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Google+ Updated – Nothing Major, Just Some Bug Fixes

Google pushed another update to the Google+ application for Android, but don’t expect anything too new. For now, it’s just some bug fixings and several stability improvements.

Since the last major update, I have found myself opening this app a bit more. The layout is quite nice, but those cartoonish bottom buttons have got to go.

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  • Jimmy Day

    Update the icons for the update buttons and scrap the whole “mood” thing and we’re good.

  • Rick Lopez

    I feel the buttons make the whole app way more appealing to use. Google+ came across as complicated but with the latest update it does feel more user friendly – IMO

  • michael arazan

    Sara Underwoods pictures and nude yoga video is on Google+ FTW

  • Google+ = FAIL

  • Shane Redman

    The only one i don’t like is the yellow one…but I like the Google colors at the bottom

    • snowblind64

      I agree. Would be better if the smiley face was an Android style smiley face with the little antennas.

  • JamesU513

    it feels like “coloring time” with those buttons…wheres my 64 crayon set at?

  • John

    Agree on the buttons but at least they auto hide as you start to scroll down