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Verizon to Launch Share Everything Plans for Small Businesses on January 24

verizon share everything

Today, Verizon became the “first carrier to offer shared data plans for business” after announcing that Share Everything for businesses will launch on January 24. These new shared data plans are being sold as a way to manage multiple employee accounts on a much simpler level. Rather than managing individual plans, your company can have one big bucket of data to pull from. 

The plans are targeting businesses that need accounts with 25 or less employees. There are options for larger companies, but if you fit the 10 to 25 employee mold, you’ll be able to choose from three specific plans:  30GB for $225, 40GB for $300, and 50GB for $375. These Share Everything plans also come with the same unlimited talk and text that the consumer plans include.

share everything business

I don’t know about you, but don’t these prices seem semi-reasonable when compared to the non-business plans? Say you have 15 employees and go with the 50GB package for $375 – that’s over 3GB per user. If each individual had their own separate line with unlimited data at $30 per, you’d hit $450, but without the unlimited talk and text. Also, with consumer Share Everything plans, you see prices starting at $50 for 1GB of data, while if you calculate 50GB from $375 you get a price of $7.50 per GB.

Obviously, the price per GB goes down as you up your limit on both consumer and business accounts, but these big 40GB and 50GB plans seem like decent deals depending on the number of employees you plan on attaching. I guess it’s good to be a business client of Big Red.

Full pricing info can be found at Verizon’s site.

  • feztheforeigner

    How do you keep one of your employees from using all of the available bandwidth? As a businessman I’m just not sure how they could separate each user out…

  • neutronxray

    I’m not upgrading my phones and give up my unlimited data plans. This is another way of verizon trying to give you less for more $$$. When my lines have completed all their obligations…I’M DONE!!!!! KISS MY ASS VERIZON!!!!

  • dragonflyr

    I don’ see any kind of good deal here. Once you factor in the $40 per device, any “savings” is basically gone. Again … just another bait and switch, imo.

  • Russell Sprague

    I have 4 lines on my buisness account, and pay $250 am month. Combined on average we use about 8GB a month, so if I can drop down to $100 a month, this is a super deal!

    • it would be 100$ a month for 10g, then 40$ per line for another 160$
      260$ total in your case

    • Still $40 per device. Meaning you pay $10 more if you switch.

  • summit1986

    There goes the neighborhood…

  • mike

    this is going to kill my company. i manage the account of 15 and we use collectively around 150 gigs. We are all locked into unlimited, but i wonder how long that will last

  • Royal2000H

    The 10-20GB range (The ones listed as max 10 devices) is the exact same price as for consumers.

    Don’t forget that they charge an additional $40/smartphone just like the consumer plans do.

    • dragonflyr

      yeah … i think a lot of the “oh, this is better” posters are not factoring the huge $40 per device.

  • DC_Guy

    Boy they’re really trying to butter everyone up about this “Share Everything”. They’re all “see everyone should do it…it’s just so simplistic. ” Well I’m holding onto my unlimited data until they force me out if it. Hopefully Sprint’s LTE rollout will be usable (in doors and out) in my area.

  • Manage 130+ lines … would like to see something for our size. We are becoming very data heavy as more and more users get smartphones, tablets etc…

    • Dan Churco

      They have a share data plan per device for above 25 lines. So you pay $30 for 2gb per phone, and they are shared across the lines. You can also use $20 for 300 meg if you are not using all your data. This will be what I switch to. . I have 85 lines on my account, and can save a bunch this way. they only use about 25 gig per month, so I can save by throwing in some 300 meg plans.. and save the $10 bucks, plus will not pay $10 per gig for individual overages. Lastly, Tethering is included, so that will save another $20 for about 30% of my lines. Not a bad deal!

  • Unfortunately, each line costs $40 … $30 will get us 5Gb 4G data, unlimited text and 100 mins on T-mobile.

    • JoshGroff

      100 minutes isn’t a lot. Especially not for a work phone.

      • Yes, 100 mins is not a lot. But, think about that 5Gb of data. Let’s assume you set aside 2Gb for data only. You are left with 3Gb. Use a VoIP app with Google Voice to place your call, and you can talk hours before reaching that 3Gb limit. While there isn’t an official number, but most VoIP calls only use about 15 to 20Mb of data per hour.

