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Google Play Gives Us Their Best Apps and Games of 2012

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The Google Play team has released their picks for “Best of the Best” of 2012 this week, many of which are interesting to say the least. They put forth their favorite apps, games, music, books, and movies for the past year, but since we only care about the Android side of things, have listed them out for you below. You’ll find titles like Zappos (what?), Evernote, Fancy, Granny Smith, Subway Surfers, and TED. 


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Anything you would change about these lists?

  • CapnShiner

    Either that is a list of the top 10 highest bidders who wanted extra exposure in the market or the person who made the list does not actually use an Android phone. There are a few decent/good apps in the list but it’s hardly a best-of list. Where are Swiftkey, Chrome, Juice Defender, Beautiful Widgets, Nova/Apex/Go/etc. launchers, Google Currents, Flipboard, Instagram, Light Flow, Seekdroid, Astro, Dropbox/Google Drive, or Go SMS to name a few?

  • Pocket and Evernote all day.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Terrible lists.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Has anyone played Nun Attack? Any good? I keep seeing that game advertised on various Android blogs.

    • John

      Seems pretty good from the reviews.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah, same here. Just wondered if any of the Droid-Life community ever played it before. But since it’s free, I should probably just download it to find out for myself. lol

  • i dont trust that list at all… wonder how much they paid to be “the best of the best”…

    • michael arazan

      Like ancestry and zappos? ancestry I can’t even see be there, but zappos is plausible cause women like their shoes, I did buy a nice duffle bag from there at a reasonable price though

      • Raven

        Whether or not you like shopping from Zappos, I do find their app to be very well executed on both phones and tablets. It is a model of what a shopping app should be.

  • John

    Physics based driving game Hill Climb Racing should be on there

    • slider112

      I’m thoroughly addicted.

      • John

        Heh, yep. I rarely ever get addicted to games, but this one has taken the cake in terms of devoting a ton of free time to playing it.

        • slider112

          Agreed. This and Ski Safari… can’t put ’em down.

    • Haven’t paid attention in Chemistry in 3 weeks after downloading that game.

    • Pallav

      Downloading now.

  • ddevito