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Question of the Day: What ROM are You Currently Running?


Years ago, we were able to run this question as a poll, since there were only a few handsets to choose from along with a few ROM developers who had work worth sampling. These days, there are far too many phones and even more developers that this can only be asked in the form of a question that directs you to the comments. Yep, we’re talking about our regularly scheduled “What ROM are you currently running?” post. We’ve had a number of readers ask for it a handful of times over the last couple of weeks, so we figured it was time to oblige.

So as usual, we’ll simply ask, “What ROM are you currently running?” But after you answer that question, make sure you give us device type, why you chose this specific ROM, and then include any other add-on that you have attached to your setup. People want to know what’s hot on the streets these days – give as much detail as you can.


  • Robert

    Fuzion JB OG Razr

  • Eric

    Liquidsmooth 4.0.4 for Thunderbolt. Very pleased!

  • On my Bionic i have ICRUSHD ROM as my main, and CM10JB and AOKPJB-MR1 Build 1, as safestrap options.

  • Aaron

    Team EOS 4 (JB 4.2 MR1) on an Asus TF101. Very little lag, except in multi user, and I haven’t found anything broken yet.

  • ParanoidAndroid on my nexus 7

  • Ryan Ball

    CM 10.1 Official Galaxy S3 VZW

  • john

    cm 10.1 gs3 vzw

  • AOKP JB-MR1 Build 1

  • Chris Fraser


  • David Inman

    Shiny OTA-Like for my GNex with Franco Nightly Kernel and my own Mods.

  • Shams

    Wanam 5.3 + jkay 14.7 tweak onmy i9300 GS3

    • Shams

      I like having the samsung features, mainly s beam, because ive convinced my entire family to switch from iphones to GS3s and it makes life super easy! Also, allshare is awesome, this rom comes with multi-window and all apps enabled. this rom is packed,highly recommend it, all updates are usually rock solid and super smooth. Jkay is also highly recommended, it gives you full control of the status bar and lockscreen customization. I like stock samsung but i want customization, and this rom does it all while retaining almost flawless stability.

  • Dar

    I’m running Xylon 4.2.1, on my GNex gsm its awesome the day after cm released the new lock clock we had it boom !! great ROM, great dev’s

  • spickle

    G-Nex toro AOKP JB 4.2 with Nova. nothing special. but i must say the AOKP 4.2 is running very smooth, much smoother the their JB 4.1 ROM.

  • edwards311

    SGS3…… Current: Beans build 8 4.1.1 with lean Kernel 1.4…..or Slim Bean 4.2.1 or whatever else I feel like flashing on a daily basis!!!!!!

  • booked

    cm7 on my DX2

  • Stock BIONIC, couldn’t be happier.

  • Derek

    CM10 LG Spectrum

  • sean.yesmunt

    CM 10.1 GNex

  • brando56894

    I’m running JB Sourcery v4.1 (android 4.2.1 base) with Tiny Kernel (gonna swap it out for something clocked higher) on my Verizon (Toro) Galaxy Nexus. I think I’m rocking Paranoid Android Beta 8 on my 32 GB Nexus 7.

  • Alain Lafond

    My maguro runs on daily updated CM 10.1.
    Works very good and faaaaaaaaaaaaaast… But my favorite is AOKP, and sure today will try the new flavor…

    Android… toy for grownup… lol

  • HellRa1SeR

    Thats obvious. 😀 CM10.1 on Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Mvidia

    CM10.1 on HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, AOKP 4.1.2 Samsung Galaxy Nexus and finally CM10 on the HTC HD2

  • Jeetu K

    Galaxy S i9000 with Beast rom 4.2.1

  • Kushxmaster

    Device: Galaxy Note 2. Currently on jediX7.2 with perseus kernel. No overclock. Using the blue theme from the original thread on xda.

  • beav

    Anyone running a ROM on a RAZR M by any chance?

  • 4.2 RasBeanJelly / Galaxy Nexus

  • siwan05

    Nexus 4, CM10.1 Nightlies with Pimp My Rom to spice it up

  • iiDanK

    Blackjelly 1.01 for SGS3 i747. CM10 and AOKP are too bare bones and unstable for me

  • The Cyber Trekker

    Still Rocking my Thunderbolt! w/ [ROM] *10/02/2012* – Liquid ICS *MR3V1* JMOD – NEWSWORTHY

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    Stock HTC DROID DNA (with locked bootloader)
    Stock ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T

    HP TouchPad
    Android 4.1.2 (CM10 12-16-2012, from jcsullins)
    Working FFC and microphone!

    Samsung Droid Charge
    Android 2.3.6 (Tweaked 3.2 with Lazarus Recharged 12-25-2012 kernel)
    It’s the only thing the phone will run. I’d normally sell the phone, but no one would pay for it. Besides, without a network connection, it lasts long enough to use as an MP3 player at the gym!

  • crazysamz

    cleanrom SE on my Verizon Note II. It’s basically a cleaned up version of the stock verizon ROM with a few tweaks. I haven’t seen anything too customized that runs touchwiz.

    With the S-pen, if you really want to use a lot of the functionality, you need touchwiz, which is one of the only reasons I won’t run AOKP or CM or AOKP roms. I bought a phone with all this great functionality built in, why would I take it all away? To make it 0.5 seconds faster on boot or save 45 minutes on battery? I have THREE BATTERIES! HUZZAH!

  • ksavai

    Paranoid Android on my Nexus 4.

  • El Big CHRIS

    GNex Toro running Xylon Rom. I was waiting for the AOKP team to deliver the new update. Xylon is pretty bad ass, but the battery life is atrocious

  • Domination on my One X and CustoNexus on my nexus 7.
    Both are PA+Aokp mixed roms,best out there right now,forget cm and all the others

  • RossLeezy

    Paranoid Android on LTE Galaxy Nexus

  • Aaron Crampton

    On my vzw Gs3 i am running cleanrom 5.5.1. I installed the Trebuchet launcher by default. Pretty good battery life and real stable.

  • soccerburn55

    CM 10.1 nightly verizon nexus.

  • Galaxy Mod RLS13!

  • yungqb7

    Broken Out 2.0.1 on my LG Revolution (can’t wait to upgrade)

  • Dollyllama

    BAMF Paradigm on Galaxy Nexus. Best and smoothest ROM on any device I’ve owned.
    EOS Nightly 155 (Jellybean) on my Xoom…love it…can’t find anything newer smoother better