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R.I.P Galaxy Nexus LTE – Device No Longer Available From Verizon

galaxy nexus verizon

Just over a year after being released as one of the most anticipated devices in Android history (in communities like ours), the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus is no longer available. The last we saw of the G-Nex was when Big Red killed off the 32GB variant in favor of a 16GB at $50 with a new 2-year contract. Since then, it has gone in and out of the certified pre-owned section when it’s not making appearances on daily deal sites

It had a great run. Even if Verizon made a mockery of it as a Nexus device by refusing to give it the update attention it deserved, the Galaxy Nexus LTE is still one of the top devices among DL readers. It has a ROM community that won’t quit and seems to give the phone new life every time a new version of Android is released, again, no thanks to carrier it is connected to.

So since the device is no longer available directly from Verizon, let’s have a quick moment of silence for one of the icons in the industry. And I don’t care that it had abysmal battery life – it was still one of the most important Android phones to ever hit store shelves. But also, we need to have a moment of silence because we may never see a device like it on Verizon ever again.

Cheers Andrey!

  • RIP Galaxy Nexus LTE. I still have mine and it’s like a new toy by each ROM I use on it. This is one tough piece of technology!

  • n900mixalot

    I need to look away before I start to get emotional. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry …

  • Justin John

    Does this mean that the device will not be receiving Android 4.2.1 at all? Did they completely stop their support for the device?

    • I wouldn’t count on it. If you haven’t I think now’s the time to get into the ROOT and ROM game. Its actually very easy if you follow the directions, and in no time you’ll be running 4.2.1…

  • Could this be the end of the Nexus line for Verizon? I really hope not. Custom roms for the next couple of years will be nice!

  • n900mixalot

    This is the most beautiful article I’ve ever read from the world of tech blogging.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I bought my G-nex on day one and it is STILL my daily driver. I’ve never been able to put up with a device for longer than about 6 months. I’m not even tired of it yet. I just installed CM 10.1 yesterday and it’s great!

    As far as battery…

    I bought that spare battery/charger combo that let’s you charge the device and an extra battery simultaneously. Problem solved. If my battery dies, I pop in the spare. I always have a charged battery on standby.

  • Stevedub40

    *Plays taps..*

  • Lets say I break/loose my G-Nexus … Would Verizon/Ausiron [how ever you spell it] give me a certified/like new one?

    • Stevedub40

      They may still have some in stock for replacements, but they will no longer be selling the device direct.

    • n900mixalot

      I just got a new one on Tuesday and sent my other one back.

  • trophynuts

    Shout to VZW for Teo’ing us before Teo’ing was cool into thinking this was a legit Nexus Device THAT WOULD RECEIVE THE SAME UPDATE ATTENTION AS A NORMAL NEXUS DEVICE. Aside from the garbage battery life and garbage radios it was a fun device at times with all of the Roms. I agree we will never see another “nexus” on Verizon.

  • monkey082506

    Still rocking it and they can’t make me stop!

  • Jérôme Besnard

    I probably had my father-in-law buy the last one today! I had my own unlocked HSPA GNex until Santa came and gave me the Nexus 4. The dream goes on.

  • John Murray

    As soon as the Play Store gets their act together, Verizon is history for me.

  • Still in love with this phone. The slick no button, no carrier design attracted me in the first place and it remains a handsome device that has withstood my not so-gentle hands.

    I only hope that there is a worthy successor when my contract is up. The Nexus 4 is nice but I’m not a fan of the non-removable glass back.

    After crack flashing I’ve settled on Paranoid Android which, for me, is EXACTLY what I want out of my phone. Minimal, easily adjustable DPI and UI settings, Jelly Bean 4.2, and the new PIE feature is nice.

  • Nanogeek

    if my nexus breaks im gonna be so sad i can’t get another

  • Austin

    The worst phone I had with Verizon. I worked for them for 4 years too. It dropped connection, and had the known samsung issue that was prevalent on the charge as well. Talk for 5-15 minutes no one can hear you anymore. Swapped out, and then had to return. Had high hopes for it, but my my iphone wielding cousin was getting better reception then me and beating me in a speed test the month it came out I had to get rid of it. Since than my Razr Maxx blew him away this last christmas 🙂

    • Mack

      Sucks that you had issues with it, can’t say I’ve experienced any of those problems myself. Glad you’re happy with your Razr Maxx though, Motorola’s quality is top of the line.

