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Tip: Quickly Remove the Ongoing WiFi Notification on Verizon Phones

The ongoing notification on most of Verizon’s new smartphones, oh how we despise you so. We still can’t figure out why Verizon decided to eliminate the quick WiFi toggle on some phones in favor of this pesky, non-removable ongoing notification, but that’s exactly what they have done. As long as you are away from home or work, even if you are miles away from the nearest WiFi network, Verizon has decided that your phone should constantly remind you that turning on WiFi would be awesome. 

We have talked about ways to remove this, but unfortunately, it’s now being tied to “Android System” which makes it really tricky. Thankfully, a couple of our readers figured out that if you long press on the notification, and go to “App info,” that you can Force stop the action and temporarily get rid of it until your next phone reboot or WiFi toggle. I should mention again that this is sort of tricky ground, as you are force stopping “Android System,” however, so far we haven’t heard of any massive crashes or issues after doing this.

So if you’d like to remove that ongoing notification temporarily, give this trick a try. Just remember that after you reboot your phone or toggle your WiFi on or off, you’ll have to do it again.

Cheers Addison!

  • motoxer

    I got rid of this pesky little problem with “any cut” it doesn’t get rid of the notification but you will not be pestered by the pop up enable wifi message constantly

  • BoVice

    thanks to kindaacrap you can atleast get rid of the wifi is off notification using this theme. works for stock vrblk3 verizon rom but you must have root and recovery. has some extra goodies too. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1818800

  • r0lct

    The notification actually doesn’t bother me, probably with the large screen I’m not missing the little bit of real estate enough to be annoyed. It’s the lack of a toggle that’s annoying to me.

  • Zacharypt

    This trick works fine on dna

    • LionStone

      Yep… and even when I shut the phone off, it did not return. That is sweetness right there.

  • John Martens

    On the s3 you can turn this off;settings/ wifi / uncheck notify me when launching apps, when wifi is available

    • Andrew Roth

      this is not what’s being discussed. i had the s3 and there was a constant reminder when you pull down the notification shade to turn on wifi. this addresses that. not when you open apps.

  • Steve Benson

    This is just ONE of a hundred reasons why I will be leaving Verizon when my contract is up. Paying my ETF now and cutting all ties is looking more and more tempting.

    Buying straight from Google and going month to month with Solavei for my next phone.

  • Pedro

    I turn my wifi on and off automatically using timeriffic, it works great.

  • russ

    thanks for that pointer Tim cook.

  • Gentle_Tech_Alice

    I’d love the notifications… if Verizon had any clue as to “how to do it right”:

    Do you want notifications based on:
    1> No wi-fi hot spots found
    2> There ARE wi-fi hot spots found (but we aren’t going to tell you if you can access them)
    3> There are fully open, unlocked, no password wi-fi hot spots found.

    Verizon adds #1 (totally useless) and #2 (a huge time-waster) and then they entirely, foolishly leave out the only valuable choice: #3


  • Danrarbc

    Just another reason why I left the carrier. I love the LTE network, just about everything else I hate.

  • Wolfpack93

    My wife (RAZR M) and I (Rezound) have not seen this notification since installing previously recommended Smart Wifi Toggler which turns on wifi at home and work, and disables it when anywhere else. Are we smarter than a 5th grader, or just lucky?

  • I just used Any Cut to stop the annoying WiFi message when I first got my phone in July. It still works after the JB update.

  • Harrison

    Does this work on the “battery fully charged, unplug charger” notification too?

  • A couple of things:

    1. This stopped my clock (notification bar) from updating. Anyone else have that issue?
    2. I leave my wifi on all the time so that when I go somewhere that I have an access point stored, it just connects without the need to toggle on/off. However, even when you kill this process and your device discovers an access point (known or unknown), the notification re-appears.

    I’ll eventually root and get rid of it, but Verizon can suck it with their constant notifications on new devices.

    • fartbubbler

      same issue. My clock and widget clock (and also my lockscreen clock) won’t update when I do this trick.

      • LionStone

        Which phone? It hasn’t stopped any clock setting on DNA…

        • Note 2

          • LionStone

            That’s a drag…I agree with you, VZW can suck it. I went round and round with them when I first got the Inc4G…they blamed HTC. I said oh yea?, why is this issue on other devices that HTC doesn’t make?…crickets….

  • LionStone

    Thanks for the tip… So far it hasn’t popped back on the DNA. And since I don’t use WiFi, it should be a good fix.

  • teeth

    When will you learn, Verizon cares less what you want, give us your money, clones.

  • Paul

    Wow, I figured force stopping it would stop the wifi completely, not just the notification. Seems to have worked fine on my Note 2.

  • Allen

    Buy a Razr HD Maxx.

  • feztheforeigner

    Any word on root for the Droid DNA?

