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R.I.P Galaxy Nexus LTE – Device No Longer Available From Verizon

galaxy nexus verizon

Just over a year after being released as one of the most anticipated devices in Android history (in communities like ours), the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus is no longer available. The last we saw of the G-Nex was when Big Red killed off the 32GB variant in favor of a 16GB at $50 with a new 2-year contract. Since then, it has gone in and out of the certified pre-owned section when it’s not making appearances on daily deal sites

It had a great run. Even if Verizon made a mockery of it as a Nexus device by refusing to give it the update attention it deserved, the Galaxy Nexus LTE is still one of the top devices among DL readers. It has a ROM community that won’t quit and seems to give the phone new life every time a new version of Android is released, again, no thanks to carrier it is connected to.

So since the device is no longer available directly from Verizon, let’s have a quick moment of silence for one of the icons in the industry. And I don’t care that it had abysmal battery life – it was still one of the most important Android phones to ever hit store shelves. But also, we need to have a moment of silence because we may never see a device like it on Verizon ever again.

Cheers Andrey!

  • ndog21

    I know my GNEX’s battery dies every 2 HR on LTE

  • Douglas Baumwall

    When I bought mine I asked if it would get OS updates OTA directly from Google. Both salespeople said “Yes!”. Coupled with the fact that it’s a “Nexus”, I thought I would be using the most current OS at all times. This is the last phone I will ever buy from Verizon. From now on I’m buying phones from Google. It seems to me the Carriers have made a mistake. Carriers should not customize or “skin” the OS. Their competitive advantage should be limited to subsidizing the cost of the (stock) phones.

  • Benmartin1974

    I’d been thinking of ordering a galaxy nexus for some time. I read loads of reviews and this one was very helpful http://search4reviews.net/ , I received my delivery last week and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure-

  • Benmartin1974

    I’d been weighing up getting a galaxy nexus for ages. I read lots of reviews and this one was quite helpful http://search4reviews.net/ , I received my order last week and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure,

  • Hector De Jesus

    This just in from the Verizon technicians… no more updates for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. They told me that since the phone is official retired they have no pending plans for ANY updates whatsoever for this device.

    Basically… Verizon Nexus owners were told to f*** off and root. They’ve just lost all 4 lines of my service. Kudos.

  • I still love and use this phone, despite the poor battery life. I’m actually looking to get the car dock for this phone and I noticed the other day it is no longer on Google Play. Anyone know where I can get this for a good price?

  • daryle barden jr

    Guess it’s time for me to leave VZW now…sad sad day.

  • george

    If this phone is EOL does that make it legal to root?

    • Danrarbc

      It’s legal to root anyway.

  • darkl3ad3r

    Horrible device, I genuinely am baffled at all the praise this mediocre phone received. It launched with subpar specs all across the board. The processor was horrible, the GPU was horrible, the camera was horrible, the shoddy generation of Pentile it uses is horrible. It has extremely limited memory capacity and no removable storage. The battery life on this phone was abysmal, even with an extended battery! Seriously. Why the hell do you people love this piece of crap so?

    It took me less than a week of ownership to realize just how bad this device was that I swiftly returned it to go back to what… an HTC THUNDERBOLT! That’s right. I returned the Galaxy Nexus to go back to a Thunderbolt, one of the worst devices ever made. What’s that say about the Nexus?

    God awful device and I am so glad to see it finally off the roster. Maybe now it will slowly start to creep back out of sight and out of mind. RIH.

  • Ted

    But..when will they update the software????

  • regkilla

    The battery life and radios inside of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus were horrible. Glad I got rid of that junk.

  • jewvee

    I just bought a GNex on eBay ive only had it for a week its oc’d to 1704 with trinity running paranoid android 4.2.1 and holy s***!! I haven’t experienced this much support and freedom for a device since the OG , And yes the battery is not the best but i have two extended batteries and two stock changing them out doesn’t bother me at all … I’m a little Behind on having an up to date device but I’m not willing to give up my unlimited i have 4 phones on my acct 2 which I’m still waiting to be released from contract!! Until then i will continue to buy my devices on the web.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The WORST NEXUS EVER MADE PERIOD ON THE WORST CARRIER EVER. Poor battery life, abysmal signal strength, disabling bloatware. Just a pitiful dreadful experience. Verizon is the biggest joke in the industry my friends Galaxy Nexus on tmobile was so much better it was just pitiful to see. I am glad this garbage is sent to pasture.

