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Apex Launcher Receives Hefty Update, Merges Changes From Android 4.2

Today, Apex Launcher got a very nice update, merging changes from Android 4.2 and a ton of other goodies. Some of the highlights are re-sizeable icons, improved theme support, new Apex actions, and a fix for some TouchWiz widget issues. To check the full changelog, see below. 

What’s in this version:

New permissions are required to import data from other launchers.

  • Merged changes from Android 4.2
  • Option to change icon size
  • New Apex action to expand quick settings
  • Import desktop data from other launchers
  • Improved theme support
  • Added dock swipe gesture on folders (pro)
  • Added support for Next Honeycomb LWP
  • Fixed shortcut picker for Android 4.2
  • Fixed TouchWiz widget issues
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations
  • Updated translations

If Apex isn’t your thing, then check out Nova Launcher as well.

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  • KleenDroid

    I read posts all the time about Apex being sluggish. Even though I have already posted this in other threads before I don’t think anyone has ever seen it or tried it. So here goes one more time.

    If speed and fluidity is what you want in a launcher then Apex cannot be beat. Go into homescreen and drawer settings and change the “minimum scrolling time” in both to 1.

    Again change the minimum scrolling time to “1” in homescreen and drawer settings.

    You will be amazed at how fast and fluid Apex is. Anything above 1 is slower since 1 is the fastest setting. If you like it slower you can try 5 or 10. But 1 is simply fast and amazing.

    Give it a try and re-evaluate.

    • michael arazan

      All the launchers have slowed down my phones, from my D1 to my GNex, after a day or so using them, they slowly slow down the system till it is real laggy/buggy i just uninstall it. What’s the point if it slows the whole system down. Probably might work better with quadcores though.

      • roberthenderson

        They work well on my gs3, with Nova having been a little smoother.

  • Darksthour

    I personally use every launcher and have the pro version of everything. Go launcher, Nova, Apex, ADW and Launcher Pro. What determines what I use is big updates like these. Went back to ADW just cause of the overhaul it had and I liked it but I’m probably gonna switch over to Apex again now. Can’t ever have enough launchers!

  • I have Nova Prime and Apex Pro. I keep trying Apex with each update, but I never make it more than a day before I’m back to Nova.

    Nova FTW!

    • LionStone

      Tried Nova Prime for my first choice a couple months ago for a third party launcher and I like it so much, I haven’t bothered with any of the others!

    • skeezicks

      I would have said the same thing, right up until this update. I haven’t given it much time yet, but this version of Apex Pro seems super! Smoother than Nova Prime, from what I can see, and there’s a richer set of configurations. I imagine I’ll be going back and forth between the two as time goes on, but for now — December 18, 2012 — Apex Pro is king.

  • Just wish there was a work around for the Circles Widget on my MAXX HD to work on a third party launcher (TPL)… Damn you Motorolla… well played. It is crazy how much that widget outweighs all the other features in a TPL. I love both Apex and Nova… but that circle widget and its features are awesome. I have the OneMoreClock Widget and it doens’t have all the bells and wistles.

    • roberthenderson

      There are some pretty good replicas of that widget out and free as well

      • meijin3

        Links? I’d love to find a good alternative 🙂

        • roberthenderson

          I was scared you were going to ask me that because I just deleted it to go back to beautiful widgets for a fuller look. I think it was ‘rings digital weather clock’ on the market. I believe there were a few on ‘thousand clocks gallery’ and there was at least one other free program on the market where you could make your own, but I can’t recall the name. Search circle clock widget or something to that effect. Good luck.

        • Mike DeBlock

          Search for UCCW on play store. There are several really good Circle Widget ish themes available for it all on the store and most for free.

    • kixofmyg0t

      I wish Verizon wouldn’t have been displeased with the QuickView feature of Moto’s new ICS and JB builds. The feature is there, and it’s running and eating up memory but it’s not “active” (I have it frozen now). It was enabled in the RAZR M test builds and I really liked it.

      RAZR HD/M owners, go check your processes. You’ll see it running.

  • Tim242

    The update forced shadowing on my home screen with no way to disable it. I have used Apex for over a year. It has been a bit sluggish on my Note II. I decided to try Nova. It seems much more smooth. Bought Nova Prime and set it to JB icons. Couldn’t be better!

    • T4rd

      Do you lose any (TouchWiz) functionality when you change launchers on the Note 2? I’m going to be getting my Note 2 here soon and I want to use Nova on it since I love it so much on my Gnex. But I’m wondering if it kills any features with the S-Pen or anything like that. Thanks in advance =).

