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Thursday Poll: What Is Your Most Used Android Web Browser

Last night on the DL Show, we quickly discussed the many options that Android users have in terms of Internet browser applications. In fact, there are a ton of good choices out there. You have Chrome, which has become very popular for syncing between multiple devices, Dolphin for its large list of features, Opera for its speed, and the list goes on. Each seems to have its own unique characteristic that people are drawn to.

Let us know down below which one you’re stuck on.

Which Internet browser do you currently use on your Android device?

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  • Ben Kapferer

    I use Firefox Beta because it still supports Adobe Flash.

  • You have to try the mini browsers, like Boat Mini and Dolphin mini. They are incredibly fast and no b.s. Boat, both mini and standard, are the best for overall speed, and they look great.

  • Ray

    Google’s Chrome browser works flawlessly until you launch it 🙂

  • Ray

    I use the Chrome browser. My Nexus 4 insists. 🙂

  • JazzoRenee

    Dolphin was my go to browser but recently it has become annoying when trying to type into comment fields and a lot of other things.

  • SecurityNick

    Love Chrome, just which they’d add the quick menu function from the stock browser.

  • Glen

    XScope Pro continues to beat Chrome for me. It continues to run flash and allow you to report as a desktop agent, even after Jelly Bean update. This allows for viewing Amazon Instant Video where Chrome reports incompatible device.

  • Seth Schorr

    Chrome of course. Syncing between devices. I forgot that I still had Chrome to Phone downloaded until they recently updated it. That can now go to the trash.

  • Matthew Merrick


  • Firefox Nightly: syncs across devices, supports add-ons such as AdBlock Plus

  • lemonhead127

    Stock browser only because my phone isn’t ICS so I can’t use chrome… until I upgrade.

  • BrianT

    Naked Browser beats them all

  • Inquizitor

    I use Chrome mostly because of its syncing, but I’ve used the browser less and less since I’ve installed it. I gotta say, Chrome is terribly slow on Android. It’s really awful, at least on my phone.

    • Chris Pinola

      Chrome is AWFUL on Android, unless you have 2GB+ of RAM and at least a 1.6GHz quad core processor. I stick with the stock browser because every interaction I’ve had with Chrome has been infuriating. I wish I could use it so badly, but it sucks,

  • paul_cus

    I like the stock Android browser the best. Chrome is still to buggy for me.

  • Rafy286

    I was a die hard fan of Chrome but there are so many compability issues with some websites, plus that added lag that I began to use the stock browser again. I do miss the chrome syncing.

    By the way, looking at your DNA with that customization makes me regret returning my device.

  • I’d use Chrome if it incorporated a hidden URL bar. Screen burn in on the gnex is terrible without that feature.

    • Chris Pinola

      Screen burn in on the gnex is terrible. Period. 😉

  • ATR_avi8or

    I would stick with chrome if I could have a full screen option. Until then I’m on dolphin.

  • Sobr0801

    IE 10 on my WP

  • Xious

    I love Chrome, but I use Lastpass so often that I have to stick with Dolphin Browser for the integration. If Chrome would come out with plugins like the desktop version, I would go with Chrome exclusively.

  • yarrellray

    The Stock Samsung browser on my Galaxy Note 2 is my go to browser always will be. I also have Chrome and my new buddy boat browser. I am pretty shocked at what the boat browser can do it’s very very handy.

  • Ocean Browser on N10 FTW

  • theermine

    Dolphin for me, I use Lastpass and the integration is nice. With it integrated with more browsers seemlessly.

  • I really cant get away from Dolphin’s gestures. The quick controls on Quick ICS and bookmark browsing on Chrome do appeal to me but dolphin gestures and Dolphin sync do that for me enough to not leave. And how dolphin has the ability to ask where i want to save downloads. I hope Chrome implements better way to handle tabs on phones. On tablets theyre just fine.

  • Stevedub40

    Chrome, simply for the syncing abilities.

  • X Scope

    • sdfasdflk

      yup i still use this one too, though i have no idea why. it constantly crashes. think im just comfortable with it.

  • Tim Swann

    Chrome would be perfect IF it had the quick setting option like in stock ICS/JB and if the bookmark integration was more like the stock ICS/JB. Otherwise, Chrome is great, esp on my Nex7