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Nexus 10 Pogo Charger Appears on eBay for $19.99

nexus 10 pogo

Since release, the POGO pins on the bottom of the Nexus 10 have gone unused thanks to a lack of accessories that can take advantage of them. We’ve seen a charger or two pop up on various Android forums, but today, we get one on eBay that can actually be purchased for $19.99 and will ship around December 28. 

The listing for the “Nexus 10 Pogo Charging Cable” claims that it is “authentic” and 4 feet long. As you’ll see in the video, it acts much like an Apple MagSafe power adapter in that it easily attaches to the device via magnets. From what we can tell, the manufacturer is MagNector, which doesn’t exactly sound “official,” but then again, official and “authentic” could mean two very different things. This listing also mentions that the MagNector will charge the device up to 25% faster than a standard USB cable.

Looks, great – as long as you own a Nexus 10. We’d still like to see something official from Samsung.


Via:  eBay

Cheers Teng!

  • AndyC

    Now available via amazon or direct from the maker. Same one as on eBay in December. Do a search for “MagNector Pogo Cable” and “pogocable” website will pop up. Price is $19.95 as of 1/28/2013.

  • jstevenkim

    Hi there,

    I am the one supplying and selling the pogo cable on eBay. We just shipped out the first orders received from ebay, so we expect most buyers get their orders delivered soon. Unfortuately, ebay removed the listing for some reason a few days ago, so it has caused a rumor that the listing on ebay could be a scam or fraud. Now we are trying to resolving the issue with ebay, and sooner or later the pogo cable will be available online again. If you have any question about the pogo cable, I am happy to answer you by email at [email protected]. Thank you.

    • Got mine a couple days ago, so far it’s not much…if any faster than the stock USB charger when the device is sitting idle.

  • t2fsu1

    Just got an notification from eBay that the listing has been removed…
    “We understand this may be disappointing, but occasionally we need to remove listings. In some cases, the item itself is fine, but was listed in a way that didn’t follow eBay’s guidelines”

    Trying to contact the Magnectar folks to see if they’re going to fulfill my order or refund me.

  • I really don’t know why Google/Samsung seem to have so much trouble getting accessories out for their products. How hard could it be when millions of people are waiting to buy them?

  • tvBilly

    The listing on eBay has been pulled. No idea why; might be they sold all they made (54?!), might be something else. There have been a number of threads about this on xda and rootzwiki, with many (most?) feeling there was something fishy about the seller and the claims being made. In any case, I’m waiting for a pogo dock, not just a connector.

  • nightscout13

    This is where Google and Android OEM’s fail in comparison to the bitten fruit. Marketing, and accessory support. I mean WTF, Samsung nor Google announce this accessory, and it’s already available for purchase? ATTN: Google: People like announcements. It makes them buy shlt.

    • mike

      They need to figure out a shape first, then work on some standards across the board. Then do the above

  • Yay, just ordered one of the last ones in stock.

  • Jane Fonda

    Read more on this site ask22.ℂom

  • 20% an hour? Ummm mine charges faster than that.

  • Indiana Jonze

    what battery info app is that?

  • DanSan

    i love how there is an iphone 3GS there…

    i like that app, anyone know the name of it?

    • johnny

      isn’t that a iphone 4s…….

      • Bigwavedave25

        Oh, I thought it was one of those Chinese knock-offs…

  • Still waiting for a pogo charger for the nexus 7. Oh and its been a year and the pogo pins on my GN are worthless.

    • 4n1m4L

      Not if you got a car dock. It recall works well with slight modification. Or shelled out the hundred for the vzw version of the desk dock. If you get a micro controller to send the appropriate pulses the signal that comes after is spdif and only needs an led to ground to work

      • James Hill

        Oh yeah, that’s not even slightly inconvenient 😐

        • 4n1m4L

          🙂 well I guess I should have stated my point. At the end of product life it will not be profitable for a company to make new things for the product. So you will have to do it yourself.

    • Been using the car dock for my VzW GNex for many months, and it works great, even with the extended battery. All that was needed was the very small volume rocker modification.

      • Which car dock are you using? Mind sharing a link?

        • Yeah I’m having a hard time finding a link to the VZW Galaxy Nexus car dock…any links?

          • There was never a dock released for the VZW GNex. I am just using a (very slightly modified) GSM GNex dock. There was an article on this process posted to DL a number of months ago.

          • yeah but I can’t even find the GSM version…that’s what I was referring to…you know where to find one? (no longer in Play Store)

        • Damn my bad, never saw that someone had responded to this.
          I am using the GSM GNex pogo car dock with my VzW GNex. Just needed a VERY slight modification of the volume rocker.
          There was an article on this very site detailing the process a number of months ago.

  • ChristianJohnson

    One complaint about Nexus devices has to be the lack of true accessories.

    • Sounds like they are going to be getting them out in time to just miss Christmas.

      • michael arazan

        Hopefully they will then release them with After Christmas Sales prices too.
        Btw, these chinese nock-offs always say they are legit, don’t believe it if it ships from China/ Hong Kong from ebay, from my experience

    • mike

      Look at it this way, its not worth their time and desources to develop accessories for something they envision people keeping for 12 months max….only to replace said item with a differently shaped device on which none of the accessories will work.

      Moto was the only one doing it, and people had coronaries over having to pay more than $20 for any accessory. If you want accessories, be prepared to shell out $$$ to amortize the costs or nobody will make them. This is a flaw that a lot of android users have, and until we all work to correct it….well…nothing will change.

  • Surely only a matter of time before this appears on Google Play…then again, this is Google, who are infamously terrible at accessories.

    • Teng Taing

      but wouldnt it really come down to Samsung who manufactures the Nexus 10?

      • Google commission Samsung to make the charger. That’s what Google are bad at doing – not understanding the want or need for accessories.