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Thursday Poll: What Is Your Most Used Android Web Browser

Last night on the DL Show, we quickly discussed the many options that Android users have in terms of Internet browser applications. In fact, there are a ton of good choices out there. You have Chrome, which has become very popular for syncing between multiple devices, Dolphin for its large list of features, Opera for its speed, and the list goes on. Each seems to have its own unique characteristic that people are drawn to.

Let us know down below which one you’re stuck on.

Which Internet browser do you currently use on your Android device?

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  • Ben Kapferer

    I use Firefox Beta because it still supports Adobe Flash.

  • You have to try the mini browsers, like Boat Mini and Dolphin mini. They are incredibly fast and no b.s. Boat, both mini and standard, are the best for overall speed, and they look great.

  • Ray

    Google’s Chrome browser works flawlessly until you launch it 🙂

  • Ray

    I use the Chrome browser. My Nexus 4 insists. 🙂

  • JazzoRenee

    Dolphin was my go to browser but recently it has become annoying when trying to type into comment fields and a lot of other things.

  • SecurityNick

    Love Chrome, just which they’d add the quick menu function from the stock browser.

  • Glen

    XScope Pro continues to beat Chrome for me. It continues to run flash and allow you to report as a desktop agent, even after Jelly Bean update. This allows for viewing Amazon Instant Video where Chrome reports incompatible device.

  • Seth Schorr

    Chrome of course. Syncing between devices. I forgot that I still had Chrome to Phone downloaded until they recently updated it. That can now go to the trash.

  • Matthew Merrick


  • Firefox Nightly: syncs across devices, supports add-ons such as AdBlock Plus

  • lemonhead127

    Stock browser only because my phone isn’t ICS so I can’t use chrome… until I upgrade.

  • BrianT

    Naked Browser beats them all

  • Inquizitor

    I use Chrome mostly because of its syncing, but I’ve used the browser less and less since I’ve installed it. I gotta say, Chrome is terribly slow on Android. It’s really awful, at least on my phone.

    • Chris Pinola

      Chrome is AWFUL on Android, unless you have 2GB+ of RAM and at least a 1.6GHz quad core processor. I stick with the stock browser because every interaction I’ve had with Chrome has been infuriating. I wish I could use it so badly, but it sucks,

  • paul_cus

    I like the stock Android browser the best. Chrome is still to buggy for me.

  • Rafy286

    I was a die hard fan of Chrome but there are so many compability issues with some websites, plus that added lag that I began to use the stock browser again. I do miss the chrome syncing.

    By the way, looking at your DNA with that customization makes me regret returning my device.

  • I’d use Chrome if it incorporated a hidden URL bar. Screen burn in on the gnex is terrible without that feature.

    • Chris Pinola

      Screen burn in on the gnex is terrible. Period. 😉

  • ATR_avi8or

    I would stick with chrome if I could have a full screen option. Until then I’m on dolphin.

  • Sobr0801

    IE 10 on my WP

  • Xious

    I love Chrome, but I use Lastpass so often that I have to stick with Dolphin Browser for the integration. If Chrome would come out with plugins like the desktop version, I would go with Chrome exclusively.

  • yarrellray

    The Stock Samsung browser on my Galaxy Note 2 is my go to browser always will be. I also have Chrome and my new buddy boat browser. I am pretty shocked at what the boat browser can do it’s very very handy.

  • Ocean Browser on N10 FTW

  • theermine

    Dolphin for me, I use Lastpass and the integration is nice. With it integrated with more browsers seemlessly.

  • I really cant get away from Dolphin’s gestures. The quick controls on Quick ICS and bookmark browsing on Chrome do appeal to me but dolphin gestures and Dolphin sync do that for me enough to not leave. And how dolphin has the ability to ask where i want to save downloads. I hope Chrome implements better way to handle tabs on phones. On tablets theyre just fine.

  • Stevedub40

    Chrome, simply for the syncing abilities.

  • X Scope

    • sdfasdflk

      yup i still use this one too, though i have no idea why. it constantly crashes. think im just comfortable with it.

  • Tim Swann

    Chrome would be perfect IF it had the quick setting option like in stock ICS/JB and if the bookmark integration was more like the stock ICS/JB. Otherwise, Chrome is great, esp on my Nex7

  • Boat Browser has purple in it. Enough said.