  • Medications

    Still the best phone I’ve ever owned, granted I’ve only had the OG DROID and this in the post-flip phone era, but I’m due for an upgrade in August and I can’t wait for the Galaxy S4. I’m so used to it now that I’m fine with it, but the Nexus radios and battery life has been terrible since day 1.I carry a spare battery in my wallet at all times and another in my jacket as a work around, it’ll be nice to not have to do that anymore

  • yummy

    I love mine so much. Unlimited data, lte, and lossless zips on archive.org. A match made in deadhead heaven. Love my battery sucking gnex

  • david

    What does this mean for the device receiving 4.2.1 OTA?

    • KleenDroid

      We have had it for many months now.

  • jerflash

    I have the GNEX and i still have my OG DROID in working condition running Jelly Bean! I will never sell these phones!!!

  • mustbepbs
  • I don’t get it. It’s still one of the most powerful phones they have, it’s got a great screen…are they dumping it simply due to it’s age or the fact they finally realized that Nexus devices weren’t for them because they require actual product support?

    • Droidzilla

      They can’t monetise it with their old-school, feature phone business model. That’s how Big Red rolls.

  • James Baranowski

    I am keeping mine till it, lost, stolen, breaks, or is bricked…

    • Pedro

      Can you actually brick it? I sure tried (unintentionally). Fastboot made what I thought was death a minor inconvenience.

  • so does this mean there will no longer be any “official” updates for it? Yes, I’m still non-rooted and stock because so far I’ve been able to do what I need without rooting it – but if I’m never going to get a newer version of JB then I guess I should read up on how to root it & make use of some ROMS…

  • MSlab


  • TheCheapGamer

    Here’s to the phone I almost bought!

  • Dan Lopez

    So what happens if you need a replacement?

    • replacements for a year old device most defiantly would come from an insurance company and not verizon

  • i’ll never forget how they jerked me around with the release of the Gnex. I lost all trust in verizon over that.

  • Now we just have to wait for it to no longer be available from the insurance company so I can drop mine when the next Nexus comes out… 🙂

  • Scott Bowen

    *reboots my GNexus* for a moment of silence..

  • Tim242

    The Verizon Nexus was not perfect, but I absolutely loved it. I have moved on to the Note II. While I love it, I miss my Sexy Nexy.

    • drparty

      About the only thing I miss are the on screen buttons.

    • Booyah

      Was the size a crazy thing to get used to? Would think going from 4.65 to 5.5 is quite a jump.

      • Tim242

        It was a bit of a jump. After a few weeks with it, it seems normal. Everything else just feels tiny now.

  • George Fayad

    Toro running JBSourcery here. First Verizon smartphone I ever owned that I don’t want to replace after owning it since launch!

    • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

      Same here. Smooth as butter & exceptional battery life. With the most amazing dev following I’m not giving up my baby anytime soon. I still remember picking it up on launch day; it was the first time I felt like a kid with the coolest new toy in the world in ad long as I can remember. A true game changer, despite the despicable experience offered to stock users.

  • Xious

    I am just hoping that the X Phone lives up to the rumors and works on Verizon. Otherwise, I may be on the GN for a long time. You just cannot beat the community support.

  • Scott Bowen

    i wonder what will Insurance replacements be…

  • Ben

    Coming from a Thunderbolt, the battery life was downright amazing!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Noooooooooooooo! Well..guess all great things must come to an end sometime. The good ole Galaxy Nexus will continue to shine as one of the greatest and most customizable phones Android has ever seen!

  • Verizon update approval be damned, I absolutely LOVE my LTE Gnex and, for my money, it’s the single best version of the device available.


    Hopefully this is followed by that rumored Google/moto phone. I need a good replacement for this cracked nexus.

  • NickA55

    I just picked my up to pay homage to it, but the battery is dead. Even if it were charged I wouldn’t have been able to get a signal with the crappy radios anyway. Good riddance I say.

