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Verizon Announces the Samsung Galaxy Camera With 4G LTE, Available December 13 for $549

Verizon and Samsung announced the Galaxy Camera with 4G LTE, the first camera in the world to be able to connect to next-gen LTE networks. From our understanding, it’s exactly like the Galaxy Camera with HSPA+ that we reviewed (Jelly Bean, 4.8″ HD display, quad-core processor, etc.), only it has a different radio inside. Oh, the price is also different, dropping in at a whopping $549 compared to the $499 price tag of the HSPA+ version.

Big Red also has an exclusive color of Cobalt Black (pictured above), but you can splurge on the white version should you prefer a lighter colored camera.

The device will be available on December 13 (this Thursday). If you choose to buy one, Verizon will allow you to add it to a Share Everything plan at promotional price of $5 per month. 


Via:  Verizon

  • c4v3man

    The only negative is that this is just another device… I’ve had compact cameras that have non-telescoping 3x+ optical zoom lenses. If someone would build a slightly large/odd device (like the Lumina 920) make it a little thicker in the phone part (make it a double capacity 3500mah+ battery) and add 3/4″ of an inch to the top or bottom of the phone for the internal optical zoom lens (3x+) then THAT would be worth $400+ on contract. Build it, and we will come… a true convergence device with a great camera.

    Oh yeah, and spend the extra $.0005 and have a physical shutter button…

  • c4v3man

    I hope they keep the production lines open non-stop on these things… Would love to get one at a fire-sale price like $200 or so.

    It’d be fairly priced at closer to $399, although I still wouldn’t pay it. Would love to get one used though…

  • Trevor

    Are they etching “Verizon” on the camera lens? That way it’ll show up in every picture.

  • mbaldwin85

    The funny this is, somebody will make this camera able to make calls somehow

  • tomn1ce

    Is this the prelease version, I’m sure that vzw will put its logo on the lense just for giggles…$550 what the hell are they smoking?

  • WOW to much labeling going on and 550 for a camera on a carrier that’s just stupid. My god you are going to spend to much on top on your phone bill. Not worth it people. if you really need it buy it without a carrier contract. Take my advice and you’ll be happy.

    • Really thats too much labeling? Have you seen some of the recent Verizon phones???
      And wait till this gets the on contract treatment by Verizon, before people would come up to ask you what device that was. NOW! they just walk away…..=(

  • Seriously, am I alone on this!?

  • Mchl496

    How much to let it share my unlimited data?

  • Tyler

    What?!?!?! No Verizon emblem to be seen … I don’t believe my eyes! must be on the onscreen home button then.

  • Hold on. Not only is VZW charging $50 more for the camera. They will be charging even more then that for the white one. These last 11 months on my contract can not come fast enough.

  • Soofdawg

    Verizon Fail. What a stupid idea.

  • Eric

    I think I’ll stick with my DSLR. If I ever had to upload a photo and just couldn’t wait to get back to my laptop, I have a USB OTG cable in my camera bag.

  • Guest

    My refrigerator doesn’t need a TV and my camera sure doesn’t need internet.

  • eastbaycali

    white Galaxy Camera looks so much sexier

  • damkids

    I’m sorry, I just don’t get it…an LTE camera??? Can someone please enlighten me as to the need for a camera to be an LTE device too?? I mean really, are there that mean leet shooters out there?
    “I gots a hawt pic of the govner digging gold from his nose hole!! I haz to post it to noobtube and spacefook yesterday!! I will use my roxin wireless camera to upload my usless crap and suck up all the precious bandwidth that the carriers are overcharging customers for. Yes, I’m uber wicked awesome with my wireless flick-n-post!!!”

    • CopierITGuy

      I guess I’m stupid, too, because I do NOT see the point of connecting a camera (even a high-quality SLR – which this is not) to a wireless carrier. What’s the freakin’ point? I thought the reason we had cameras on our phones was so that we could take crappy pictures of stupid things to post on social networks. Why do we need another $500-$600 device to do that? I don’t see the market for this kind of device…

    • sirmeili

      I agree with the mobile network part. I wish they offered a Wifi Only version for less $$$.

  • ToBobTim

    Fascinating indeed. That looks like it might be cool!


  • So is the VZW logo going to be burned into every pic you take while connected to LTE?

  • Bigsike

    Dear God get these carriers out of the mix!

  • fauxshizzl

    Sweet! Now how about a $300 WiFi only version for all the sane people that want a decent point and shoot with Android capabilities?

  • schoat333

    $60.00 a year to use a camera…. No thanks. I’ll just use mine for free…

    • CopierITGuy

      Yeah, the one on the back of my phone that’s connected to Verizon’s 4G/LTE network!

    • Jeff

      I agree, what exactly is the point of a 4G camera????

      • LiterofCola


        • michael arazan

          A lot of newer cars now have wifi, and all you really need is wifi for it unless you work for a major media outlet, screw the 4g and you can only use it on a price gouging tiered share data plan. EFF Verizon

  • …and i actually wanted to pick this up on Verizon until I realized I’d have to donate an arm and leg to pay for it…

  • Alexander H

    ….manages to make the overpriced camera on a data plan even MORE expensive than ATT….again

  • Rickerbilly

    My question is why? 16MP 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor is overkill for a social network, crappy-framed,cheesy-filtered photo, that won’t be viewed at over 640 x 480?

    • Because the average uninformed teenager will want this for Christmas.

    • sirmeili

      Well, you can also have it put the pictures on g+, dropbox, etc. Just because you can put it on facebook, doesn’t mean yo uhave to. You could actually use this as a point and shoot camera and having the ability to have it sync to the cloud is nice. Now, I’m not gonna pay $50 more to have the “option” of using Verizon’s network. I’d only use the Wifi anyways (and tether it if I wanted to on the go). They just lost all the sales from people who might buy this as just a “wifi” device. Good going Verizon!

  • poeddroiduser


  • Or I can just WiFi tether it to my unlimited plan and not pay $5 bucks a month.

    • Booyah

      This is what I do with my Nexus 7. I’m almost hoping Verizon notices and kicks me off so I can get a Nexus 4 with T Mobile.

  • Thats a LOT of money for a mediocre camera with a nice yet unnecessary data connection…….

    • Yeah…$600 for a camera is DSLR territory

  • MichaelFranz

    Wait…where is the annoying Verizon branding?, is it on the shutter button?

    • Nate

      it’s an automatic watermark on every picture taken

  • MrJayMillz

    Typical Verizon, late to the game with a nice mark up.

  • no thanks. no thank you.

  • Knowing how Verizon operates they’ve probably crippled some functions while charging more for it.

    • Apostrafee

      And include backup assistant

      • moelsen8

        don’t forget vz navigator. maybe bing’ll make another appearance?