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A 4.99-inch FHD 1080p Super AMOLED to be Featured on the Samsung Galaxy S4?

galaxy s4 1080p

In a back room at CES, Samsung Displays was giving a select group of media members a look at their upcoming display lineup. At the front of it all was their curved Youm display, which drew “Oohs” and “Awws” during the Samsung keynote, but that may not actually be the biggest story to come out of this back alley hangout. On one of the walls was a roadmap that may have given us a hint as to what the Galaxy S4 display will be like. 

If you look first at the third slot from the left in the image above, the one showing a 4.8″ and 5.55″ HD display, one would assume this is for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. Since those are the exact displays that each of those devices contained, it’s not a stretch by any means. But what comes next in the roadmap is what we care about.

See that slot that mentions an “FHD” 4.99″ display? That would be a 4.99″ 1080p display with 440ppi and an availability of Q1 2013. Now this may be somewhat of a stretch, but how can we not assume that this is the display that will be in the Galaxy S4? According to this roadmap, there isn’t anything else on the way other than this display. We also would imagine that Samsung would go 1080p on the next phone, since everyone else in the game is going that route.

Little else is known about the Galaxy S4, however, we have already seen some suggest that we could get the new Exynos Octa 8-core processor in it. That’s a bit of stretch.

Via:  AnandTech

  • KevinMichaelSanchez

    Didn’t a Samsung rep say the S4 wouldn’t be released before May? If that’s the case something else will have that display coming up soon before the S4 since May is Q2.

  • kellygh5

    Pixel, ppi…..I would just be grateful for a phone with top specs, good camera, and not bigger than 4.3″. There are lots of people (women) who appreciate top-tier phones that aren’t enormous. Android manufacturers, pls don’t forget about us!

  • The biggest to me is that it is showing Q1 of 2013. Isn’t that alot earlier than people are expecting?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Mobile World Congress is next month in Barcelona… hope they at least announce it — S3 debuted on European networks a month or two before US networks. Q1 + 2 months would be the one year release of S3 – good time for a refresh. Guess we’ll find out soon-ish. :p

      • Larizard

        They held their own event with magicians and stuff for the S3. I’m thinking they are gonna do the same for the S4, just for more publicity, Apple-style.

  • Destroythanet

    It’s weird. I keep thinking that I’ve found my personal upper limit for phone size. This started with my 4.65″ Galaxy Nexus. Then My 4.8″ Galaxy S3. Now I have a 5.5″ Galaxy Note 2 and presently consider that the perfect size. I can’t imagine going back down to a smaller screen again.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Too big… wtf? Looking forward to the 4.7inch M7

  • Simon Belmont

    I remember being impressed with the qHD resolution on my EVO 3D. I came from an HVGA HTC Hero, so there’s the reason why.

    1080p on a phone will be incredible. If they put the Octa cores into it, it will have no issues pushing those dense pixels.

  • dwboston

    The “F” in FHD means “Full”. 1080p has been re-branded by the consumer electronics companies as “Full HD”.

  • Oh no not super amoled again. I love the colors and all but the screens wear down so fast…

  • chris125

    Cant wait to see what samsung brings with the s4. Seems they are pulling no punches this time around and are going to release another great device.

    • Larizard

      What’s interesting though is the fact that if Samsung sells hundred millions of their devices, are they really going to push the envelope for the S4? I think we will have to see what Cupertino has in store.

      • chris125

        Apple will do a minor update. Samsung wants to rule everything so yes they want to sell more than previous devices and with the increased competition from other devices will force them to really try to one up everyone.


    Save the 8core for the Note3!!!

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Hmmm… Even if it’s PenTile, at that res, it’d be ok.

  • AxemRed

    I’m getting tired of the continuous increase in screen size. Am I the only one who thinks that ~4.5″ is sufficient?

    • Greg Morgan

      You are not. I’ve played with the DNA and Note 2. I have a S3. I think 4.5 is the perfect size. The S3 is a bit too big for me.

