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New Swiftkey Flow Beta Released as Build

swiftkey flow

A new Swiftkey Flow beta was just released to the public as version It includes a bunch of performance fixes, allows flowing on tablets in landscape, takes care of memory leaks, improves battery usage, and more. This is the first major update to Flow after its initial launch, so the Swiftkey team was quick to point out that they are still working through a pretty solid bug list.

We’ve included the changelog, a “things to be aware of” section, and the known issues list from Swiftkey.

Hit up the break and download it to your phone or tablet! 

Download version  Smartphones | Tablets


  • Flow-through-space autocommit: if you flow-through space but mess up your last word, all the prior words will be inserted (instead of losing all the words)
  • Flow in landscape on tablets (only in full layout, not in split layout)
  • Battery usage improved (when flowing and when not in use)
  • Performance of flowing and tapping improved
  • Longpress of bottom-right (smiley/enter) button now works
  • Fixed some force close issues
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Predictions not lost when changing keyboard layout (e.g to symbols)
  • Fixed DOuble CApitalization issue

Things to be aware of:

  • Flowing currently only works in fields where you see the prediction bar: in fields that have their own prediction or completion there is no prediction bar and therefore no Flow (e.g. URL bars, search bars, the “to” field of an email)
  • Flow-through-space only works in languages where smart space works – in some languages this is turned off because words are often made by combining other words together,and so smart space would divide up words that you want to keep as one. Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi), Romanian, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukranian, Urdu may not work with Flow-through-space
  • SwiftKey Flow Beta does not currently contain any features that were new in SwiftKey 3.1 (Berry theme, new languages, split layout in landscape for normal-sized devices)
  • Slide-left-to-delete a whole word does not work when Flowing is enabled – instead try holding down the backspace key to delete word-by-word

Known issues:

  • Flow trail is sometimes left on the screen at the end of a word
  • Personalization service continues running when it has finished
  • Memory usage is still higher than we would like
  • Flow trail is very faint on some CyanogenMod ROMs
  • Force closes on Motorola Atrix and LG G2X with custom ROMs >= 4.0
  • If a language pack is downloaded while typing the keyboard is not refreshed
  • Predictions are too large on LDPI devices
  • Predictions occasionally lost when alternately backspacing/spacing at the end of a word
  • Ukrainian spit layout is broken
  • Estonian words containing ö are not predicted
  • Arrow keys do not repeat on longpress

Via:  Swiftkey

  • overclock

    I tried flow for a couple of days and then went back to regular swiftkey. Hate is a strong word so I’ll go with extreme dislike for flow. The video made it better than the product.

  • Swa

    Why does this version expire Jan 30th? How do we renew it?

  • cheezer88

    why isnt their an option to automatically learn from my SMS or social media?

  • Droidzilla

    May have to reinstall this. I had to kill it after it tried to kill my battery. I love you, SwiftKey Flow, but my battery is my baby and you tried to corner it. Nobody puts baby in a corner.

  • Sorry, but I went back to Multiling. Swiftkey is NOWHERE NEAR as good as people would have you believe. No thanks, Swiftkey…

  • is it just me or does it stop “flowing” after a few words? i cant flow a sentence longer than like 4 or 5 words, it will stop or change all the words around.

  • Mark

    Do I have to uninstall the old beta version before installing the new one?

  • Should we uninstall the old version before installing this one? Or just install over top of the current build?

    • HuskerHog

      I just downloaded it and it replaced the old version when I opened it.

  • inzandity

    I would like to see some sort of word or sentence selection similar to Swype. Also, a number row would be fantasic all around with all of these new massive phones.

  • BPStroh

    I found the predictions to be very inconsistent. Many times I’ve tried “flowing” a word numerous times only to give up and tap the word in instead. This is not a time saver. Swype’s predictions are 100x better IMHO.

    • i love flow and it’s the ony one i want to use, but in flow, i try to type “too” and it literally never works

  • zepfloyd

    expires Jan 30th.

  • WAldenIV

    How can you select alternate words when it chooses the wrong one? I’ve been forced to type out certain words because it always defaults to something else.

  • Ryan Frankenstein

    Make it so I can swype in input fields…Ugh

  • JoshGroff

    Still no swiping in search bars. Pretty much the only thing keeping me on the stock 4.2 keyboard.

    • Yeah this is a irritation of mine, if I’m going to use this software I’d like to swipe everywhere and not just in certain parts. Though I do love this.

    • LionStone

      I’m really glad that Sense 4+ Trace input does this, its very quick and super accurate, I don’t need to download any other app… Droid Does 🙂

  • TheWenger

    “Flow trail is very faint on some CyanogenMod ROMs”
    That’s awesome to see an app developer pay attention to users running custom ROMS. Now that I see it’s an issue, it does seem like the trail is very very faint on my GNex running CM10.1.

    • Mason Lammers

      Does anyone know how to make the trail longer? I am running CM10.1 on Galaxy S3 – Verizon and most of the time it is very faint. Other times I appears normal, but overall I would like to adjust it.

    • Its also faint on GNex running Liquid, I believe Liquid does use CM as a base

  • hooligan

    “Force closes on Motorola Atrix”

    Of course it does. So glad I ditched it and upgraded to the Nexus 4.

  • T4rd

    Are there any other one-handed keyboard solutions on the Note 2? That’s the only reason I stick to the Samsung Keyboard, but it’s horrible compared to Swype and probably this in word prediction and the way you select words in the drop down menu isn’t as intuitive as scrolling right for additional words like in Swype.

    • Sven Enterlein

      I like the Samsung stock keyboard, especially the numbers row on top. Haven’t tried Swype (EDIT: Or SwiftKey) in a long time though.

  • Downloading now, thanks