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First Pictures of the Verizon Employee Limited Edition HTC DROID DNA in Red

RED DROID DNA Special Edition

Back in November, we were told by sources that a special edition HTC DROID DNA would be made available to employees of Verizon stores. The special edition was said to come in an exclusive red color that no one outside of the company could purchase. It would have a serial number, marking the edition, along with wording imprinted on the back that reads, “Verizon Employee Limited Edition.” Said to launch in December, it appears that these special edition DNAs have indeed started arriving to employees that ordered them.

We have the first pictures of the device. As you can see, it has a red back that flows around the device onto the sides. It’s beautiful. Nothing else has changed – still has the same 8MP camera, quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and 4G LTE.



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  • Uriah Romero

    Those lucky ducks! I would have liked to have a red casing on my phone,
    but then again, it can be a little overkill. Personally, I’m fine with my black
    one. It has the same exact specs as the employee version, so it’s no big deal.
    I can’t begin to describe how good the display looks. Shows and movies look
    amazing on the 1080p display. A good example of that is I have the DISH Remote
    Access app on my phone, which lets me stream live TV through the Sling Adapter
    that I have connected to my receiver at home. The app is really useful when I
    can’t be at home to watch my shows, and the gorgeous display only helps. One of
    my DISH coworkers also bought a DNA and he is in love with is just as much as I

  • tkmcguire

    I found a couple of them for sale on eBay.Looks like the employees are trying to cash in on their uniqueness

  • Neutronxray

    Wonder if they get to keep their unlimited data plans? lol Verizon Sucks!!!!

  • angermeans

    I couldn’t decide between this (DNA) or the employee edition HTC 8X. I ended up ordering the 8X as I want another Windows Phone decide and also because the employee edition 8X is beautiful it is gray and yellow. Who am I kidding I’m sure ill order the DNA too

  • Stephen D

    Meh, the normal one looks nicer. Although I hate the Beats logo. It ruins the back.

  • KP

    My employee edition is en route. Cool sidenote to this article, the employee edition is accompanied by the red fatboy wireless charging pad “gratis.” Cool to see our phones making headlines!

    • n900mixalot

      Your phones are always making headlines … Just never the good ones.

  • Phillip Thomas

    I’m an employee and we get it for 99.99 with a fatboy pillow too!!

  • Kevdroid
    • Spider210

      good luck with that

      rossesellers (0) ebay seller…

  • SmithTech

    No microSD
    No removable battery.
    Wouldn’t buy it no matter what color it was.
    Also 5 inches is a little too big for a phone.
    I have the S3 which is 4.8 and it pushes the edge of usability with one hand.
    Bigger isn’t always better. 4.5 maybe 4.6 would be the perfect size.

  • Hahaha, Android

    Not jealous at all. My iPhone 5 is still sexier and has a better battery life. Not to mention, it has one of the top screens on the market right now, too!

    • ndog21

      Get out of droid life idiot its called droid life for a reason not *phone life my verizo. Galaxy nexus could murder your *phone 20 times.

      • No

        I purchased the D1 the day it came out, android for life. I will admit i had a momentary laps of judgement and thought about the iphone for battery life alone. A new job required too much battery demand for my vzw gnex which i loved and still own. Current DD is a vzw maxx hd and love it now that it’s safe strapped.

  • nightscout13

    Good job Verizon. Make your customers hate you even more, for excluding them from devices like this.

  • Chris

    Same color as my red Dinc 2, not jelous, sick of red at this point.

    • Chris

      Yes I spelled jealous wrong,, dont care lol

  • Sqube

    If they had thrown extra storage in there, I’d be on eBay right now, waiting.

  • Spider210

    Received mine at 10am this morning. I must say I am enjoying the color already, I have been asked where it could be purchased by many people already in the last few hours

  • snowblind64


    Soooo RED!

  • Sam

    VZW proves once again that they themselves are more important than their customers.

    Keep pushing…

  • asianrage

    I wouldn’t pay more for it, but I do like it. It certainly look more unique in a see of black devices.

  • Joshua Rossi
  • Eric

    The DNA as it sits on display at the Verizon store looks like they’re trying to appeal to ADHD addled teens (or anyone who thinks riced out Honda Civics are cool). They seriously need to lose the freaking Droid cyborg eyeballs and sci-fi motif. The over-the-top edgy styling should go, and this seems to take it a step further.

    I know the software side is all configurable, but first impressions are important. It’s unfortunate that the Droid brand continues to get more and more ridiculous.

    • michael centeno

      You must drive a pinto.

  • ace

    I ordered my employee DNA today. $99 plus you get a free Fatboy charging pad. Only downside is you can’t sell it for two years.

    • Joe

      Good for you! Thank your boss/company for putting your customers’ interests last!

      • joesucks

        Lol quit being a prick and be happy for the guy who worked hard all year and let him enjoy a benefit for being a part of a company

        • n900mixalot

          Not the point. A $99 phone for being Verizon’s b*tch … Not a good look.

          • dax

            How is he being Verizon’s “b*tch”?
            he is an employee, taking advantage of an employee exclusive much in the way thousands of other companies provide special benefits and incentives for their employees
            the only difference here is that you’re pissed off you can’t play with the same shiny toy so you have to b*tch and moan and take your ball home like a little child.
            Just be stoked for the guy like any normal respectable adult would be, and carry on with your day 😉

    • evltwn

      So are you saying these are locked into employee accounts only? Unlike the Droid RAZR Ltd Edition that could be activated on anyones account.

      • ace

        That’s my understanding yes.

        • evltwn

          I’ve seen the Ltd Edition RAZR MAXX HD being sold on Ebay. Does this not apply to those phones?

