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Mediafire Finally Releases Android App

mediafire android

Oh yeah, Mediafire has finally come to Android. One of the web’s best storage lockers, and one that we use quite often to host files, has arrived with what should be considered a decent offering for a first release. To manage your free 50GB of storage, Mediafire has given us an app that allows you to upload, download, move, share and manipulate your files with. The only thing I’m seeing that’s missing at this point, is the ability to batch move or delete, otherwise it’s not half bad. 

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Via:  Android Police

  • This is really great that now mediafire app available for Android. The 50 GB free storage is really good and one of the best feature of mediafire and It seems that it is going to offer some competition to other online backup apps such as dropbox and others.

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Sounds good, but it’s not ready for my N7 though.

  • michael arazan

    who would pass up 50 gb free storage, thx for the posting

  • Why the dated look…??

  • Jonathan Williams

    How do I get free storage through them?

    • Jonathan Williams

      nvm lol