  • Tom Snow

    My GNex was stolen the day after Christmas. Forced to go back to my Thunderbolt. #Biggestdisapointmentofmylife

  • it deserved better treatment from Verizon, thankfully the dev community unlocked it’s full potential for us. Because of which I don’t see myself giving mine up in the forseeable future.

  • Tony Allen

    Well I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, I’ve moved on to the Note II but the Galaxy Nexus will always be my go-to for crackflashing fun and tinkering!

  • Jwhap

    I love my gnex! Guess I will be buying off contact until my current contact is up! It has been a great run! Hopefully, Google figures out a way to get us Verizon users another nexus device!

  • Matreyu Hermano

    I have this phone. I love the software and form factor. What I DON’T like is the radio’s. My wife’s Moto Droid 4 gets LTE in places where I can barely pick up a weak 3G signal. And my battery life isn’t too great, had to get the extended battery to make it through the day.

  • Rich Wentz

    F*** Verizon. I wish they had a crappy network and no unlimited data so I could leave and never look back…

  • Guest


  • Gnexus Verizon with AOKP 4.2.1 JBmr1 build 2 (whatever the latest is freaking called) and running AMAZINGLY smooth

    • Same here.

    • Booyah

      Makes two of us. Runs like a new phone.

  • Going to stick with mine until they figure out how to end my unlimited data.

    • Or until GW is launched 🙂

      …then VZW won’t have to worry about all of those “bothersome unlimited hogs” anymore 🙂

    • Ditto. T-Mobile unlimited will be tempting.

    • +1. I bought mine for $225 factory refurb from VZW in October 2012. Keeping it til it croaks, or…….until it meets an untimely demise after Asurion let me cover it during open enrollment just recently…. Ha! A good deal, IMO.

  • Droidzilla

    This phone was the true successor to the OG Droid. Both are now sitting in a high rise somewhere surrounded by young, female flip-phones while smoking cigars.

    • I like this. This sounds nice.

      • Droidzilla

        Someone with more phones than I needs to make a jpeg of this. Maybe ‘shop some gold chains on the two uberphones.

    • kidtronic

      Young female flip phones? They’re ancient.

      • Droidzilla

        Believe it or not, they still make new model flip phones.

    • Trevor

      how can you say its the successor? Its different manufacturer/name its more like a successor to the OG Nexus not OG Droid. Makes no sense. no slide out keyboard and the GNex doesn’t even have the classic droid text tone… FAIL

      • Droidzilla

        If you think that the things that made the OG Droid a hallmark phone for all of us Android geeks were its slide out keyboard, the fact that it was made by Motorola, and the “DROOOIIID” noise, I don’t know what to say to you. It’s like someone telling me that they’re in love with Justin Beiber.

        I’m going to chalk your comment up as sarcasm and thus salvage what little faith I have left in the human race.

  • schoat333

    It will be RIP Verizon in one more month for me.

    • n900mixalot

      me too!!! And I’m going to vacuum seal my GNex and put it into a time capsule.

  • ddevito

    Still the best phone VZW ever had.

    • Kevin Bojarski

      I don’t know, the OG Droid could give it a run for its money.

      • In its time, yes.

      • ddevito

        I didn’t say most important – that would be the OG

        • Kevin Bojarski

          True, it’s just that the GN is nealy crippled by its poor battery life.

          • T4rd

            And relatively poor reception. I’m in a 4G area and never got 4G at my desk with my Gnex while everyone around me with Razr’s and S3s had 4G. Now I have a Note 2 and have 4G everywhere in my building. My Gnex also would just randomly drop data connections occasionally with the only way to bring it back being to toggle mobile data or reboot.

            I still loved it and think it’s an awesome phone though. Those were just moderate annoyances to me.

          • Mr ilheis

            You just needed the flash the proper radios. 😉

          • T4rd

            I used every radio ever released for it. After the first few, they all pretty much worked the same for me. The first ones were horrible; I wouldn’t have data at all when my wife had full bars of 3G on her Rezound. That got fixed within a few months, but I always had the above lingering issues with every other radio. Radios do nothing for signal quality anyways, they’re just good for 1x/3G/4G hand offs and maintaining data connection in good signal areas.