  • Dolphin, I just can’t quit you

  • Tim242

    I use the stock browser. Chrome has to give me full screen and better bookmarks to be able to use it. I hate seeing the status bar while browsing. In all of the updates, why haven’t they included the simple full screen feature? They claimed last year that it was coming soon.

  • itsgonnalast

    Today I decided to uninstall Chrome… not because I dislike Chrome, but because Firefox is just so damn good on my Galaxy Nexus.

    I like Firefox because…

    1) It blocks ads
    2) Reader Mode
    3) Save to PDF is an option

    Now that I’ve disabled the stock browser and removed Chrome, essentially Firefox is the only browser I have installed.

  • reyalP

    What icon pack is that in the dock on the photo above?

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Chrome is my favorite, but I wish the bookmarks where more easier to access. Dolphin has the nice “swipe to the right” feature.

  • Bigwavedave25

    When Chrome has the ability to auto-hide the url line it will be my DD. Untill then I mostly use the stock browser for the “Full Screen Effect”.

  • Jay Guyton-Wright

    I’ve grown to use Chrome as my primary on my Rezound and N7. I use the stock browser on the Rezound for corporate email (Before the “Use Exchange” stuff, they chose to lock down my device, that I pay for, if I set it up as such).

    I use Dolphin when I look at things I may want to forget about (75% of reddit posts).

  • jonny6pak

    I love Chrome, and I keep wanting to use it, but I always end up back with the stock browser because Chrome just feels so laggy. Something with that app just isn’t right and it’s not very responsive or quick on my GNex. By the time I upgrade, I suspect Chrome will be the new stock browser. When that happens, I hope it’s better or I’ll be using Dolphin.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Agreed. I use Chrome when I want to quickly go to the same site on my phone as my pc, but I mostly use the stock browser for the nice “full screen effect” it still has, unlike Chrome.

  • For those of you whining about sync, you know stock browser does that too if you use Chrome on the desktop, right?

    Stock ftw.

    • PuzzleShot

      Oh, the stock browser shows me all the tabs I have open on my computer?

  • br_hermon

    Quick Controls Quick Controls Quick Controls! When will Chrome get them!?

    • i doubt it will ever get it because google decided to use the sides for switching tabs

      • br_hermon

        Honestly, that’s a real shame…

  • I use Chrome most of the time – I like the convenience and interface features. But Stock browser is still faster / smoother for certain types of sites, and on very rare occasion I need flash, so I keep Stock browser handy as well.

  • I_shower_naked

    I’m shocked so many people use chrome. Scrolling and zooming are laggy on my GN and N7 to the point I think that it is an embarrassment to google.

  • RoadsterHD1

    depends what i’m searching for. Dolphin works great cause once you exit it has the option to clear history and cache automatically. Its also just as fast as stock or chrome, I’ve tested them. Chrome is good cause it syncs to my work PC bookmarks and Google-documents. Stock is good cause it has fast access to Quick controls. SO I like all three. They all have their purposes. I love android.

  • Anyone who uses Chrome over firefox either hasn’t tried it or is a google loyalist.

    Yeah chrome is better on desktops but firefox is far superior on android. Addons anyone?

    • Jay Guyton-Wright

      I have yet to really try FF on my N7. It’s installed..just haven’t opened it. I may have to make the switch back to FF on the desktop. Chrome has become a memory hog on my ancient pc.

  • igotgame

    Stock AOSP Browser + Quick Controls = Best Browsing Experience

    • quick ics browser has 3 seperate way more customizable quick wheels….so even better experience imo

      • Tim242

        Doesn’t work on Jellybean.

        • yes it does,look at my post above

          if you root your device,install the old aosp stock browser then quick ics works just fine.
          Thas how i got it running again on my jelly bean devices,otherwise try naked browser

          • Tim242

            I have a Note 2 that I probably won’t even root. The stock browser works great. I just don’t see rooting and installing an older browser as being a good option. But, at least we have that choice : )
            [image: DISQUS]

            Damir Franc wrote, in response to Tim242:

            yes it does,look at my post above

            if you root your device,install the old aosp stock browser then quick ics works just fine.
            Thas how i got it running again on my jelly bean devices,otherwise try naked browser

            User’s website

            Link to comment

  • Brian Spearman

    I switched from Chrome to Dolphin because of start up speed. Chrome takes too long to start up, and opening a new tab means that Chrome has to wait a couple of seconds loading a new tab page. Dolphin is ridiculously fast in comparison.
    (I’ve actually abandoned Chrome on the desktop too, and I use firefox now. Screw loyalty, I want what’s fastest!)