    I want to PERMANENTLY remove this stupid Verizon stuff from my otherwise fantastic phone!

    • Justin Scarano

      this does remove it for the dna as well

      • feztheforeigner

        But, just as with any device using this method, it is not a permanent solution. At this point, root must be achieved to completely devoid your device of Verizon’s atrocity.

  • WPNX

    It’s so obvious that Verizon does it so that people will be more inclined to not use data through their network. Since they killed unlimited data, they figure this might be a good way to help folks not go over their data..however..I like to do whatever the hell I want..and when I want with my data and my mobile device…

    • No. This was designed to piss people off and get them to not use wifi when they should so they go over their limit and Verizon gets paid more.

    • michael arazan

      I’m sure Verizon is trying to figure out how to charge us for using wifi services at home or out and about, so every time you disconnect and connect to their network they charge you a price. I can’t wait to see how many people will be leaving their network in the next year to 2 years after all the contracts are up from Nov 2011 – July of 2012. I’m guessing a mass exodus, especially if they mess with un limited data when contracts are up.

  • jimingo

    Download notification toggle and this is gone. I have only seen this the first day I had s3. Enjoy

  • AnnaMikk

    Old news boys.

  • john

    those toogles make the notification bar so crowded. And guys don’t worry, verizon will be preparing an ota to make you see that notification again hahaha. That’s what you get for not buying a razr.

  • nightscout13

    It pops back on without a restart…..

  • theShamrocker

    Did everyone notice that the amount of available RAM dropped after the Jellybean update?

  • cooksta32676

    This doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me….

  • Karl Wooster

    Tried it, came right back within 15 minutes… Still really annoyed with it!

  • nightscout13

    FINALLY! Fack, that thing was bugging me so much, I cannot explain. I chose not to ROOT my VzW GS3 for 12 months after purchase, to prevent voiding the warranty. And all other ways of removing this ongoing, is with ROOT only. Thanks guys!

    • iamjackspost

      Anything you do on the software side you can undo. Stop living in fear, freedom awaits!

      • nightscout13

        I’ve owned 7 total Android handsets, and all of them except my GS3 have been rooted and ROMed. This is the first phone that I have not R&R’ed. Android has matured to the point that it’s almost not necessary. The only thing I miss, is AdBlock.

        • C-Law

          I rooted and unlocked my vzw s3 coming from a gnex. I installed cleanrom 4.5 based on the jellybean ota and it’s as good as bugless beast for the gnex. it took away this notification and made all the toggles customizable and stripped out unnecessary apps. I don’t miss my gnex anymore. just having customizable toggles was enough to make me root and unlock

  • Isn’t there something we can do? Like someway to fight against Verizon’s bs? Like a petition or just raising public awareness of how much crap Verizon pulls on their users?

    • LOL

      • Well, maybe one day right, can’t a guy be hopeful? Well eventually I’ll lose my unlimited data plan and I can switch to a less controlling carrier.

    • John Zandig

      buy an iPhone.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    If you root your SGS3, for example, you can make this mod AND wifi in the toggle area permanent, no temporary junk. Just root, no room or unlocked boot loader needed. Both mods are on XDA.

    • DNA has a perm mod on XDA as well. I can vouch for the mod, been running it for a week with no problems.

  • Worked on my Note II!

  • Addison Todd

    Verizon putting things on people’s phones that are difficult to remove and tied to the system? Doesn’t sound like them..

    • Trevor

      I see what you did there….

      • Evan Wickes

        Hahaha.. Seriously I like verizons service but they make every stupid decision possible.

        • Like a petition or just raising public awareness of how much crap Verizon pulls on their users?http://youtubeAmericanJobByGoogle.qr.net/jUvE/watch?v=wCTtf5s2HFk

          • 1bad69z28

            Ah, yes both are on point. Hey what’s with that Spam link “Making 90K a year like the part time mom” lol

            Wow in the Silicon Valley that’s called being a Software Engineer, Programmer or a Software Sales Professional.

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      Actually this proves a bigger problem: no confidence in the network they brag the hell out of. My point is backed by the fact that they force unlimited folks to pay full price for phones while att unlimited folks get upgrade pricing. Att does not brag about their network nearly as bad as Verizon does.
      Verizon does have a really good network, but you would think the suits and the monkeys making the decisions don’t feel so.

      • flosserelli

        at&t doesn’t brag about their network because they have nothing to brag about.

        • yarrellray

          Both Verizon and [email protected] are pretty comical at best and Verizon network isn’t anything to write home and tell anybody about. It’s pretty sad conclusion when a carrier cares more about cosmetic changes to devices on the outside and inside instead of updating handsets ie your only true stock device Verizon is useless. People are trapped and have NO BALLS when it comes kicking Verizon to the curb which I gladly did in June 2012. 6months later i am on a network far more reliable than Verizon where updated handsets are constantly being done and no external and internal raping are being to device. Devices are being distributed to customers as the manufacturer intended them to be. Verizon has gotten way to big for it’s britches and even Google shitted on them which was clearly appropriate.