          • Stewie

            No batt issues here, rocking Muzzy and it will continue to rock for another year!

          • michael arazan

            4G lte towers only give quality signals within a Four mile radius, outside the four miles it gets exponentially weaker. I am between 2 vzw lte towers that are both 6 miles away and a standard tower that is half a mile away, I have strong 3g and only 12 down and 5 up lte, my wifi is 10 down and 2 up. Verizon seems to only do the bare minimum with everything, minimal towers to claim lte coverage, minimum updates, minimum customer service, minimum data, etc, etc and all while charging premium prices.

          • KleenDroid

            No idea what you are talking about. There are lots of people willing to help you take control of your device.

          • tyguy829

            yeah my battery life is ‘amazing’

          • Jon

            and it’s awful, slow, blurry eyed camera.

        • Yep Gnex is still awesome. I’m now running PA pie and its has become a different phone, like it just got a face lift lol. But before I got the Gnex, I had the Droid Eris and still have it til this day and boy I still love it.

        • BigFanofDan

          I’ve always really enjoyed your films, Mr. Devito.

    • EvanTheGamer


      • TynanDeRosa

        You say that, but samsung’s ability to push the same device on almost every carrier, I have a feeling the Note 2 is going to have serious staying power, even a year from now.

        • ddevito

          it’ll be forgotten in 3 months when the S4 is released

          • T4rd

            Just like the S2 and original Note have been forgotten? (They’re getting 4.1.1 here soon). It most definitely will not be forgotten in the next year or so.

          • Dr_Buttballs


            Not to mention that the S2 still has a good amount of devs building amazing ROM’s for it. Running AOKP on my Skyrocket and loving it.

        • Jon

          Yep…it seems that the safest route to good developer support with custom ROMS, Kernels, and such is the Nexus line of phones, closely followed by any of the Samsung Galaxy line. Such as the Galaxy S III, or the Galaxy Note and Note II.

          The phones are just so popular, that they draw a great community of support around them even though they aren’t Nexus phones.

    • Yes, however the most ground breaking device has to go to OG.

      • ddevito


    • Nex__

      So now we’ll get less support then we do now lol.

      • Flyinion

        we got support at all?………………………

      • KleenDroid

        ? The phone is supported very heavily.

        • cizzlen

          By the dev community, not Verizon.

          • KleenDroid

            Correct… Which is much more useful in my opinion.

            At the moment I am running Atom v3 ROM and the AK kernel and Verizon could never top it.

    • capecodcarl

      I owned a used VZW Galaxy Nexus for all of 4 days last spring before I wanted to throw the thing out of the window. It was a piece of junk that couldn’t hold 4G signals at all, and drained the battery in 8 hours just sitting idle on my nightstand overnight searching for signals. I sold it and replaced it with an HTC Rezound and I am much happier.

      • n900mixalot

        What version of Andy ya runnin on that bad girl?

        • capecodcarl

          I’m running CM 10 on it, so JB 4.1.2. I did the wire trick to get it S-OFF a few weeks after I got it and ran various Sense ROMs for months. They finally got CM 9 running on it in the summer and then recently got CM 10 going on it last month so I prefer the vanilla approach of it. I would like to have stuck with the Gnex if its radios were better, but I depend on my phone to work. I was hoping for a VZW Nexus 4, but I don’t think we’ll ever see that.

          • n900mixalot

            Nexus 4 ain’t all that great. Bleh.

          • KleenDroid

            I take it you are not that into phones that are fully unlocked.

          • n900mixalot

            Love them but the Nexus 4 feels … Something doesn’t feel right.

          • drparty

            No lte? Short battery life?

      • T4rd

        I got the Gnex and my wife got a Rezound. With the exception of reception (which it was still ok, just not great) and display, the Gnex is considerably better and faster than the Rezound. The Rezound lags like crazy anywhere outside the launcher. That S3 SoC is just garbage, IMO. Battery life definitely isn’t any better on the Rezound either with its weak 1620 mAh battery. She’s constantly have to keep it on charge. The Gnex wasn’t much better by much, but it was better.

