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Hands-on Video and Gallery: NVIDIA Project SHIELD [CES 2013]

Project SHIELD

We were fortunate enough to grab some special hands-on time with NVIDIA here at CES and get an up-close look at the new Project Shield. So far, we are very impressed. NVIDIA has clearly put a ton of time into the design of the system and when you get your hands on it, it feels fantastic.

We could tell that there are still a few manufactuering bugs that will undoubtedly be worked out (hinges on the clamshell seemed rather loose), but in terms of performance and overall feel, it was top notch. Below we have a full hands-on gallery as well as a video of our experience, which as soon as it is fully rendered and uploaded will be down below.

Let us know your thoughts on SHIELD. We’ll come back with more thoughts later, probably after the DL Show.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdeuZ1P8DIg[/youtube] [nggallery id=42]
  • DigitalEnforcer

    I’ve seen a couple videos on this Nvidia Shield now and it really seems like there’s some input lag when streaming content from a PC? Did you guys notice that at all?

  • Looks kinda like an Xbox controller had a baby with a Nintendo DSi…

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    It has potential. Cost and the game library will most likely decide its fate.

  • Jsig

    I have question about the grid that I think a lot of people are trying to figure out can the nvida grid run on other device besides tegra products like the upcoming s4 or the now galaxy note 2?

  • Jeff Edinger

    do people not play enough video games already?

  • Berto2k

    LOOL That is so huge! Its not portable at all. Gonna fail hard.

  • Simone

    Have you asked if the PC streaming feature will be available to other devices? (Tegra/Non Tegra, previous SoC, etc…) Considering that Grid will be available on any device able to launche their client (and it’s over the internet), doing it on LAN should be easier

  • CaptainHowdy13

    PC streaming is pretty cool. Though I hate the dual analogs being at the bottom a la PS3. It would be a lot better in a the style of an xbox controller

  • devi8

    I’d rather see this in a form factor like the xperia play, that could have been such a great device if not for the lack of updates and support and advertising, if I find a play for a steal still might get one

    • +1 Sometimes I day dream about a built-in gamepad on my GSIII. The mid-range specs reallly killed that thing.

  • Tristan Attwood

    I am (tentatively) excited for this. If they can keep the price down to the nexus 7 range, I will be picking one up and using it as an emulation platform. It sounds like it should have the grunt to handle PSX/N64 games with ease, and potentially PS2/GC/XBOX, which would be fantastic.

  • How do you map the buttons for the games on the PC? Like if I wanted to play WoW how does the shield know what buttons do what? Does the touchscreen work when playing games from the PC (like a mouse input or something)??

    • David

      MMO’s in generally are not very fun to play with a controller. I think it’s directed more at single player games like assassins creed, borderlands or dishonored. Games like that. Something that generally already has a “controller” Scheme as a lot of console > pc ports do. I think that’s more of what it’s directed at so that you could play ACIII on the crapper for example, or to play the game while you’re being forced to watch a movie with the family or something.

      • Still… what if I’m left handed or like some obscure control scheme? How does it “just know” that A (on the controller) is gas? Can I change it? Is it part of that algorithm they were talking about with the graphics settings?

        • David

          Think of it as a extension of your pc, not replacing it. So, let’s say for example it’s a fresh clean install of a game and you’ve yet to play it on the PC, but you’re somewhere else and you wanna play, let’s just say on the couch. So you boot up the game, You start playing and there you go it reads it’s a controller, vs a keyboard but like every other game it’ll just give you the default scheme until you customize it in the options. That’s how im expecting it to work. I don’t expect it to be all locked down and everything in regards to being unable to change things like controls or graphics or whatever, if it is it’ll fail.

  • Hey DL, when (if) you guys finally do a review on this please focus on the compelling reason that someone who already owns a tablet, smart phone, and any one gaming machine (wii/360/ps3/gaming pc) would want to invest in this.

    I just don’t understand what this will bring beyond a simple remote control attachment for my existing phone which can already stream my desktop using Splashtop.

  • GreeKNastY

    Ill be straight up..not hating on nvidia love their products..but if i saw someone playing with this id point and laugh at them. ill pass on this device

    • JamesU513

      The person playing will be having more fun than you :p

      • GreeKNastY

        depends how gullible they are

        • freebird1224

          Only gullible people like to have fun

  • I like this idea from NVIDIA about an on the go console quality gaming machine. I think the price will be the deciding factor. It’s interesting to see the competition heat up with so many manufactures trying the find the right balance between handheld consoles, tablets, phones and mobile gaming. It will be an interesting year for gaming.

    • WAldenIV

      The Vita is a console-quality portable gaming device and it hasn’t sold well. NVIDIA, with no prior experience, would need to somehow build a better device and introduce a lower price point. I don’t see either happening.