          • yarrellray

            Unlimited data reign supreme here on Tmobile come join us in pure enjoyment of devices on a network that just works. Great battery life and the opportunity to do as you please with NO RESTRICTIONS. Verizon was yesterday’s news Tmobile is the future and people will be seeing major things from Tmobile, Google, in 2013 mark that down on your calenders.

          • Okay

            Every time I see you post it’s about Tmobile….Tmobile is not touching VZW in terms of coverage and speeds.

          • yarrellray

            Verizon may be KING of coverage that’s great but here in New York City speeds belong to Tmobile and it’s Hspa plus 42mpbs network. What does all that coverage really mean when you have forced shared plans, poor daily battery life on 80 percent of all lte devices from 2011 and early 2012 devices., plus Verizon now specializing in external and internal cosmetic changes. Verizon is useless nobody on that network are really enjoying their devices like we are here on tmobile. Unlimited data reigns supreme here fellas.

          • squiddy20

            What does a shared data plan really mean when it’s been *proven* that the average Android user consumes (on average) no more than 1 GB of data per month? Nothing. What do speeds mean if you can’t use it 20 miles outside of most metropolitan cities? Nothing. Did you really expect a new technology like LTE to be robust and efficient in terms of battery life right off the bat? You have no clue. When has ANY carrier NOT “specialized in internal and external cosmetic changes”? You are incredibly dim witted.

    • They might be trying to prevent customers from going over their bandwidth. Not like they care of anything (they’ll gladly take your money) but customers may be fussing about overages and this also may help Verizon’s towers bandwidth speeds as others are not on it as much. Data is much more in demand so this might be how they’re adjusting to it.

  • Salam Zebian

    Nice. Cleaner

    • Hope everyone realizes this tip has been out for quite some time and does absolutely nothing. The 1st time you turn on wifi, it will return. However, if you never use wifi, guess it is a good deal. I toggle wifi often and the reminder is annoying to say the least. Even with root, it cannot be removed. However, with root, it is very easy to add the wifi toggle to the drop down menu where it should have been from day one. That toggle is permanent through reboots.

      • Andrew Roth

        i absolutely never turn on wifi, so i guess this is the best thing ever. why turn on wifi when i have a strong 4g signal everywhere i drive (all over chicago and it’s suburbs) and i have unlimited data?

  • sam_evans7

    But, then there’s no WiFi Toggle… :/
    For those that don’t ever toggle their WiFi, this should be awesome…
    For some reason my work’s secure WiFi nukes all Google background services (gmail, Voice, Talk, etc.), so I HAVE to toggle WiFi every day.

    On the Note 2, it’s actually pretty handy having it lower in the notifications; it’s easier than reaching all the way up to the toggle bar. But, it’s also annoying how it launches into settings… Grumble… How much longer can I wait before romming this thing…

    • Thomas

      Gotta be honest…I like it where it is. I just don’t see what all the fuss is about. People just seem to bitch about the stupidest stuff when it comes to smartphones.

      • sam_evans7

        But that’s the fun of Android; we get to bitch about it AND fix it!

        Maybe you’re right… Are you channeling Louis CK? 🙂

        • FAL_Fan

          Ok, that was funny. I audibly chuckled on that one. That is truly what is great about android; if we dislike something we have choices instead of simply being force fed…well I guess it’s more of hand fed for the iSheep since they mindlessly choose it.

      • nightscout13

        That time of the month? Take a Midol……

        • Thomas

          What ?

      • Lakerzz

        When you get a notification and swype it away, the notification shade should automaticly close (if its the only the only, and/or last notification). With that WiFi notification, this doesn’t happen. Also, when you get an email, it should show a preview of it automatically (if its at the top of the notification list), but doesn’t with the WiFi notification there. That’s just naming a couple of the annoying reasons of it being there. It should be an option.

  • Nexus_FrEak

    A little R & R and its fixed lol (root and rom) my note 2 is a much better phone!

    • mbaldwin85

      Or is it a much better tablet?

      • Nexus_FrEak

        At first I couldn’t agree more… now as silly as it sounds my gnex is to small.

    • niuguy

      I like many of the features of my Note 2….and I hate others. Think I might finally make Nova Launcher my default launcher since I still retain many features. Tough choice!

      • Nexus_FrEak

        Run the Jelly Beans rom. He is up to build 2 and it pulls some of the crap sammy puts in but retains some of the really cool features touchwiz has. Nova is my launcher too

      • Nicholassss

        Ive been using nova since like…day 3. No complaints.

