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Samsung Tackles Multi-tasking, Business Solutions, and Office Politics in New Note 2 Ad


According to this latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ad, the oversized phone is great for multi-tasking while you work on quarterly earnings reports. It’s also an amazing way for co-workers to slack off and then take credit for hard work you just put in. Thankfully, those slackers never win, at least not in this fantasy world.

  • nightscout13

    ATTN Note 2 owners: How practical is multi-window? Is it just another gimmick like S-Voice?

    • Q

      Its cool but on the Verizon note, only there’s only 6 apps preloaded that are compatible with the feature… one app I downloaded works.. andirc

  • daryle barden jr

    Haha i’m loving Sammy’s commercials.

  • Michael

    Am I the only one that watched this to see if Blake Adam and Anders was in this?

    • steveliv

      nope 😛

  • Terence Jackson

    Any body figure out a method to move apps to the external SD card on the Note 2 yet?

  • Curtisncali619

    I love my VERIZON note 2 because every time I look at my phone I’m reminded that I have VERIZON

  • hkklife

    Well, the Note 2 could handle all those tasks even more easily if Samsung saw fit to offer it in 32Gb and 64Gb storage versions… just sayin’.

    • That is what the microSD slot is for!

      • Not when they dont allow you to move apps to SD !!

        • mgamerz

          Do you really install 13GB of apps? I don’t think any of the tasks they were doing was 13GB worth. Try playing less games.

          • Says Mr Gamerz

          • mgamerz

            Congratulations on misreading my name, but I applaud your efforts.

          • Saying “mr” as in MISTER is not the same as “M” nice try looking clever 😉

          • mgamerz

            I don’t play many games contrary to my name. and definitely not android games.

        • you still need a SD card with a good class rating or moving apps to your SD card is pointless.

  • Niall Fox

    now that is what a commercial should be like, no robots fighting or DNA enhancing, just a funny way of showing the phone’s features

    • Justin Kos

      When I leave Verizon I’m telling them it’s because I don’t want to fight robots with my phone

      • Droidzilla

        I actually bought the RAZR specifically because I thought it would lead me into a life of international cyber-espionage and cyborg based intrigue. Needless to say I’ve been a little disappointed.

      • Knlegend1

        That’s hilarious!!!

      • nightscout13

        but…but… you have to prepare for the robot invasion!

  • epps720

    Surprisingly a very good commecial

  • sgm182

    So they used the girl from Workaholics, but not the other 3 guys?! Samsung, you could have had such a better commercial on your hands.
    Still a nice job though.

    • Exactly what I was thinking!

    • michael arazan

      Like the other guys would ever use there phones for work. They’d be checking the delivery date of an atomizer and reordering pony kegs while texting their weed guy for another hook up. Which is still pretty solid multitasking.

  • Radgatt