        Now I have a Note 2 and have absolutely no complaints with this phone. It’s literally the first phone where everything works fast and stable, reception is the same as any Razr’s around me and battery life is way more than adequate for a full days use.

        • capecodcarl

          The problem isn’t the Rezound’s hardware, it is the Sense builds. After I stuck Cyanogenmod on it the thing flies IMHO. Plus the CM ROM images are a third the size of the bloated Sense ROMs. In any case, I did end up buying an extended battery and get between 30 and 50 hours on a charge with my usage patterns (light).

        • drparty

          I too went from the gnexus to the note II and I’ve got to say its been an amazing experience using a phone I literally have no complaints. The battery life is just so great, its worth it to deal with touchwiz. And now that I’m used to the size (a thingsling went a long way to making that possible) I really think this is the most perfect phone I’ve ever owned.I’m pretty picky about phones but the note II is pretty much perfect.

      • KleenDroid

        It was one of those phones meant for those that knew what to do with it. It was a Nexus meant for rooting and romming. My Nexus is better today than it ever has been and nothing from its time could ever compare.

        However it may not have been the phone for someone that only wanted a phone and didn’t want to improve it. For the first week it was one of the worst phones I’ve ever owned. But since then it could not be beat.

        • Jon

          But there is a difference between wanting to improve a phone, and having to improve a phone. The GNex fell under the “have to improve” column. It was nearly unusable stock because of all the problems stated above.

          The GS III had none of the problems of the Galaxy Nexus out of the box. The GSIII is truly the best and most important Android phone on any and all carriers, since the OG Droid.

        • PhoenixPath

          I keep seeing this…

          Someone complains of the crappy signal, someone else claims it’s meant for rooting and romming..


          It’s meant as a phone first. If it cannot even do that, the rest is utterly pointless.

      • I did the same thing. Gnex is the WORST electronic device I have owned (never did the BB thing). Never in my life have I held such hatred towards an inanimate object.

        • Might want to get that checked out, hating inanimate objects is a sign of insanity. Not to mention, it being one of the best smart phones ever released – which 99% of this site would agree with whether you want to or not. Again, get that insanity thing checked out.

          • ERIC REED

            It was fun for those of us that owned it. But it had some terrible flaws. I don’t care what Rom you slapped on it, the battery life was miserable. And that freaking camera…what were they thinking??

        • jewvee

          Wow!! That’s all i have to say about that comment

      • angermeans

        That was more than likely your area (at the time) all the early android lte devices have issues staying connected.

      • regkilla

        Well done.

    • MikeKorby

      I have the Nexus now, and I had the OG Droid before it. To this day I still say that the Motorola Droid was one of the BEST devices ever made! It had the full functionality of an Android device, paired with a top-notch community. The keyboard was a fun toy at times. The build was rivaled only by a 90s Nokia. By current standings, it is long outdated. At the time though, it was the best decision you could have made, even if it was just an éclair.

      • angermeans

        I agree, but the OG was quickly replaced (in my opinion) by (my still fav device of all time) the Nexus One. Still love that phone.

      • Amen. I had a brief, 3-month flirtation with the Thunderbolt after leaving the OG, then went to the Gnex. A moment of silence for both landmark phones — the OG and the Gnex!

    • Booyah


    • Buy This

      Still the best phone I’ve ever had. Still using it for the foreseeable future.

      • Jon

        You guys just need to try the Galaxy S III. Even stock with no custom Roms, it runs circles around the GNex. No exaggeration. Way better camera, call quality, reception, battery life, screen size, natural screen color cast, speaker…and on and on.

    • Thomas

      Would love to hear the DL boys weigh in on this on the next DL Show.

    • The RAZR Maxx HD is damn close. Put stock on that thing and give it the Nexus brand and support and you’ve got a better phone.

      • angermeans

        Not in my opinion. Motorola (and Google I presume) need to stop using cheap displays. The HD display on the Razr HD isthe worst HD display I’ve seen and that’s saying a lot considering the poor displays on my Gs3 and a galaxy Nexus especially since they have been pentile. I just don’t understand why Moto left high end as hey was always known for using great displays until the last two years. Very poor phones released since the OG.