      • Tim242

        It does not kill any of that functionality. The S-Pen still works perfectly. The only thing that changes is that the S-Note screen doesn’t auto pop when you pull the pen out. That is because it is a page buddy in TW launcher. However, you can add the S-Note widget to a home screen. You will love it. Here is the battery life you have to look forward to. http://db.tt/GNZblj0c

        • T4rd

          Awesome, thanks a lot for the response. I actually liked that S-Note auto pop-up action when you pulled out the S-Pen, so I hope that S-Note widget is a good alternative for that. I’ve seen several similar amazing battery life screen shots similar to that too, I can’t wait to have a phone that can literally last all day (or two) and keep a consistent signal. =D

          • Tim242

            The S-Note widget is the exact same as the auto pop. The TW page buddy that auto pops is just a page with the widget. I was nervous about going from the Nexus, to a non stock device. I am happy that the new TW keeps a lot of the stock features and look.

          • T4rd

            Nice, thanks a lot for the quick responses. So have you unlocked your bootloader and/or rooted it yet?

          • Tim242

            I have not. I am not sure if I will. Maybe when a better method comes out and ROM’s get better. But, not sure if it is worth it. While I’d gain stock, I’d lose S-Pen and multi window. I don’t use them a lot, but nice to have them. As of now, I feel that I have what I need. You can even use the built in hot spot just by downloading a hot spot toggle. It bypasses the subscription check.

          • T4rd

            I wouldn’t want to put a stock ROM on it, I would just want to fix the missing Wi-Fi Toggle, S-Planner Calander Widget Suite (I guess Verizon took that out for some reason), put a custom kernel on it for USB Fast Charging and remove bloatware. Thanks for the Hot Spot toggle trick though, that was going to be another major reason for root.

        • LionStone

          So it’s not one cycle in your screen shot? It looks like you charged it in the middle there? All 4G? Just curious.

          • Tim242

            That is one cycle. All 4G.

          • LionStone

            Yes I understand the crop…but why does the time line go back up?

          • Tim242

            Not sure. Never paid attention to that. The only thing I can think of, is if a reboot caused it.

          • Tim242

            The bottom part that shows screen details is a crop of the screen you see when you click on screen, to see its on time during that cycle.

  • Timmy

    Lost my home screen apps in the update process. Oh well.

  • SuperTongue

    Any performance improvements? I love Apex and installed it on my VZW Note II but it was just sluggish compared to Nova. Apex would have a very minor lag when going from screen to screen while Nova and TW would be smooth as butter.

    • T4rd

      Do you lose any (TouchWiz) functionality when you change launchers on the Note 2? I’m going to be getting my Note 2 here soon and I want to use Nova on it since I love it so much on my Gnex. But I’m wondering if it kills any features with the S-Pen or anything like that. Thanks for any response!

      • SuperTongue

        There’s some, such as the automatic screen movement to the S-Pen page. Beyond that, not much at all is lost. You’ve still got the double-tap quick note and other stuff. Screen will even turn on when the pen is pulled out.

    • KleenDroid

      Give this a try. Apex has always been amazing if you do this….

      Go into “homescreen settings” then “minimum scrolling time” and change the value to 1.

      Then go into “Drawer settings” and then “minimum scrolling time” and also change it to 1.

      Give this a try and then you will see that Apex is the best option and you will never again go back to any of the other options. I wish it set this as default since most people don’t bother figuring out the settings.

      • SuperTongue

        I only have 10 point increments, but at 10 it works great! Back to Apex I go!

  • AlexKCMO

    I used to use Apex, but performance was just in the crapper next to Nova. I like Apex better though, but Nova is doing the job just fine right now.

    • droidsung

      you may try out Holo HD then. it feels like simpler version of Apex and even more fluid than Nova.

  • SomeDooD123


    • MyNameIsBronzzz

      in da butt

  • Christopher Irwin

    I’ve used Apex on my Epic 4G, S3, and Transformer TF101 for a while now; this is a very welcome update. I haven’t used Nova, but I have no reason to try it since Apex has given me no reason to stray.

  • APEX or NOVA… decissions decissions!

    • paul_cus


    • KleenDroid

      Apex can’t be beat if you make one simple adjustment. Adjust the “minimum scrolling time” in homescreen settings and drawer settings to “1”. If fluidity and speed is your thing you will never go elsewhere again.

    • kixofmyg0t