  • Art

    Often use Dolphin but the stock browser on my new Galaxy Note 2 is terrific.

  • I used the stock browser for a long time. Then switched to Chrome. I miss the stock one though. Might not have all the bells and whistles. But it was simple and worked well. (Razr Maxx HD and Bionic)

  • Hey TIM, what wallpaper is that. i have seen it on a couple of your last posts and love it.

    FWIW, i use stock browser but am going to give quick ICS a try because i am curious.

  • Guest

    Chrome, unless I need to use flash, then I use the stocker.

  • EC8CH

    That Droid DNA screen pic looks surreal.

  • I would love to use chrome but I love Quick Controls too much.


    I’ve used them all, and xScope is still the only browser I’ve used daily.

  • joejoe5709

    Stock browser by far. I’m surprised to see so many people using Chrome. I find the stock browser just as speedy, if not perhaps a little quicker. I use the quick controls SSOOOOOO much that when I use my wife’s iPhone, my thumb just automatically goes for the edge of the screen. There’s really no way I can browse without them anymore. That feature alone keeps me from using others.

  • Ibrick

    My that’s a sexy phone..

    Prior to ICS, Boat Mini was my go to, but I’ve been happy with the stocker recently.

    Flash is incorporated into too many of the sites that I frequent to switch to Chrome as my only browser.

  • harryharry

    i miss the stock browser… they should merge features of the two and make chrome better 🙂 flash, quick controls, better performance…

    • imo chrome is fa away from being final,its early beta at best

      • FknTwizted

        I agree, it has good speed and nice features but, not being able to do something as simply setting up a default home page makes me want to pull hair out of my head and punch babies in the face!

        • i cant see the good speed neiher the nice features,imo chrome is a bad joke,less features and worse speed compared to stock…fail

        • Anon

          Or import favorites from the stock browser. That alone kills Chrome for me; I’m not going to manually add all my favorites.

  • I can’t live without Opera Mobile.

  • I would use Quick ICS if it worked on JellyBean. So until then, Chrome!

    • if you root your device,install the old aosp stock browser then quick ics works just fine.
      Thas how i got it running again on my jelly bean devices,otherwise try naked browser

  • DC_Guy

    Love the Samsung stock browser because Flash still works like a charm. Contrary to what others may hope/wish, Flash is still alive and well and I still need it on my mobile devices. HTML5 is simply not there yet (or the web developers aren’t there yet).

  • EvanTheGamer

    That’s an easy one. Google Chrome.

  • motosurf

    I am waiting for rock melt…..

  • mustbepbs

    Chrome, unfortunately. I just feel like it never works right, but then again, nor do the other available browsers. But, the sync features in Chrome are second to none.

  • Guest345

    Once Chrome gets Full Screen like they promised, then we can talk about switching over.

    • Tim242


  • Hahaha, Android

    Safari on my iPhone.

    • Up’ed your post for being a great troll.

    • acr21

      hahaha, You don’t have a choice

      • Justin W

        Actually, there are some alternative browsers available for iPhones. I know Chrome is one of them, but I don’t have one so I don’t really care what’s available or not 🙂

        • acr21

          Oh, Apple must be opening up.

          • jdomann

            Nope, their browsers are all still based on Safari. So no speed improvements, just added features. Can’t set it as default either.

        • Droidzilla

          There are alternative browser skins, but the underlying code is still Safari.

      • Ray

        Choice? That word was patented by Apple and removed from the dictionary just so that iPhone users don’t ask for it.

    • Tim242

      What a horrible experience. You browse on such a small screen, then the on screen controls take up space giving you even smaller browsing area. Too much panning and zooming.

  • r0lct

    Chrome for sync and history alone.

  • Ryan Ball

    I can’t live without Chrome’s sync to other computers. That alone makes me use Chrome even if Dolphin is quicker

    • Stevedub40

      Amen to that. If/once they add the remote desktop client to Mobile Chrome, I’ll be all set.

    • Ray

      So you’re stating that if Google decides to completely remove the Chrome browser from Android OS, you will collapse and die immediately?

  • Wow, shocked by all of these Chrome only comments in here. Try Dolphin (or something else). Much better experience. Chrome needs to be rewritten.