    • squiddy20

      Disabling bloatware? There were only two (2) Verizon apps, one of which was for voicemail, an app that many would find useful, compared to the 2 dozen-or-so pre-installed apps that came on your “pimp slapping” T-Mobile Note 2…
      What a joke.

      • Richard Yarrell

        3g Sprint Galaxy Nexus sucks monkey balls. It fits you well i must say. I feel pretty bad for Sprint having you as one of their customers. They need to dump you quick.

        • squiddy20

          Ooooo. More insults and no real facts or actual rebuttals. What a surprise.
          /s (in case you couldn’t tell)

          • Richard Yarrell

            Your not worth any more rebuttals. When you change your device or purchase new then i will rebuttal. Your useless in the tech game. Purchase new Mr squiddy20 your a sad conclusion just like that useless Nexus you have. Mr root thinking that saves every device. Can’t help but laugh at you jobless soul.

          • squiddy20

            “Your useless in the tech game.” Says the idiot who claimed Verizon’s *low* frequency LTE doesn’t penetrate buildings well, when in fact, it’s *high* frequencies that exhibit that quality. Says the idiot who can’t even answer basic questions posed from other people, when all it took was a basic Google search: http://androidandme.com/2011/07/reviews/richard-yarrell-reviews-the-evo-3d/comment-page-1/#comment-120953 Says the idiot who insults me about how I *supposedly* think root “saves every device”, and yet you claimed to have been “looking into” rooting your Verizon Galaxy Nexus for 2 whole months when you owned that phone. What a laughably stupid hypocrite.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Your not on Verizon LOSER you reside on your mothers family account straight from boost mobile. Why would you care about anything what so ever. OK so you have a lousy Galaxy Nexus on Sprint that device is garbage at best. And we all know you can’t afford to purchase a new device. Thanks for being a closet fan of me that user review on androidandme is coming up on two years ago this June and you saved that. That makes so a closet fan someone hiding on the Internet behind fake names. My real fans follow me like real men are suppose too. We are on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus discussing everything under the sun in the tech game. We do group hangouts and I run Galaxy Note 2 page where we have great fun. Your a pitiful child a total trolling Internet coward hiding behind fake names. Your a sad conclusion of a person. People laugh at you on these sites.

          • squiddy20

            “Your not on Verizon” Neither are you and yet, here you are. Stupid hypocrite.
            “And we all know you can’t afford to purchase a new device.” I’m extremely curious to know who this “we” is, since I only ever see your retarded insults and comments against me.
            “that user review on androidandme is coming up on two years ago this June and you saved that.” Only someone as self-centered as you would think I would need to “save” anything. This is the Internet. I have only to Google “richard yarrell reviews evo 3d” and it pops up as the first result. Surely you, who claims to be “in the know in the tech game”, would know how to do a simple Google search?
            “Your a sad conclusion of a person. People laugh at you on these sites.” And yet you’re the one who is constantly downvoted and is told off because of how wrong all your “facts” are. That also totally explains why you’ve been banned from Phandroid and Android Central’s forums. -_-

          • Richard Yarrell

            You’re a total JOKE missy. I was on Verizon from November 2011 to June 2012 and had 2 lines my brother. Far more than i can say for you Mr . boost mobile Samsung Moment man for two years now you think your a man on your mothers family account

          • squiddy20

            “I was on Verizon from November 2011 to June 2012 and had 2 lines my brother” 1) I’m not your “brother”. Never will be, and never want to be. 2) Which means you’re no longer with Verizon, and yet here you are. Just like all the posts 2 years ago where you claimed Verizon was “the devil” despite never having had service with them until only last year. Again I repeat: what a hypocrite.
            “Mr . boost mobile Samsung Moment” It’s amusing that you still say the Moment was on Boost because it’s so very very wrong. The Moment was only ever sold by Sprint. A simple 10 second Google search would reveal as much, but you’re apparently too stupid to even do that much. By all means, keep up the hilariously wrong “facts” and childish insults.

          • squiddy20

            1. “Your not worth an more rebuttals” It’s spelled “you’re”. Learn it before insulting me about my supposed lack of intelligence
            2. You don’t “rebuttal”. You MAKE a rebuttal. Try separating your verbs from your nouns. Idiot.