        • Agreed. Motorola needs a new design team and someone willing to say “STOP USING CRAP DISPLAYS.” Once that happens, they will have a chance to jump ahead of Samsung. Until then, they’ll keep making phones with amazing batteries, amazing internal hardware, with sub-par screens and awful exterior designs for 10 year old boys (aka wrapped in “Kevlar”).

    • It’s the reason I stuck with VZW, and now it’s the reason I’ll leave VZW, when my contract is done.

      • kidtronic

        I’m keeping my eye on the Moto X rumors. If it ends up being unlocked and subsidized by google, I’ll stay on my grandfathered unlimited data plan with Verizon. Otherwise, T-mobile is starting to look pretty nice.

        • Tom Capote

          This was the reason I recently left Verizon. From now on, international, unlocked for me. Right now, Galaxy Note 2 on Straight Talk. Very Happy.

        • Looks like lots of us with the same idea. I have an amazing promo plan with Verizon ($10 for unlimited text/data per extra line) and even I am thinking of leaving for T-mobile SIM when the next Nexus comes out. Still love my Gnex, so I can wait…

    • eagletrippin

      Agree 100%!

    • EC8CH

      Hoping the moto x rumors are true and we can buy one for vzw on the play store and have a successor of some sort to the og, gnex lineage of phones.

      • KleenDroid

        I sure hope so also. I would love it if Verizon gave me an option to keep my unlimited data and stay with them. My issue is that I have 5 phones I have to replace and 4 are due now. My Nexus is the last under contract.

        If the X phone rumors were true I would happily buy 5 of them and stick with Verizon. Otherwise next December I will be shopping.

        But we shouldnt get too excited. We have been waiting for Motorola to come backto us since the D1. Its been a long time.

        • Jon

          Let me just give you some sound advice, drop Verizon like a bad habit. You should switch to a GSM carrier on a a monthly prepaid plan and feel the freedom of not being locked to any carrier or 2 yr contract ever again.

          You can sell your Verizon unlimited data plans on ebay for at least $125 a line. T-Mobile has an excellent $50/month unlimited everything prepaid plan with no hidden taxes or fees. The catch…after the first 100mb it’s 3G/2G. In los angeles, it almost always 3G and never seen it go down to 2G. Now this may seem like a horrible compromise, but what I’ve figured out is, that you simply turn all of your auto downloading apps to “on Wifi only”, and then you never really notice that your speed is capped. Web browsing, Google Maps navigation, Pandora streaming, email, chat, all of that stuff works great. But if you try and download a file or update and app, you will see that they are throttling the speed. Other than that, you can pretty much enjoy your day without much fuss.

          I personally have WiFi all around, and this just works great and saves at least $25 / month per line, and gives me the freedom to buy Google Nexus phones or the wide assortment of GSM phones on the market.

          • KleenDroid

            Very interesting… I like the idea of selling my 5 unlimited lines for $125 each! I think I may be done with 2 year contracts on Verizon.

            In the past I would never consider a prepaid plan but I will certainly give it a good look. But all I need to stay on Verizon is an unlocked phone at a reasonable price. ..

          • Jay

            Sell your unlimited plans? I think not – doing an AOL on your line loses unlimited data on Verizon. Tried to do it for a work discount. The last thing I would want is giving someone else control in my name.

      • angermeans

        I hate to say it, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. If the so called X phone comes to Verizon it will be sold on contract while the unlocked (if there is one as I don’t think it will be a Nexus device) will be a GSM version probably missing LTE (much like the Nexus 4 now) as providers won’t release the necessary technology to have an unlocked LTE device you could use much like GSM of old like the nexus one. Just my feeling mixed in with the choices these companies have made in the past and present. It’s just too good to be true an unlocked non skinned LTE Motorola device on Verizon’s network sold on te Play Store. Worst part is if it is sold on contract with Verizon (which looking at Verizon and Motorolas longstanding relationship) then it will never eat the proper updates to really make it a good decision. The Galaxy Nexus was a joke on Verizon.

    • Still have my OG. Perfect Condition!

    • LiterofCola