      • nightscout13

        Vita does not play Steam games. Ability to play your Steam library, is a huge benefit.

        • This is the single biggest selling point for me. Even if it’s more than a Vita, Steam games are super cheap and I already have a big backlog I’d love to get through.

        • WAldenIV

          How many PC gamers need (or want) a portable device like this? I bet it’s a very small niche market. I could see this taking off it streamed console games, but not PC games.

          • nightscout13

            What I do know, is that I want it. Especially when the Steam Box gets released. Imagine linking this to the Steam Box! Total Immersion gameplay!

    • Christopher Riner

      This^^ I think were finally starting to see decent enough hardware and games that are worthy of playing on it all. The biggest obstacle with mobile gaming (for me personally) so far are the controls.

      Now, would it be worth dishing out for a whole new tegra- powered device? Not sure if it will, but I think we’ll definitely find out by the end of the year which form of mobile gaming will reign supreme. Its something the mobile gaming industry has waited this long to tackle.

  • Syed

    The way you guys are covering this, it makes it seem as if you are forced to love it because of NVIDIA being your sponsor. TBH IMO, this is designed for a very niche market and we see something like this annually from CES. I can guarantee the price range will be out of range for most consumers thus making this an unsuccessful product. I do give NVIDIA an A+ for effort but I believe they should spend their time elsewhere (Tegra 4 <Snapdragon 800 or Exynos 8 Core)

    • Nardo

      And they are pimping Radio Shack (pic 14)…lol

    • mustbepbs

      Glad someone risked the downvotes to say this!

    • nightscout13

      Excuse me, I was not aware Nvidia sponsors Droid-Life. Present evidence, or cease and desist!
      EDIT: This is an Android device, why would Droid-Life NOT cover it?

      • Tyler

        Think of all the contests Droid-Life has, a good chunk involve NVIDIA.

        • nightscout13

          If Nvidia gave them 10 free tablets, that does not constitute a sponsorship. A sponsorship would be financial assistance, along with Nvidia advertisement deal.

          • Tyler

            I don’t know, you could be right all im saying is there could be something up, doubtful but you never know.

          • Christopher Riner

            Holy crap! I thinl youre right, something is definitely fishy here. A blog site is making money off of advertising?! That’s it I’m out of here. I’m gonna go put my face in front of Facebook

          • itznfb

            Yeah I don’t see any sponsored ads or anything on this site. I’ve never seen an indication of sponsorship.

        • EvanTheGamer

          So? That’s just publicity for NVIDIA, doesn’t mean that NVIDIA is sponsoring ’em.

        • So should we stop partnering with companies to give you guys free stuff? Heck no! Lay off the conspiracy theories 😉

      • EvanTheGamer

        Exactly! Who the hell said that NVIDIA sponsored Droid-Life? Just blind
        guessing is what that is. Anyways, yes, this is an Android site and the
        Project SHIELD is an Android enabled gaming device, so yes, they should write up many posts about it. If it wasn’t an Android enabled device, they would not be covering it as much as they have been since Sunday…it’s as simple as that.

        Matter of fact, I think Droid-Life covered the hell outta the Xperia Play when that device was a big thing, so did Sony sponsor D-L, as well? Nope, don’t think so. So the guy above is clearly making up lies. lol

    • EvanTheGamer

      And pretty sure NVIDIA knows that if they charge an arm, leg, and foot for Project SHIELD, they will surely not sell as many units as they hope they will. With that said, pretty sure they’ll find a way to cut costs down a bit so that the price is appealing to hardcore as well as casual gamers alike.

      And if it’s still at $500, then yes, they are screwed and won’t sell many units.

      • michael arazan

        The new xbox 720 this year will only be $400 estimated, if this thing is more than a console that has internet and the ability to view shows, movies and music, it’ll be a very niche market indeed. I’d rather get the remote and android system that plugs into my hdtv, even if the remote is wonky

        • EvanTheGamer

          Are you referring to the OUYA? lol The controller looks like it’ll be very comfortable as it’s designed that way. Guess we shall see.

          Or are you talking about the so-called overly hyped GameStick? lol

    • itznfb

      A niche market… are you kidding me? This is the future of gaming. Consoles are going to die off sooner than later. Every kid you see playing a game it’s on a handheld devices. Younger generations will choose their handheld device over playing on the nicest 60″ TV in the world. Nvidia wants to be the standard of gaming and that is a worth while and attainable ambition.

    • I actually do like the device. You don’t have to pay me anything to say I enjoy an Android device that can stream full PC games. This thing rocks! 😛

    • Why the F*ck are people whining about this. If it’s a decent price I’ll buy one. But for all of you to sit here and bitch about Droid-Life covering Droid Products is just plain stupid. And even bitch about them giving stuff away? Come on wheres the love?