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Can’t Wait for Ubuntu and Android To Merge? Try This Slick Live Wallpaper

ubuntu live wallpaper

One of my favorite parts of the Ubuntu Phone OS was the homescreen you are brought to when you power the phone on. Luckily for me, I’m not alone and some developers got together to make that design into a nifty live wallpaper. Once installed the wallpaper gives you a clock smack in the middle of the screen with subtle pulsing circles behind it. Very subdued and minimal for those who like it that way.

The wallpaper doesn’t drag on the phone’s performance too much either, which is a common problem from live wallpapers. While the app is fairly barebones now, the developers have promised customization like moving the circle, ability to change the clock format and different colors. For free it’s a live wallpaper with a lot of upside, you can get the download link below.

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  • teejaycard

    I love clock widgets and live wallpapers but I just can’t get over the fact that I would then have 2 clocks. Sure I could get rid of the one in the notification bar but then I wouldn’t know what time it was when I would be on any screen other than my home screen or in an app. And yes…. I’m too lazy to just pull down the notification screen and see it there. =-)

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Yup already making my phone look better

    • LionStone

      Yes that’s clean 🙂

    • dylan84

      Which icons are those? Love em.

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life


  • Apostrafee

    How the eff do you get it out of military time

    • Humberto Cortes

      can’t yet..

      • Apostrafee


  • why you get my hopes up for Ubuntu?! i want Ubuntu! not wallpaper! lol

  • ddevito

    I can’t wait to try Ubuntu on my GNex. The interface is refreshing and en entirely different take on touch screen computing. I think this interface will be even more compelling on a tablet. I just wish it gets (some) traction in the real world.

    This is THE future of devices. One device to rule them all. When it’s in your pocket, it’s your mobile computer. Dock it in your office or home and it’s now your desktop.

  • No, no. You need to see Armando Ferreira’s video. He turned his Nexus 4 (you’ll be able to do it on any new Android, if not any android phone) in to an Ubuntu machine with a certain launcher, widgets, and widget locker. Quite cool!


    • Aaron

      This isn’t the same as the OS..

      • I know this.. it’s a theme(s). Which is why I mentioned it was done with a launcher, widgets, widget locker and few other little tweeks. Lol.

    • tbh, I would have no use for that. The only way I would is if was actually ubuntu for phones.

      • I’m sticking to Nova launcher on my Note 2 and Gnex as well. But still, I love it. Looks really nice. But yes, the full OS will be better.

        • Yea, I have no use for all those pages unless its something the OS does on its own.

  • KleenDroid


    • PhoenixPath

      …abut why the heck does a Live Wallpaper require Internet Access???

      • Mark Mann

        how do you think it tracks the time?(you can say the system, but how do you think that tracks the time?)

        • PhoenixPath

          You did not just post that…at least…not seriously…did you?

          Features:* Animated background
          * Integration with the system clock

          No…it does *not* need internet access to get the friggin’ time, ffs.

          Watches don’t have internet access either.

          • Mark Mann

            watches also don’t “track the time” per se…they just tick around the face…

          • PhoenixPath

            Hooray for meaningless distinctions…

            Any PC can track time using the system clock.