          • I doubt the are “locked” that is the benefit of sim cards you don’t have call verizon and ask to activate it just put your sim card in and you are ready to to go.. I would say that the serial numbers are attached to the employees that purchase them and if for some reason they are sold the employee could be terminated.. but the person who bought the phone would still be able to use the phone. I base this off personally owning one of the original razr maxx spec editions last year all while not being a verizon employee.

          • evltwn

            I had a Ltd Ed RAZR MAXX too b4. When i was using it, it showed on my account as being the RAZR MAXX Emp Edition on my account home page. I’m not a VZW emp either. I know it’s easy to just switch the Sim cards. VZW can still track the IMEI# and know if the account the phone was on once belonged to a former employee.

    • What if you were to “loose it”

      • Drew

        Asurion keeps a stock of non-serialized devices for us. Same with warranty replacements.

  • moelsen8

    that verizon/htc red crap is getting really worn out. it looks fugly at this point.

  • Neat, but I don’t know if this makes up for having to work for Verizon 😉

    (j/k, I’m sure they’re a fine company to work for)

    • asianrage

      My wife and her brother used to work for Verizon, and they have horror stories about terrible customers. As a company, lots of good benefits, but they need it to incentivize their employees to do handle the stress and do good work.

  • teejaycard

    It’s a shame to see that Verizon didn’t take an opportunity to brand the back with “Special Edition Verizon phone for Verizon employees by Verizon Wireless powered by Verizon 4G LTE…………Verizon!” haha

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Red is my favorite color but I could never justify myself ever having a red phone :/

  • brkshr

    Maybe VZW should worry less about fancy employee phones & more about phones for it’s consumers… like software updates!

    • sk3litor

      Or just put out the red phones for EVERYBODY to buy. Are vzw employees that proud of where they work. Either way pretty cool looking but I think I would get sick of looking at it after a while. Plus if it got dirty there’s no way to clean that kind of material without just smudging it everywhere

    • T

      software would be the manufacturers, verizon sells the phones, they don’t make them.

      • brkshr

        If that were the case, then it wouldn’t have taken Google 5 months to update the VZW Galaxy Nexus to 4.0.4. The gsm Galaxy Nexus was the first phone to have 4.0.3., 4.0.4 & 4.1

  • Brittany N

    I must admit this look pretty nice still wouldn’t buy it tho

  • 2001400ex

    No not jealous at all because of color. If they somehow got a bigger battery and an sd card, then I would be furious and jealous.

  • fallsgable

    Pic on the Left……Rectal Prolapse FTW!

    • Aaron

      Thanks for that. Some stuff you can’t unsee.

  • Steevka

    Looks like someone took the back off of their OG incredible.

    • cizzlen

      Lol seriously. HTC phones all look the same.

  • Not jealous.. My Note 2 has an unlocked bootloader so life is great..

    • azndan4

      You’re so cool. J/K

    • So does my DNA…

      • I have over 50GB of storage on my phone.. And your DNA also has 2/3 the battery my phone does and I can swap batteries for my long weekends away from the charger..

        Before we start the hate, I know that some people have reasons for liking the DNA better then the Note ( I cant find any personally) but I will say that If your happy with your DNA then I am happy for you.. Lets all just be happy Android Fanboys 🙂

        • KP

          I am an equal opportunity android lover and have this phone arriving monday. i have 5 32gb sd cards full of awesome media i cant store directly on the phone, so im getting some cloud accounts setup (drive, skydrive, dropbox, and most recently backup assistant plus) to make sure if any of my sd cards become lost/stolen/formatted or otherwise not accessible. This will be my first non-expandable phone, but i believe i can work around the storage for the other great features of the phone.

  • Very.

  • Despyse

    Oh, so it’s NOT shiny like the J. Ehh..

  • hkklife

    Hey VZW, here’s an easy way to make some $ in early 2013: Release this color in a widely available special edition DNA and give it 32Gb storage and at least a 2500mAh battery. You’ll sell tons, even at $299, but $250 would be ideal.

    • No, that’ll be the DNA+ which will come out with updated sense right before the S IV comes out.

  • I’d love to try to get one.

  • James

    I too have ginger DNA… just not the phone version 🙂

    • Dr. No

      lol gingers… no souls, harry potter of life.

  • They made it uglier…come on HTC…its time to try another new style, don’t screw up next time!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    OMG can’t wait to grab one of those for $2000 on Ebay! . . . . . . but honestly I really love the red.

    • With employee editions in the past they have not worked on a non employee phone line.

      • K L

        I bought a used Employee Edition Droid Razr Maxx a few months ago and there was no problem Activating it.

  • Looks kind of like a Droid Incredible.

  • Aakash Patel

    I actually prefer the original black back over the all red

  • Ravi Rao

    Not really jealous. I like the black with red accents more than red with red accents.

    • LionStone

      I agree, I really like the black w red accents too… but this red one is cool too just because it’s unique.

      • Ravi Rao

        Yeah, but what Verizon doesn’t realize is that unique doesn’t necessarily mean good-looking. That Razr Maxx HD special edition looks so odd with the red/black striped back.

        If the DNA didn’t have the front glass curve over the edges, it might look nicer in all red.

        • LionStone

          True, that MaxxHD SE(special edition) does look odd…I wonder how the DNA SE would look with black grills on the side? Its almost too much red, it seems like it needs some black to break it up.

      • George264

        Yeah I definitely do like the black with red accents. But it might just be my preference. All my phones are black atm lol. But yeah, my DNA looks great in black, and in red, not so much.

      • michael arazan

        Looks really nice except for that stupid white logo on the front. Seriously, did they think their employees would forget where they worked and wander into ATT or T-Mo stores. No Logo on the back shockingly