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Koush Releases Cloud App Syncing and Backup App, Test the Beta Now

carbon backup

Just the other day we were talking about backup solutions and how you should always choose one that allows for cloud storage. Today, long-time developer Koush, released a beta of his new app that does exactly as we were describing, only it takes it a step further. He is tentatively calling this app “Carbon,” which we got a chuckle out of, after the name quickly brought back memories of the overhyped Twitter app by a similar title which never made an official debut. 

Koush’s Carbon is a backup solution that allows you to backup your apps and app data to the cloud or to your SD card. It currently supports Google Drive, but he is working to build in Dropbox support as well. But beyond just the backing up portion of the app, the biggest highlight here is the fact that it can sync apps between devices. As you’ll see in his overview video at the source link, the app is running on two devices and acts almost in real-time when he looks from device-to-device to pull apps and data from one to the other. It’s pretty neat, to be honest.

And you can see how the sky can be the limit here. I don’t know if he has plans to, but user settings could potentially be included at some point, more backup services (like Box.net), and potentially even a media syncing feature of some sort. He has only mentioned the Box.net support coming, so the rest is just my mind running in all directions.

The current beta version has been posted at his Google+ page, which we have posted for you below. We should point out that this version requires root, but he’s expecting to remove that requirement once it goes final and official. Get to testing!

[Download Link] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGqMAY7d-i0[/youtube]

Via:  +Koushik Dutta

  • Really? It expires in a week? No thanks. I’m not a fan of Koush these days. Seems like he’s more interested in the money than anything. I’m not averse to paying for apps, I’ve paid for dozens that I use, but he’s rubbing me the wrong way as of late.

  • The video is private…??

  • memories of the overhyped Twitter app by a similar title

    Thanks for admitting DL was a part of that nonsense.

  • Alan Burnstine

    If he can get it to save app settings without root, I would pay a LOT for this app. The thing that always holds me back from rooting is I never want to do it on a brand new device, and by the time I am ready, I have invested so much time in configuring all my apps just the way I like them that I don’t want to lose it by rooting (which is usually destructive to existing data).

    • Edward Amarille

      rooting your phone should not mess with app configurations, it is the ROMs added afterwards that you need to worry about. rooting is basically just installing adb and allowing it permissions

      • Alan Burnstine

        Depends on the device. Rezound and Nexus 7 for instance, you need to unlock the bootloader before rooting, and that wipes the device user memory.

  • Charlie

    Really looking forward to being able to use this without root.

  • Yikes. I foresee some problems for Koush because of this article.

  • Detonation

    Been using the app DataSync to do this for a while. Can sync directly over local Wifi or through dropbox and box.


    • Booyah

      Does DataSync sync to Google Drive as well?

      • Detonation

        No (not yet at least). I use TiBu to backup my apps to the cloud, and DataSync to push app data (mostly just game progress) between devices.

  • nyr2k2

    Is there an advantage to this over using Titanium Backup to sync with the cloud?

    • r0lct

      Only if you can backup app data without root. I think at this point the only reason I want to root my Note 2 is to backup game data to sync with my N7.

    • I don’t believe Titanium Backup can restore directly from the cloud, and it seems like this does.

  • Droid

    The name “Carbon” is too close to “Carbonite,” which is a trademarked backup service. There is going to be a lawsuit.

    • Sean Stone

      He says in his video that it’s just the working title for now. I also think it’s more a jab at the Carbon Twitter client that is currently vaporware.

      • I think “Carbon” is a play on “Carbon Copy” or “Carbon paper”

    • I’m gonna go ahead and believe there wouldn’t be a lawsuit unless he made millions selling this once it’s finished. No major company is going to care about a small free Android application stealing their name.

      Edit: Except Apple. I’ve heard they’re planning on suing trees that grow their fruit.

      • Ted

        if you don’t protect/enforce your trademark them you risk loosing them. It doesn’t matter how small the company/person doing the infringement is.

  • moelsen8

    is it possible backup and restore app data without root?

    • cjohnson481

      Not yet. He says that is coming in the full release.

      • moelsen8

        sorry – I meant in Android, in general.

    • if you wish to restore both apk+data, adb backup works without root. This makes the process simpler by not backing up the apk, just the data (to the cloud)

      • moelsen8

        aaah i see. nice

  • Terence Jackson

    Has anybody found a solution to move apps to SD on the Galaxy Note II?

  • Sirx

    Would love to see one of these without the root requirement. I only have about a week left to return my Nexus 10, but I want to pull that good Level 23 “Hardcore” mode Sector Strike and that “Carnival” level Granny Smith game data first. lol. Gotta love Android devs!

    • Koush stated that the release version will not require root.

    • TJ

      Sector strike has cloud backup built in already and syncs between devices; the developers built it in.

      Sincerely,stuck on sector 56 end game *4 mode.

      • Sirx

        lol. Feel the burn! thanks for the tip!

    • Adam Marr

      adb commands, and generally device toolkits will allow you to backup your apps and app data to a computer along with restoring them. Done this twice on two different nexus 7’s, and restored without too many issues. It doesn’t appear to be perfect, but it works well enough.

  • Corey Foltman

    I’ll get this app once it’s official…maybe next he can create an app that syncs my settings, game progress and other useful things. That way I can stop playing a game at work on my GNex and pick up my Nexus7 at home and continue playing…or maybe Carbon can incorporate this…

    • cjohnson481

      That’s the point of the application, to keep data for your apps synced across the different devices you have.

  • Sean Stone

    How does this compare to DataSync?

    • Sean Stone
    • Detonation

      Dunno but I’ve been using DataSync for a while and it works great. I’ll stick with that, no need to fix what’s not broken.

    • Wondering the same. I like DataSync ‘automatic’ syncing – where it watches an app for data changes and will sync to the cloud when that happens. Much better than having to do a manual sync.

      • Sean Stone

        I haven’t tried the autosync yet. Have you noticed any significant difference in battery life when using it?

        • I haven’t noticed anything drastic, but I’m only using it on a few apps right now since its still a ‘beta’ feature. I have found that its hit or miss with which apps/devices it works with, but the developer has been very helpful if you submit feedback to him through the app.

    • Jon Lambert

      When Carbon is finished it won’t require root. I don’t know what all Data sync does but Carbon will sync data and apps to the cloud and between devices when it is complete.

  • 2 words – Unlimited Data

    • schoat333

      Or WiFi….

      • Not when your on the run just ask John McAfee

        • schoat333

          LMAO Touche!

    • Tim242

      Yes, I have it!

  • Murphy

    There was a problem parsing the package.

    • NexusPhan69

      I actually got a spyware warning and can’t install it…

      And the icon is a troll face. Doesn’t seem too promising.

      • This requires Android 4.0+. I’m not sure why you get a spyware warning. That’s probably a dumb app virus scanner or something.

        The troll face is a temporary icon and an inside joke. I haven’t decided on the final app icon yet.

        • NexusPhan69

          Spyware warning came from our ISP firewall and after I did some research on you I switched to 4G and installed it. Got an error first time but it worked perfectly the second time. Thanks!