    • Droidzilla

      I’ve tried stock, Opera, Dolphin, Firefox, and a few others. I’m sticking with Chrome. It really does run wonderfully on my Nexus 4, though on my Droid RAZR it was pretty laggy at times. I use Chrome for my desktop browser, so I love it on mobile just for the synching and integration.

    • Ray

      Then grab a pencil and show us your talent.

  • Big_EZ

    Dolpin is the only browser that I know of that has all the features I need. I tab browse and nobody allows me to do that like Dolphin, and because of tab browsing I rarely have to wait for pages to load even on 3g (which is all I can get 90% of the time)

  • Daniel

    ICS Browser +, unless that’s the same as “quick”?

    • Its not the same,quick is much better

    • John

      Browser+ stopped dev, Quick Browser picked it up

      • Yes but seems quick is stopped too,dev didnt answer any of my mails lately,till september he always did,such a shame,but dev of naked browser is very active on this pretty new browser,this could be the next big one coming,really love it so far

        • John

          oh, ya that does suck. haven’t heard of naked but will check it out. thx

          • naked is pretty great,you can check the xda thread and also make requests,the dev is very cool and listens to all the feeedback,already put in some things i asked him for,great

          • BaconEater

            Just tried it out, and it is pretty damn quick. Worst UI ever but very light and fast for 100k in size!

            Can’t believe it has flash support too

          • he is also working on a pro version with more features.
            About the UI,its always a preference thing.A lot of people think its ugly but there lots of people that love it especially because of the simplistic look.As do i

    • Tim242

      Doesn’t work onJellybean.

  • moelsen8

    stock browser, quick controls.

  • Dolphin is the fastest, most feature rich browsing for me.

  • I would use Chrome, but stock browser Quick controls save me so much time and effort.

    • michael arazan

      I would use chrome more if Flash worked with it, because I use it on my phone so I can watch videos from the 85% of the web that only uses flash. I just wish adobe didn’t give up on Flash till they had a viable replacement. It has been said in tech blogs that HTML5 won’t be ready until sometime from 2014-2020. I wish Google would develop some type of substitute of Flash to watch videos, that was one big seller of android when it came out.

  • Chrome is kind of laggy for me when i open it. but its still my main browser, i have dolphin as a back up.

    • I really cant understand what people see in chrome,its so laggy and limited

      • I kind of feel the same. Some people are crazy about it. im like “do you not get his heavy lag like me or something?” its better than stock for sure. but if you like something else im not going to judge anyone.
        It definitely cant handle Ingress’s intel map AT ALL. While Dolphin does a much better job at loading that.
        Edit: r0lct remind me by his post. They sync feature is my favorite. Use that all the time.

      • Droidzilla

        Chrome was a bit laggy for me on the Droid RAZR, but it’s very slick and smooth on my Nexus 4.

        • still slower than the alternatives,almost every expert will agress,also very limited features,its just no fast and comfortable to handle compared to the rest

          • Droidzilla

            Yes, but on the Nexus 4 it’s not enough of a speed gap for me to want to use another browser. I use Chrome on my desktop so the synching/history features are more important to me than anything else that the other guys offer.

  • Chrome=Stock browser.
    Nexus 4 master race here.

  • Chrome, unless I need flash, then stock browser works great.

  • Quick ics was my default for quite a while,but since a few days naked browser is on its way to change that

  • never used anything besides chrome..

  • Captain_Doug

    I can’t live without Quick ICS Browsers quick controls.

    • Yes,they are absolutely fantastic ,the possiblities with all 3 fully customizable quick wheels are almost indefinite,awesone browser

    • New_Guy

      The main reason I keep using the stock JB browser is because quick controls are so awesom.

      • Then you really need to check quick ics,so much more features

    • John

      Agreed. I just wish it didn’t crash so much(known issues) on JB.

      • Captain_Doug

        Mine hasn’t been so bad.

    • William Ku

      me neither. i’m surprised Quick ICS is the lowest voted one. out of all those choices, Quick ICS is the fastest and most stable. for me anyway. and quick controls ftw.

      • Tim242

        Doesn’t work on jellybean

        • William Ku

          sure it does. i’ve been on JB since day one. no issues. JB 4.1.1 to be exact. not 4.2 though. maybe 4.2 doesn’t work?

          • Tim242

            Doesn’t work on DNA, or Note II.

  • Technically, my stock browser is Chrome… Just saying.

    • Justin W

      I thought the same when I noticed they split the two out. Nexus or Moto FTW.