        • JoshGroff

          True, not to mention using WiFi for VoIP.

        • Hesster

          VOIP is too unreliable for business calls. Fine for friends and family because you can just hang up and call back and they don’t care. Not fine when you’re talking to a client or your boss.

          I tried several VOIP apps, and none of them had the consistency I needed. Sometimes calls would go through fine, other times the person on the other end complained about a poor connection, or they just flat hung up because they couldn’t hear me at all.

    • Fun question: this is the Walmart plan, right? Not one from T-mobile officially? So can you port your old number to this plan, or do you have to get a new number?

      • You can get it directly from T-mobile’s website.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        no Straight Talk is $50 unlmited everything.

        • bleeew

          they have a unknown cutoff point. Sometimes its at 2GB. So its not unlimited.

    • itznfb

      This post is about business lines…. so a $30 plan would hardly fit for a business considering all the limitations that come with that plan.

  • Daniel Russell

    I don’t see a reason for why the increasing data from 10 to 20 GB is only a 50$ jump, while 20 to 30 GB and 30 to 40 GB and 40 to 50 GB are all $75….. Make it one price jump

    • Speedyrulz

      It’s because you can have up to 25 lines. Whether or not you agree with that, that’s why they do it.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      You are forgetting the cost per device. If you add that in its far more expensive so they are cutting you a break on the cost of data.

  • Thomas

    Their next announcement….the end of unlimited data for the grandfathered folks.

    • mjmedstarved

      Don’t jinx it for me..

      • Thomas

        I have it too amigo, it’s coming unfortunately. 🙁

        • mjmedstarved

          If that is the case… I’ll be leaving. :(((

          • chris125

            Same here. I am already most likely going to leave once my contract is up for a gsm carrier, at least then I can get whatever phone I want and not deal with verizon’s b.s

          • Hesster

            T-Mobile just announced they’re removing the 5 GB throttling soft cap on their top tier prepaid plan on the 9th. Unlimited everything for $70. If you use a lot of data, live in an area where they have good service and don’t want to go on contract it’s a killer deal.

        • They won’t do that until all their unlimited contracts are up in July of 2014 (when the Galaxy S III contract extensions will be over), so they won’t lose any ETF’s from breaking contracts.

          • Thomas

            This sounds way too common sense for Verizon, so it probably won’t happen. But I like your thinking.

    • Bigwavedave25


    • Tony Allen

      GSM Pre-Paid here we come 🙂

  • gokusimpson

    Could I just say I have a small business and get the $100 option?

    • CopierITGuy

      Sorry, Goku, they require your Federal Tax ID.

    • Thomas

      We could just say we all work at Droid Life and get the corporate discount. What do ya say Kellen, you game ? 😉

    • EDNYLaw

      Go down to your local governmental office and for $30 fill out a d/b/a (doing business as). Congrats, you have your own “small business.” Won’t even really change your taxes, it’s like one extra thing on your personal income tax.

      • michael arazan

        You could also file under as a non-profit

        • Fattie McDoogles

          They would have to still separate it somehow because if you are in an area without LTE you can’t use VoLTE and you would have to use 3G. I’m sure they will have a way to keep track of how you’re using your data.

    • Speedyrulz

      That’s the same price as the consumer plan. It’s also $100 for 10GB. Also the only thing that is different between this plan and the consumer plan is the ability to do more than 20GB and more than 10 lines.

    • spunker88

      Its the same exact pricing as the consumer plans, go to the Verizon page linked and you’ll see there is still the additional $40 charge per smartphone. These business plans just allow more than 10 devices and have more than 10GB data options.

  • Thankfully, someone is getting a good deal for a change. Would be nice to see VZW pass along these kinds of savings to individuals.

  • March McLaughlin

    Well, hopefully it is better pricing for businesses and saves them a few bucks.
    To be honest, I’m enjoying unlimited data on our corporate account, but we’re a bit bigger than 25 lines 🙂

    • Bigwavedave25

      March – you may want to buddy up to the decision maker and start lobbying your position! 🙂

      Oh man, what a conundrum it would be to have to choose loosing unlimited data (esp for your more mobile account reps who would depend on a lot of data use) to having a “easier” way of managing them all and save a little money.
      I would not want to have to listen to those pro/con arguments! Depending on your actual data use, it could be cheaper in the long to keep with the old.