    • r0lct

      Well depends on design. One would think their aim is to make a 5″ S4 that dimensions are similar if not sleeker than the S3. Definitely possible, especially if they go edge to edge.

      • nwd1911

        ^^^THIS. I think 2013 will see a major push to edge to edge and the smallest form factor that you can fit a 5″ screen in. Then we’ll have phones like the Razor M HD for folks who want a smaller overall phone, still keeping an edge to edge display.

      • Butters619

        Yeah if they can shave like 1.185 mm from each side bezel and 2.105 mm from both the top and bottom bezel, then they can fit a 4.99″ screen in the same sized body. I’m sure that is what they will go for.

        And yes, I did do the math.

    • I’m with you @AxemRed:disqus. I have a hard enough time using my Galaxy Nexus with one hand.

    • Just use a Note II for a week, you’ll get used to the size and won’t go back. It’s just at first glance always “Woah that’s a huge phone” but try OWNING it, it’s not huge at all!

  • Joe Mihalich

    It would be cool if the F in FHD meant “Flexible”, since they demo’d the technology at CES. Probably too soon to ask for that though.

    • Even though it didn’t actually “Flex”. It was just bent.

    • michael arazan

      How about a 5 inch phone that also folds out to be a tablet that doubles the screen size when you want, that would be perfect for a flex screen

  • Isn’t 720p good enough? A little confused about why i’d need that many pixels on a sub-5 inch screen. My macbook pro can’t even display 1080p natively. I see very little benefit to this except making the gpu work harder.

    • Yes and no. More pixels could let them keep doing pentile, or some other non-standard, sub-pixel arrangement but mask it with the sheer pixel density. The SIII has some slightly noticeable jaggedness, so there’s room for improvement.

    • Twisted247

      You probably tell your wife the same thing ” isn’t 4 inches enough?” …Lmao you wouldn’t be complaining if you had it

      • I’m not complaining, per se. But spec bumps every 6 months don’t get ALL 7 INCHES OF ME (hey, you wanted to know) excited. I’d really like manufacturers to be developing new technologies – the flexible screen is one of the more promising ones and hopefully Google’s X Phone also brings us some new goodies.

        • mgamerz

          prideful post is too prideful

        • mechapathy

          No one actually cares about the size of your “spec bump”

      • Inappropriate much?

    • stephen

      I am so spoiled by my DNA…. Its almost pitiful when I look at my girlfriends gs3…. Given, I was amazed by my nexus when I had it XD

    • Ubi2447

      Many people shrugged their shoulders and said “Why” when 1080p displays were suggested. All i can say is that you have to see a handset with that pixel density to really get it.

  • nightscout13

    Does the F stand for – FUUUUK this is alot of pixels?

    • F’in HD, [brah]!

  • Masterminded

    Good call

  • If I hadn’t just gotten my Note II, and weren’t completely satisfied with it, this would be an interesting story.

    • Yeah, still satisfied with the S3. For that matter, as long as I have my unlimited data, I will be satisfied with my S3.

    • Sven Enterlein

      Same here. But it’s kind of always interesting to follow technology (and disappointing to not have tons of money at the same time).

    • Hunter

      Thanks for taking this opportunity to point out that you got a new phone 🙂

  • Butters619

    Nvm its Monday.

    • But ‘Samsung Displays’ is a singular group, correct?

      • Butters619

        I changed it almost immediately because i was wrong. i’m having a really rough morning after a weekend in Vegas.

        • Oreoman

          You’re not supposed to talk about Vegas outside of Vegas!!

          • Hunter

            This +1

        • Haha no prob

    • normmcgarry

      Actually, I think you’re incorrect. Samsung Displays is a single entity, not plural.

      • Butters619

        I was wrong. i changed it in 3 seconds but everybody who clicked in that time will see it.

    • I’m game!