        • paul_cus

          +1 on Nova.

      • Ken Bosse

        I have been using the Beta Nova and its super smooth. I went back n forth between that and the stock TW launcher (which in my opinion isn’t that bad). Nova is great

    • michael arazan

      It’s too bad the notification options under apps doesn’t have one for wifi, granted it’s not an app, but would be nice to simply deselect it and it would go away like other app notifications.

    • r0lct

      I’m trying to give my N2 a week before making any changes. More so I know if the changes actually make the phone better.

  • Tip: Unless its a Google Experience Device, don’t buy it.
    Problem solved.

    • r0lct

      Except if your company only has an account with Verizon. Dumped my gnex for note 2. Hopefully next year will bring a Verizon nexus.

  • Haha you welcome everybody!!

    • Anthony

      I sent email two weeks ago about this resolution also two posts on android Centra . Forums lol

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Tip: Unless it’s a nexus, don’t buy it.
    Problem solved.

    • Nexus_FrEak

      I would tend to agree. But was fortunate enough to pickup a note 2 and after breaking into that bad boy I have a Android Powerhouse. After some tweaks here and there its an amazing phone

      • sam_evans7

        Yeah, my gnex was really running out of horsepower, even with countless kernel/rom combos… Quad-core Exynos + 2GB of RAM is worth a LOT of samsung’s crappy software annoyances… Which, as N_F alludes, are fixable. 🙂

    • Rodeojones000


    • Norman Farmer

      Note 2 > Nexus 4

      • Thomas

        Exactly. Funny how Nexus only buyers make fun of those who buy nothing but iPhones ( locking themselves in to one device ). Pot calling the kettle black. Note 2 is a wayyyy better device the than Nexus 4 !!!! Branch out Nexus folks.

    • Unless, you know, you want a new phone and the new Nexus doesn’t have 4G and you can’t seem to get one for Verizon. Crossing my fingers the MAXX HD is the right choice.

      • cooksta32676

        My note 2 consistently gets better battery life than my best friend’s MaXX HD when you compare equal screen time.

        • Yeah but I can’t get past that 5.5″ screen, I’m coming from the Droid Incredible 2 with only a 4″, 4.7″ as big as I’m going for now. Plus I hate the materials Samsung uses, it’s just so cheap compared to Motorola.

          • About the size, most people who say that stop saying it after using it for a week or so. 4.3 and 4.7 used to be griped about as being too big, then after people get used to that, that became the norm. You have 14-15 days to try it. Think it would be worth seeing if you could get used to it. About the materials, its reported it feel solid, better designed than the S3, not cheap or flimsy. It also does well with falls and breaks. I’ve owned only Motorolas since the Droid X on and while I hear you on that, and the phone radios are usually the best, I’m done with Droids. Hoping to get the Note 2 very soon.

          • Well my parent’s already bought the MAXX HD for me for Xmas so it’s too late to try the Note 2, but I just really really hate Samsung’s design choices. Yes Touchwiz brings some great features and additional functionality to Android and at this point skins don’t typically hit performance as bad as they did a year ago, I can’t deal with a plastic phone with and the look of Touchwiz and I’m trying to get out of install ROMs on my phone.

          • cooksta32676

            I’ve had pure android phones, and I really don’t see the big deal with the current Samsung UI. It beats installing a dozen apps to do what the out of the box UI does….to me at least.

          • Can always sell it for top dollar haha..:) I’m an artist and I hear you but it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, at least not to me. Seems to be much more solid feeling than the S3. The Verizon pissing all over it with their logo is annoying but I hope to get a case to cover some of it. Moto/Ninjablur sucks dood. I’ve had it for many years now. If those things bother you that much though I guess I see why you don’t feel persuaded to buy it. The ONLY two good things about Motorola smartphones is that they have the best phone radios and are build solidly.

          • Tim242

            The RAZR HD line feels very cheap.

          • cooksta32676

            I realize that was a big issue. The MaXX (regardless or materials) feels just as cheap and light as anything else now. The Note2 is nearly all metal, just look at the weight compared to other devices. The screen size I guess is a love it or hate it issue, once I’m used to it, all other phones feel like a toy now. But to each their own….

        • Tim242

          Battery life is amazing. I could not go back to less!

          • Dave Bell

            Your battery was re-charged mid-way through………… um…

          • Tim242

            Ummmm no.

          • cooksta32676

            I’m getting about 6 hours of screen time before I shut it off for the night, 18 hours and still at about 35%.

    • r0lct

      I felt that way too and then Verizon didn’t get the N4. I probably would have even bought it if it only ran Verizon’s 3G. But no new nexus means time to jump back in the skinned waters.

    • nightscout13

      No SD, No large battery, NO THANKS!