Ubuntu for Android No Longer in Development According to Canonical

It has been quite some time since we last discussed Ubuntu for Android, not to be confused with Ubuntu Mobile, and apparently there is good reason as to why there are no more discussions regarding the subject – no one is currently working on it.

2012 was the year in which talks began picking up about Ubuntu and Android being paired, with the idea being that once an Android phone was docked into a monitor, it could essentially turn itself into a PC running Ubuntu. It was an awesome idea, but it appears that the folks at Canonical are done working on it, at least for now.  (more…)

Canonical Shows Off New Dual Boot Feature For Ubuntu In Latest Developer Preview

Canonical today unveiled their latest work on their underdog Ubuntu mobile operating system. If you can remember, it was only October when Canonical announced Ubuntu 13.10 for smartphones, with a fully featured system attempting to rival Android. Today, in a somewhat odd move, the company has announced the availability of a developer preview of a new dual boot feature allowing supported Nexus devices to switch quickly between an Android-based OS and Ubuntu.  (more…)

Canonical Releases Ubuntu 13.10 for Smartphones, Its First “True Mobile” Release


This morning, Canonical announced the availability of Ubuntu 13.10, the first “true mobile release” of the OS. Inside the release, users can finally get a good picture of what the company is bringing to the smartphone game, with a fully-baked UI and core applications that have been developed by a highly experienced community of developers. There still isn’t much third party app support, but you will find the basics like a calendar, camera, phone, clock, and browser application.  (more…)

Anxious to See the New Ubuntu Edge? Help Crowdfund it Through Indiegogo

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 12.35.24 PM

The highly anticipated Ubuntu mobile device that we have seen teased by Canonical has taken to Indiegogo looking for funding. Much like Kickstarter, Indigogo helps people crowdfund projects by taking donations in return for different promises from the developer. In their post, the Ubuntu Edge group lays out the problems of developing a new device – most importantly, the fact that manufacturers don’t want to take a chance on a new product that they can’t trust will actually sell. So Canonical is coming to you and asking for help. $32 million worth of help. (more…)

Verizon Joins Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group, Could Bring First Ubuntu Phone to the U.S.


While Canonical has been successful in gaining the attention of European telecoms with their Ubuntu-based smartphones, the company has had a harder time getting U.S. carriers to bite. As of today, that has all changed and we could see an entirely new mobile OS hitting our shores much sooner than previously anticipated. Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest carrier, recently joined the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group (CAG), allowing Canonical the opportunity to “shape Ubuntu into the most compelling new, alternative platform for mobile.”

Samir Vaidya, a member of Verizon’s Device Technology team states, “Verizon Wireless is joining Ubuntu’s CAG to participate in technology discussions around this new platform, which has the ability to bring new and exciting features to developers and ultimately, customers.”  (more…)

Glovebox for Android: a Beautiful App Switcher Taking Design Love From Ubuntu


Our Ubuntu-related coverage continues on today with an app called Glovebox. The app acts exactly like the side-pinned app launcher in the latest developer build of Ubuntu that Tim took a look at earlier, only this is obviously for Android devices. Once installed, with a simple swipe from the left (or right depending on how you have it setup), you can access your favorite apps, widgets, tasks, and shortcuts from anywhere. It’s a brilliant little app.  (more…)

Video: Hands-on With the Ubuntu Touch Preview Build

Ubuntu Build

Well, I finally got Ubuntu Touch booted up on my Nexus 10, so here is a brief hands-on with the world’s newest mobile OS. This is a developer preview build and is intended for use only by developers or hardcore enthusiasts. There are barely any working applications and in terms of being a “daily driver,” you would be better off looking elsewhere. What I will say is that Ubuntu Touch is actually quite gorgeous and I could really see myself using it down the road once it becomes more functional/stable.  (more…)