional hardware manufacturers to get themselves directly into designing and making devices. The process is called white-labeling and it’s nothing new in the industry. As a quick reference, one company makes the product, then another slaps their logo/name on it and calls it their own, saving the expenses of investing in the necessary infrastructure. 

From what is in the report, NVIDIA has their eyes set on both tablets and smartphones, with plans to start designing and creating their devices around May or June of this very year. If all goes according to plan, we will begin to see a ton of cheap (but not any less in quality terms) 7-10″ tablets hitting the market, all running NVIDIA chipsets.

Now, for a Tegra fanboy such as myself this is great news, but I am also a little worried when a company would literally dive headfirst into hardware. No, they aren’t new kids on the block by any means, but I am somewhat curious as to how these tablets/phones will turn out since they are being manufactured by “smaller” companies. If anything, this is another great way for them to peddle Tegra-exclusive games and apps.

NVIDIA branded hardware – do you want it?

Via: Unwired View | Mobile Review

  • Feztheforeigner

    Can’t wait to see who Nvidia may partner with!

    Also, just a pet peeve of mine, this is not using literally correctly…
    literally dive headfirst into hardware

  • Christopher Riner

    I am definitely excited to see this. Hoping to see more company’s go the way of Google. I would love to keep my Verizon line and start seeing Motorola “X” phones and Tegra 4 devices popping up as cheap off contract alternatives at awesome unsubsidized prices like the nexus line.

    Definitely a little worried too see what the quality will be, tho. They might have a few hiccups with radios and whatnot, but I’ll bet they can put out a pretty sweet tablet and its definitely something in interested in buying.

  • stephan390

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  • I like Nvidia’s release schedule. They always get new stuff out first: Dual core, quad core A9, and now quad core A15. But in the long run their processors just don’t seem to be as good as Samsung Exynos or Qualcomm Snapdragon. I don’t think i would ever buy an Nvidia branded product.

  • HighRes

    Looking forward to it. The only sad thing in all of this is DAAMIT (AMD/ATI): I really don’t want to see that company go the way of VIA

    • I have always loved AMD, and I have been following their Fusion initiative since it was announced. I think that they could really make a massive comeback in mobile if they play their cards right. They are already mapping out their own ARM processors, so with the addition of a low-power, high-performance Radeon GPU and their unique take on combining CPU and GPU compute power, they could easily eclipse Nvidia as the dominant mobile/console gaming chipset of choice.

      • droidftw

        Nvidia is the same on mobile and on PC. They market their products as the best by having games say “made for Tegra” or “built for GeForce”. AMD is winning in the desktop GPU market currently and Qualcomm is winning on the mobile front. They market their products to look like they are winning and they do it very successfully.

        • renz

          in mobile front there is no question qualcomm pretty much leading the pack. now nvidia try to upset the balance by providing cheap solution with respectable performance (for the price it might sell) with decent quality parts.

          on consumer dekstop gpu nvidia and amd are pretty much equal to each other. if amd really dominates the market then amd wouldn’t need to postpone their HD8k series to Q2 this year.

          • droidftw

            When I say currently I mean current generation cards. With the release of the 12.11 drivers each level of AMD card beats it’s equivalently priced Nvidia card.

  • interstellarmind

    This article states NVIDIA could potentially putout brand exclusive games. I think that’s 100% true.

    If I wanted a closed ecosystem, NVIDIA, I would’ve gotten an iphone!

    • JoshGroff

      They already are putting out processor exclusive games. The article is saying this is another way to sell them by creating their own devices and putting them into the market expanding the number of devices with Tegra processors in them.

      • michael arazan

        Let’s hope that also includes quality displays like the N 10, rich gaming experience requires great hardware and great visuals.

        • JoshGroff

          I hope so!

  • Big fan of Nvidia so I am excited