            3. I’ve been correcting your sorry ass for years and I’ve always had what you feel is “useless” tech. You’ve been wrong so many times on so many levels, it’s a wonder you’ve made it this far in life. You’re so stupid, you actually believe that *owning* a new device somehow actually makes you smarter. What a nutjob.
            4. Contrary to your pitiful thought process, I don’t think “root saves every device”. You couldn’t possibly know what I think since :gasp: you’re not me. Certain people shouldn’t get involved with unlocking and rooting their phone. They just might not have the time or the technical knowhow (you’re clearly the latter, since you claimed to be “looking into” rooting the Galaxy Nexus for over 2 months and never did).

      • Danrarbc

        And the other was an Account Management app. Also useful.

  • Eric

    Moto should, remake the OG Droid with upgraded specs

  • Radgatt

    Well bestbuy is selling this phone still so all is not lost to people that would want a brand new device

  • SO say in a month or two my gnex goes for a swim or screen gets smashed, Asurion COULD say they are out and I’m S.O.L on getting another Nexus…

  • MikeCiggy

    Mine is alive and kicking. I have had one for 2 years, not this exact one and im hoping for another full year out of it.

    • the phone has only been out a year…

      • MikeCiggy

        yes yes my mistake ive had it since December 11′. Feels like forever

  • Marcus Reid

    GNexus still my daily driver. Yeah there are better phones out there with better battery/hardware but 4.2.1 and franco kernel keeps me going strong.

  • MattXB

    I was always amazed at how little push there was from Verizon behind this phone. I worked for a retailer for most of the time this phone was available and there was never an incentive to sell it at all. There was no marketing material on it what-so-ever.

    The only phone that got press for the longest time was the Razr then the Spectrum got a little push but not much.

    I had to fight constantly for my store to just get them in stock and I would be sold out within a day or two. I was the only person in the store that entire time that sold them. I had people not listen to a word I would say and pick Razrs and Spectrums simply because they knew those names. Truly disappointing.

  • Marlon

    Stupid Ques. But does this mean it will never get 4.2 smh ?

  • Kolawole Aremu

    oh yes thanks for the post.. Still running my phone till it dies on me..Best I have had..GNexus!

  • Jim McClain

    after rooting and going to Bamf , then putting a Trexcell 3800 mAH battery on this baby it could not be better, runs smooth as silk and never worry about where my charger is

  • jb

    For a limited time, the Verizon GNex is $160 off contract at CowBoom. Get it while you still can! “cowboom10” for $10 off http+www+cowboom+com+product+10+&u2=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cowboom.com%2Fproduct%2F1056896%3Futm_medium%3DAffiliate%26amp%3Butm_source%3D4485850%26amp%3Butm_campaign%3DCJ

  • michael o’brien

    Have to say that it lasted awhile. How many phones spent more than 1 year with verizon.

  • Alan Taylor

    My wife traded hers in this evening and got $70 for it, im guessing the store didnt get this news. Ill be holding onto mine as shes not one for rooting even tho in the end i persuaded her to do it for the good of the phone as it deserved better

    • Tim242

      The phones aren’t resold. They are recycled.

  • PaulMaddux

    holy crap does this mean no more updates? I am sooooooo leaving Verizon if that is true

    • Tim242

      Everybody is always soooooo leaving Verizon…

  • Timothy McGovern

    So since my phone broke, if i send it back what will they replace it with?

    • Tim242

      Verizon doesn’t replace your phone, Asurion does. They usually have plenty of refurbs.

  • Krista Sanderson

    I love my Nexus…..it filled the hole left in my heart that was Never filled from My G1…it makes me sad to think of looking for a replacement, but it is almost time…. bring it MWC….

  • Tyler Casilio

    So then………………………..4.2?

  • Ironic that my Galaxy Nexus just beeped that its batter was getting low heh. But I wouldn’t give this phone up for anything (except for another LTE Nexus). It’s beautiful and I don’t know how I’m ever going to give it up considering Verizon’s failures.

  • Larizard

    It was the first and maybe the only Nexus phone that will have people lining outside for it at launch.

    Sweet dreams.

  • Capt. Jack

    The VZW Gnex is the best phone I’ve had so far. It still is a better overall phone than my S3 which is OK but I still prefer my GNex. I wish Sammy would have built a Quad-Core version with a huge internal battery. Since it’s thicker than the S3 they could have turned it into an internal battery phone with a solid Kevlar back, G3 Glass and added an water-proof coating from Golden Shellback. These people a couple of years ago demonstrated an ipod submerged in sea water for weeks playing movies, etc.

  • I love my VZW GNEX but its time for an upgrade which im eledgible so should I stay with the GNEX or get a Droid DNA or Galaxy S3