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LG Lucid Receiving Minor Update – Preloaded With VZW Remote Diagnostics and Flash

lg lucid update

Along with the Galaxy Tab 7.7, the LG Lucid on Verizon is set to receive an update in the near future. The build number is VS840ZV8 and includes Big Red’s Remote Diagnostics tool, a file manager, Flash Player, and more.

This is the first update for the Lucid since receiving Ice Cream Sandwich back in October. Nice to know that LG and Verizon are continuing to support a mid-range device such as this.

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  • Just got the update request.

  • JeffColorado

    Such an awful, awful phone. The Rezound and Spectrum were better in every way, despite being older and cheaper.

    • funny thing. PcMag and alot of othet sites say you are wrong. How many have you owned?

      CNet says

      The good: The LG Lucid has a slick design, swift data speeds, and a zippy processor. Its camera’s photo and video recording quality is also impressive.

      The bad: The Lucid comes equipped with way too much bloatware, and its speaker is subpar. Also, considering its release date, we’re disappointed that it doesn’t run on Ice Cream Sandwich.

      The bottom line: Though it’s stuck on Gingerbread, the Lucid’s great camera, snappy performance, and cheap price tag make it a solid choice for a budget 4G Android phone.

      It is now on ICS…

    • The Lucid is really not that bad of a phone. Not fantastic but it gets the job done. I’ve never had any serious problems with mine apart from speed slowly deteriorating over time.

  • Chris

    Wait… Flash player on an ics device?

    • Daistaar

      ICS was the last iteration of Android to support flash officially..

  • Daistaar

    So Verizon can now remotely see if you are rooted or not, therefore assist you or not. Peachy!

    • Justin Kos

      Don’t worry, only 2 ppl own this phone

      • Search engines are your friend. This was a good seller. Just not high profit.