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Google: Gmail Telephone Calls to Remain Free Through 2013


One of Google’s product managers today posted up a note for Gmail users, announcing that domestic telephone calls will remain free through 2013. Neither Kellex or myself use this feature of Gmail, but it’s good to know that it’s still free. Maybe I’ll start checking it out from time to time.

Many of you call phones from Gmail to easily connect with friends and family. If you’re in the US and Canada, you’ll continue to be able to make free domestic calls through 2013. Plus, in most countries, you can still call the rest of the world from Gmail at insanely low rates.

Thanks, Google.

Via: Gmail Blog

  • Mark

    I use Google Voice in Gmail as my home line and love it. But when I try and use it through my phone I find the lag to be dealbreaker. It feels like a second or two delay and it makes having a normal conversation impossible. Wondering if everyone else has the same experience or if you actually make (and receive) calls through your google voice number on your cellphone

  • kevintufts

    This is great news! Google Voice with an OBI is awesome. 40 bucks for the OBI and I’ll have had free phone at the house for a year and a half. Favorite feature is if I don’t answer my cell, it will then ring the house phone.

  • Prox

    Google needs to buy T-Mobile

  • James Collyer

    this was great to call home when I was in New Zealand but calling from Ireland they charged

  • Tim242

    This means I can continue to make VOIP calls using Google Voice, via Groove IP.

  • This is good news for ppl who use internet calling with their Google Voice number.

    • Tim242

      Yep. Groove IP is good for at least another year from my phone.

  • Brian Williams

    Google needs to buy some spectrum, throw up a few million towers and offer unlimited Data. Lets all give Big Red’s non-competition business model a swift kick to the curb with a middle-finger salute.

    • capecodcarl

      Why not just use T-Mobile or Sprint? Both offer unlimited data already. Google would need years, if not decades to build out to the size that even T-Mobile is at now unless they became an MVNO.

      • themainstrm

        What if Google became T-Mobile? Well more accurately bought T-Mobile.

        Imagine if you will a fantasy land where unlimited data is $30 – $50 a month(Depending on speed packages), with no need for voice or text packages. GVoice gets a complete overhaul into a VoIP protocol and powers the voice and text messages for said plans.

        • Stevedub40


        • Prox

          ^^This, Google needs to buy T-Mobile.

      • Jake

        maybe those carriers are not available in their area? That’s the problem I have…

    • Gregory Lee

      guess you haven’t heard… Google and Dish Network are working on that.

      • PhoenixPath

        It was a rumor. No-one has made any official comments or verified that any deal has been made.

        So no…they are not “working on that”…we just hope they are (or that El-Goog is looking at T-Mob).

        • Greg Lee

          just because there has been no official press release doesn’t mean it’s not gonna happen… the signs are there. It may not be a done deal but something is going on between the two.

  • EMcTx

    I ditched vonage 15 months ago, and have been using Google voice with an obi device as my home number, because I don’t like to give my cell phone number to companies. I’m glad to know that it will be free for another year.

  • I use this all the time. Yay!

  • RadicalPie

    Now that I have my nexus 10 all of droid life’s icons seem of lower quality. Just a random side note.

  • tyguy829

    This goes for google voice calls too, which i KNOW Kellex uses.

  • Sweet!